MOH Wind Study to be Published

Health_studies_before_WTBayshore Broadcasting, by Matt Villeneuve
(Grey Bruce)- The Wind Turbine Study completed by the Grey-Bruce Medical Officer of Health and Sudbury based researcher Doctor Ian Arra has been accepted for publication in an academic journal. Cuerus — a peer-reviewed journal managed by academics from Stanford University, the University of Chicago, John Hopkins, the American Medical Association — has accepted the document following an external review.

In an email, Doctor Arra says only minor adjustments will be made to the paper. MOH Doctor Hazel Lynn tells Bayshore Broadcasting News the study was fairly comprehensive, prompting its submission for the peer-review process. Read article

5 thoughts on “MOH Wind Study to be Published

  1. So exactly what are people, who are victims of their neighbour’s decision to have a wind turbine erected too close to their home. and who are susceptible to the adverse health effects Dr. Lynn now realizes are real, like headaches and inability to sleep, supposed to do? I suppose she would say, take lots of pain medication and sleeping pills.

    • That’s pretty much it! The turbines that are up won’t be coming down. At this point, those effected should be compensated, relocated at the least. On the flip side, corrupt politicians and wind companies should have everything taken from them and they should be thrown in jail for the remainder of their lives, with minimal necessities and activities.

  2. Great question! Thanks for asking!

    On the topic of “green infection” —

    Do you have any idea
    how heavy is the burden of litigating?
    Maybe you can do it yourself?

    Read the OWR archives and discover how this happened!
    More indexing needed–

  3. Everyone can hope that an IWT gets installed near a lawyers home and then see what happens?

  4. The lawyer will keep their mouth shut up on behalf of their colleagues and friends and move into one of their other homes.

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