Kincardine accepts Samsung blood money

free-money-imageBayshore Broadcasting, Jon Meyer
Kincardine has finalized an agreement with Samsung and Pattern Energy that will add 13.6 million dollars to the municipal coffers over the next 20 years. Samsung and Pattern are the developers of the 90 turbine Armow wind project – slated to be built later this year.

Kincardine Mayor Larry Kraemer calls it a state of the art agreement. Deputy Mayor Anne Eadie tells us it’s the best deal possible. She says council would have liked further setbacks. But she says they negotiated a number of different requests with Samsung that favoured Kincardine.

Councillor Jacqueline Faubert doesn’t like the agreement, calling it a sad day in the history of rural Ontario. Read article

7 thoughts on “Kincardine accepts Samsung blood money

  1. Kramer should be publicly flogged -what a pathetic group. Didn’t anyone tell them there is an election in a couple of weeks that could change everything?
    I doubt if 13.6 million is even this years budget and paid over 20 yrs it is 680,000 per yr or about a little over 4%. Imagine what 680,000 will be worth in 20yrs.
    Also when the project is sold in about 5yrs don’t expect the new owner to assume that payment.

  2. You know, some have talked about having an island where those who still appreciate nature and life can live in peace with no intrusions. (sadly, such protection only an option for the wealthy now)
    Changed my mind. There isn’t an island big enough but there is one big enough to handle all these detestable people who continue to enable harm to their neighbours, environment, animals and communities for the sake of money. All together as one big happy family they can while away the hours in perpetual excitement devising plans on how to scrw each other.

  3. Samsung certainly has assessed the worth of politicians correctly, when they can be bought so cheaply. Same as ACW is to be placated with a few swings and money for musical festivals $13.6 M over 20 years is enough for Kincardine. Rather than roll over for the Korean corporation and the Liberal government, why not put up a fight to the very end using every legal means at your disposal? Clearly some Ont municipalities have done exactly that, and individuals and groups have done far more. Local farmers Shawn and Tricia Drennan have spent a fortune of their own fighting the same corporation, yet Kincardine council accepts this pittance as the best available deal. A clean healthy local environment is not worth more than that?

    • Every council should take thire bribe money and hand it over to the Drennans to help continue fighting this criminal activity.

      • The first expense paid to municipalities in blood money, must go to help those who have been harmed by IWTs and the pittance Kincarden is accepting, won’t go far to that end.
        That’s not to say Trisha &Shawn don’t deserve help, they most certainly do! I’ve the utmost respect for the Drennans and what they’re doing. All of us who can afford to, should be contributing to their fight. After all, when they win, we all win. And they will win, eventually. The good always does in the end.

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