Liberal wind turbines invading Ontario

ManitoulinToronto Sun, by Mike Strobel
Looks like Martians landed on Manitoulin Island this spring. Liberal Martians. They hulk on McLean’s Mountain behind Little Current, Manitoulin’s metropolis, pop. 1,500. What a shocking sight it is as you approach the century-old iron swing bridge, the only land link.

When I left last October, there was nothing between that ridge and God but treetops and clouds. Now? Someone call Orson Welles.

“It’s like we’ve been invaded,” Deb Turner tells me at Turners of Little Current, a 135-year-old department store. The War of the Worlds giants also march along the Cup and Saucer trail behind M’Chigeeng, the closest Ojibwa reserve to my woodsy shack near Kagawong, “Ontario’s Prettiest Village.” “They’re a blight,” says Deb’s husband, Jib, who is running for Tim Hudak’s Tories.

Jib’s great-great-grandmother was migrating west when her boat arrived at this Paradise and she declared, “I don’t know about you, but I’m staying right here.” Who could blame her? Or the Martians? The Ojibwa call this Spirit Island with reason. Read article

12 thoughts on “Liberal wind turbines invading Ontario

  1. At 15 cents per kwh this project will cost ratepayers almost $21 million a year for 20 years under the FIT contract.The costs are passed to our children.Up front costs are by the developer but are also heavily subsidized by grants and loans that come from the taxpayers.They will get paid whether the province needs the intermittent useless generation or not while spilling plentiful springtime hydro generation. Feeling “Green’? Check out filling in of swamps,the millions of trees that were removed for the 40 m wide transmission lines, access roads, collector lines. turbines, distribution stations and buildings.There are no industrial wind turbines in Liberal MPP Rick Bartolucci’s or any Sudbury riding where I believe they were proposed in the first place.

  2. The long term intent is to sell Ontario power to the U.S. which is being organized now but in the meantime electricity production is being spilled or curtailed.
    The U.S. is short of electric power which was discovered by the public on Jan.7, 2014 when the lights for some 60 million people were almost lost.
    The U.S. it seems is in about the same shape as Europe is with its not much to spare supply of electricity.
    The sad part of this saga is that Ontarians are being asked to pay for the electricity infrastructure to supply power to the U.S. while some make lots of money doing this.

    • Intermittent electricity generation doesn’t work regardless of scale or location. Ontario can’t rely on it, and neither can it’s US “customers”.

  3. Well Hello Manitoulin!!!
    Welcome to Ontario! What do we have-~ 60+ groups working for the same cause? All unwilling hosts…
    Correct me if I’m wrong; industrial wind turbines were first built SEVEN years ago in Ontario! Where were you? It’s due time we look at our values and think about others for a change. The ignorance of others and the humiliation alone for the people of the early years of the onslaught of industrial wind turbines is more than unbearable.

    We need a change of government – one that will bring justice back to Ontario or better yet-a revolution.
    Ontario is going down, fast. Rural folk and small town people will flee the province. Vacate the land, the Great Lakes and shorelines. Another goal of Agenda 21 fulfilled.
    By doing nothing – you’ll get worse. We have become a brainwashed dumb downed socialist,society. SNAP OUT OF IT.

  4. The Palm Beach Post, Mar.21,2012
    “NextEra executive: ‘Florida isn’t right for a wind farm”
    “Wind farms don’t make economic sense in Florida because the wind is too weak, and it’s cheaper to produce electricity from natural gas, nuclear power and coal, said Mike O’sullivan, senior vice president of development for NextEra Resources, said Wednesday.”–1/nLhqq
    Scott L. has this article on his blog and worth reading again.

  5. Moray,
    When you look at the fine print, this also includes nuclear and hydro power to the U.S. via these new cable lines at Naiticoke.

  6. Washington Examiner, May 23,2014
    “Keeping the lights on used to be so simple”
    Article explains how the PJM grid works which will be connected to Nanticoke.
    PJM holds auctions to set capacity for years in advance.
    Transmission lines have to be built to carry bulk loads of electricity from far-flung generations sites to cities and to shift power around more easily which is costly to do.

    Ontario electricity will part of the PJM capacity for years to come.

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