Wind Turbine Community Meeting : Rodney, June 4th

5 thoughts on “Wind Turbine Community Meeting : Rodney, June 4th

  1. This article didn’t ‘open so I was unable to read the details. They should put this meeting off until the election is over. Hudak by then should be Premier and he is going to put a stop to all onshore wind farm developments .

    • Well I sure hope that doesn’t happen.
      It’s hard enough already to get in to the hospital or doctors offices!
      Imagine if hudak could make all those cuts?
      I’m starting a petition to build a coal fired power plant in Goderich!

      • A coal fired power plant in Goderich….you have to kidding. How about starting a petition for a hydro electric dam at Benmiller?

  2. Meetings such as the up-coming Rodney meeting are most important as the vast majority of the public can’t tell the difference between science and pseudo-science and the same goes for MSM jounalists. Makes IWTs an easy sell to the public.
    When people don’t understand scientific/health issues then financial/money issues need to be explained as most people care something about money issues like their Hydro bills and how increasing electricity costs will affect their financial futures.

  3. They came out with clean coal around 1990, they put scrubbers on it. There is clean coal just google it and a lot cheaper than gas McGuinty cancelled it when he came to power rather scam the public with the turbines instead.
    Hudak is going to increase health care and hire more nurses, where do you get your information from? Perhaps you should sign up to receive information from the PC party so you can keep informed instead of listening to the propaganda put out by the Liberals.

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