OFFICIAL TRAILER: Down Wind, a Sun News Network Documentary

Watch and Share:  June 4th, 8:00 PM

down windSun News
Sun News Network will air the television premiere of the documentary film DOWN WIND on Wednesday, June 4 at 8:00 p.m. ET and 11:00 p.m. ET.

DOWN WIND is a tell-all film that deals head on with how Ontario politicians rammed through green energy laws and dashed forward with the installation of thousands of wind turbines across the province’s farmland and countryside.

The film exposes how the lights of liberty went out for Ontario citizens deeply opposed to wind turbine projects. It tells the stories of communities torn apart, and the rural warriors now fighting for their rights, health and happiness.

Sun News Network host and contributor Rebecca Thompson joined Surge Media Productions to create this passionate, yet alarming story of a flawed attempt to green Ontario’s electricity grid. Read article

40 thoughts on “OFFICIAL TRAILER: Down Wind, a Sun News Network Documentary

  1. I watched this movie clip in tears and wondered where in the hell did it all go wrong!! – who is going to help these people – no one in our government!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are all too busy lining their pockets and tying every ones hands – I would rather deal with the Mafia at least they are up front about things!!!! – I don’t what is going to happened people are being pushed too far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. If people viewing this do not feel compassion for the victims, then something is horribly wrong with their thinking process.

    • It’s too late, all this will do is make it even harder for us to move on. We are the collateral damage, the sacrificial lambs now. People watching will “boo hoo” a bit, figure out what they are making for dinner, and make sure that they never live near a wind turbine.

      • I hope people will not forget about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we are talking about peoples lives for god sakes!!!! – and if the people of Ontario don’t wake up and realize what is happening!!! – not too far into the future they will sit back & say how did that happen!!!! -so I hope people go to the meetings and rallies etc along with emailing the appropriate people!! because we CANNOT AFFORD TO BE SIT BACK CANADIANS – for once in our lives do what the Americans would do – stand up for themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! before it is too LATE!!!!!!

  3. We should not have even entered into a fight for our rights. We have those rights but we apply them in a legal fiction construct whereas stand in truth and lawful is altogether to simple for us to explore that avenue.Yet most think this is just some nutter ideas that is made up . Until then yes we continue to fight as a legal fiction slave to there control system. Legal is not lawful ABCs kindergarden classes to begin some time when we had enough bullying. Had we not enough?

  4. Your comment is awaiting moderation. Moderation is the process of eliminating or lessening extremes. It is used to ensure normality throughout the medium on which it is being conducted
    Must be that some people feel truth needs moderation as we cannot handle the truth. Gee seems somewhat like communism, naa can’t be we live in a free country called corporation of CANADA. I’ll have to wait for someone to be the judge over my free will to comment.

    • Moderator, moderator! What happened to the school teacher from Clear Creek? She was constantly moderated for speaking her mind until she was eventually banned from posting to this site by the webmaster! She was one of the early anti wind warriors who brought attention to the negative health effects from industrial wind turbines to the forefront and to others I saw featured in the trailer.
      I heard her speak at early community awareness meetings quite awhile ago. Although suffering from serious illness, more recently she did a fantastic job testifying at the Ostrander Point tribunal.
      Is she still with us?

      • I’ve said this before, your comments AREN’T being purposely ‘moderated’ – I don’t have time for that. If they have swear words or many links etc, they are automatically flagged for moderation, not by me, but by the blog. If you find your comment isn’t being posted, e-mail me. Don’t take it personally.

    • I have the same problem all the time. An automatic computer program somewhere doesn’t like my comments and holds them. I solved the problem by spending less time on the computer and more time in the real world.

  5. The Truth has finally been let out of the cage…Watch her defend herself and feel blessed to be a Light Warrior in the Ultimate Good Fight…I am so very proud to know all those involved and I am moved to tears with the trailer…my goodness, can’t wait for the doc! Kudos to all those courageous folks continuing to shine the light on the Truth about these poisonous, corrupt, murderous, inefficient, non recyclable towers of death. THE WORLD IS WATCHING and WE ARE ONE…PEACE, POWER, RIGHTEOUSNESS!!!

    • Lets just hope that everybody gets out on voting day to VOTE THE LIBERAL BUMS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. This will be shown around the world so will do a lot of good. Agree that this should have been done earlier but people do remember better what they learned/saw last week than what they learned/saw last month.

    Stressing the financial issues of “green” energy in urban ridings should help a lot as people do care about their financial futures.

  7. It’s good to see this video coming out just a week before the election. It’s too bad that very few people watch Sun News. If CTV,Global or CBC did this documentary it could have an affect on the election. Here it is May 28 an Hudak’s lead has evaporated and Wynne is ahead. People just can’t warm up Hudak. Hopefully this changes.

  8. Can anyone think of a faster way to union bust than making it too costly to manufacture or produce anthing in Ontario?
    So how can the NDP support all this “green” energy when they know this will cost so many union and other jobs in Ontario?

    NDP supporters had better wake up before it’s too late!

  9. The other MSM will not do it. People have been sending them information for years and they wont go there. Only once or twice early on were they able to get a report in. Bellmedia is also one of the problems. They own a lot of media outlets/radio/ctv etc and for some reason they will not acknowledge let alone cover the story.
    W5, The fifth estate etc…..all have been asked to do a story but wont do it. Sun is the only one who will expose it all.

    • That is because the CBC has no balls!!! government owned and ran!!!!! – that is what I call a democratic dictatorship !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The big MSM interests are protecting the investments of the fat-cats.

    Most of the time elections turn on money issues. Depends on whether or not the voters think/feel they have been left behind or have less money to spend.

    If Hudak fails to address the financial issues involved in “green” energy and how these issues will affect voters wallets, then he will lose the election. And this needs to be done in plain language and not fancy talk so that people can understand.

  11. Anyone know if there’s a way to view this documentary, even if you’re a rural Ontarian without the fancy “doo-dads” and “add-ons” of the modern urban dweller…. things like satellite or cable TV?

  12. Three Hundred
    Ontario Vote Projections
    Has latest polls May 27/28,2014

    Issues such as the Liberal scandals and high energy costs don’t register with too many voters.
    Seems people don’t care how much their energy bills are now and how much they will be in the near future.
    They can’t relate how high energy bills will affect the Ontario economy.

    • Hi Barbara !! it is not the case where Canadian cannot relate to the high costs of energy!! – it is that Canadians have a short attention span when it comes to issues!!!! – and they had better get the lead out of their behinds before it is too late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – I have never ever been so worried about an election!!! – we have to vote these Liberals bums out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Voters do have a short attention span and there is good reason to be very concerned about what the polls indicate.
    The GTA has plenty of voters with government jobs so this is another factor in this election and plenty of voters employed in the financial sectors that are making money off from “green” energy and don’t care what the effects of high energy costs are on other Ontarians.
    Mississauga voters don’t care how much moving the gas plant cost other Ontarians either.

    • That is exactly what I mean Barbara!! -Canadians have short term memories!!! and yes we should be concerned about this election!!! – and why I stated before in my comments that the Ontario people should get the lead out of their behinds!! and REMEMBER allot of what has happened with the Liberals in power and it just isn’t with the gas plants!! -it also has to do with your rights – ie smart meter!!! – again get out and vote the Liberals bums out! – and remind everybody of the Documentary coming out on Sun News!!!!!!!!!

  14. I do not like the looks of that poll. What recourse does rural Ontario have if the Liberals win this election? What do all the ‘unwilling host’ municipalities/communities do, just sit back and give up?
    Do we give up our charter rights, our health, our tax dollars so city people can feel good that they are doing something to ‘save the world from burning fossil fuels’? They will change their tune when they come to vacation here and the place is covered with unsightly industrial wind turbines, blocking their view of the once beautiful landscape. Too bad, so sad, but it’s for the greater good!!!!!!?????? With around 90 ‘unwilling host’ communities in Ontario, 2000 organizations around the world fighting this wind scam, what will be the next step if the Ontario Liberal Party is voted back in, or if the PC have a minority government? God knows the NDP will side with Wynne just like they always have.

  15. A copy of this video should be sent to each geography and science department in ALL Ontario schools. Current text books indicate false information. Students and teachers heads are being filled with CRAP. It’s all apart of the governments brainwashing scheme.

    Regarding our schools: last election high schools in Ontario were instructed to hold a moc election for the senior students. The names of the actual candidates were used. Of course only a few teachers disagreed with this approach of conditioning-grooming the young minds of the citizens of Ontario. Does anyone know if this practice will be in the schools this year?

    OSSTF is providing funding to the Liberal campaign.

    Again I am hearing from the teachers: Conservatives are slashing teacher jobs. Vote Liberal. Same old broken record. Teachers need enlightenment.

    The Conservative platform needs to gain the huge body of votes from Ontario teachers. Has the Conservative platform considered including the same promises for the teachers as do the Liberals? Sorry guys, this is very serious business. In this day and age, we need to fight fire with fire. A little white lie to save our province is necessary. It’s the only way we’re going to win. The world has gone to hell in a hand basket. We are at war. This is a much better approach than a destructive civil uprising.

    Once we secure the seats, get back to ethics and values and get the derailment of Ontario back on track.

    Throw the Liberal crooks in jail where they belong. Take back Ontario.

  16. Henry, I too am concerned about the brainwashing of our young people. I don’t even know if these teachers are allowed by the school boards to teach this crap, all these theories about peak oil, transitional living, ‘green’ energy, saving the planet, etc. I have no children in school anymore, they have all grown up, but when my kids were being ‘taught’ about the evolution of man, and it was discussed at home, I complained to the school and made sure they made it quite clear this line of thinking was just a ‘theory’, and to make that quite clear to the students. Not all parents even know what is being taught these days. How easy it is to influence young minds! I guess if nobody speaks up, they have a free hand to warp the minds of the innocent. Might be good to question the people running for school board trustees and see if they support the teaching of the ‘green agenda’.
    And yes, we have to get rid of the Liberals and their NDP lap dogs, we need a PC majority government to put Ontario on the road of recovery.

    • They teach wind energy in school. My nephews have openly challenged what they are being taught. Some times it doesn’t make them feel good other times they are proud. Depends on the response from the teacher. Teachers are the ones who NEED to learn the truth.
      I am thankful for the courage the young boys have. They know what is really happening and are standing in their truth.

  17. Teaching jobs will not be lost due to Hudak and the PCs.

    Teaching jobs will be lost because jobs and families moved out of Ontario. Jobs and families means kids in schools.

    When tax revenues that support schools and teachers salaries declines then teaching jobs are lost.

    When there are few teaching jobs then Ontario university education schools decline or have to shut down.

    • No one likes cuts!! but some time it has to be done!!! – like doing away with our Senate !!!!! the city of Hamilton was crushed by cuts but by businesses closing!! Stelco gone, Procter & Gamble gone Lakeport gone Westinghouse gone!! 1,000 and 1,000 of jobs lost! not because of cuts!! who do you blame!! – frankly allot of fat can be cut from the government working sector !!!

  18. Maybe a poll should be taken on whether or not Ontarians want to pay for the power infrastructure to supply the U.S. with electric power paid for thru Ontarians’ Hydro bills and or taxes?

    For example, while the Nanticoke power cables to Pennsylvania are private investment money themselves the sources of this electricity will be paid for by all Ontarians. And this is only the begining.

    This is a critical issue that is being ignored by all parties in this election.

  19. You are absolutely right Barbara. Teachers need to be educated immediately. I would hope they would grasp the concept. How do we do this?

  20. Community meetings might be a good place.

    There are areas in Ontario that have lost plenty of jobs and the school populations have dropped in those areas. This translates into teaching jobs and potential teaching jobs.

    Then they can take a look at the great loss of teaching jobs in Michigan due to the economic downturn in the auto industry. Families with school aged children left to find employment elsewhere.

  21. BP says

    Whoever said that Ontarians have short memories were right. This downturn all began back
    with Mike Harris. He was PC and he devasted the teaching and medical programs not to mention
    all the privatiaztion of gov’t assests. The Liberals aren’t any better, We have all witnessed what they have done in the last 10 years. Hydro rates are a lot like the gas prices, the higher they go the more likely we will end up in another recession or even worse a depression. The green energy bill has not done anything for the middle or lower class.I am sure it has lined the pockets of a lot of already wealthy people. I live with windmills all around me and I hate the sight of them. We were
    hoping to stop the Samsung Armow package but instead our lovely council (who said they were unwilling hosts) turned around and grapped the carrot that was dangled in front of them. Samsung is saying they hope to start in August. Just a side note I am not advocating for the NDP. I think I
    would like a catergory “none of the above”!

    • I was the one who said Ontario people have short memories – which so so true!!! unfortunately we have to deal with the parties that we have!!!- and the only the only way to get the Liberals out is to vote PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if the Ontario people don’t understand that they not only have short memories!!! but are also delinquent in common sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get out and vote!!!!!!!!!

    • Well you’ve just proven that you also have a very short/bad memory.
      Mike Harris did not destroy anything, but rather invested record sums of our money in Health Care and Education, even while Crooked Chrétien and Martin the ditherer cut record amounts of $$ to the provinces for same. They were teaching Mike a lesson for daring to lower taxes to create employment, which worked big time as it always does.
      Mike Harris was the real education premier. He was Ontarios best premier in many many years. He fixed Ontarios economy after the NDP & Liberals destroyed it. It’s the way it always has been in Canada and Ontario. Conservatives are the default party who get elected only when the others have robbed the bank and destroyed the economy. They come in to fix the problems then idiots elect Lying Libs again to destroy things once more.
      If Ontarions had a collective brain, they’d leave the Cons in for a few more terms after they’ve fixed the mess. Just like the present federal situation, where the deficit will be gone next year, so smart voters will leave Canada in their proven trustworthy hands, instead of electing the idiot Trudeau, to totally destroy our presently, ‘best economy in the world’ with the worlds best, most widely respected leader on earth, the wonderful Stephen Harper.
      There is no “none of the above category” so the Present Conservative gov. is by far the best choice, for all who love Canada and care about having a future for our children and theirs.

  22. I watched ‘Down Wind’ documentary … finally….. I totally agree with the thrust of the film….. HOWEVER….. I was left with one big problem….. You notice that the people doing the most crying in this show are ret’d teachers, and nurses etc….. ex-members of the most militant unions Ontario has to offer…. I well recall their history of extortion and Liberal Party support …. and now they’re crying because the policies they supported with no/no research has come back to bite them in the ass….. poetic justice I call it….. However if I’m wrong …. show me…. PS: I feel for the farmer(s)… and the animals….

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