Lambton-Kent-Middlesex candidates debate wind turbines

Sarnia Observer

  • LKM candidatesProgressive Conservative and sitting MPP Monte McNaughton focused on the Liberal government’s energy policy, attacking the government’s Green Energy Act for taking away townships’ decision-making capabilities when it comes to wind turbines. “The Green Energy Act has stripped power from local governments and needs to be scrapped,” said McNaughton. “Stop making decisions in downtown Toronto for things that happen here.”
  • Liberal candidate Mike Radan defended the program, noting individual farmers have decided to put the turbines on their own land. “The Green Energy Act is a Liberal initiative,” he said. “We need a sustainable source of energy that is clean. “Are we going to allow every municipality to have a veto over provincial legislation? No, we’re not. We would have a hodgepodge of laws in this province.”
  • NDP candidate Joe Hill touted his party’s plan to reduce hydro rates by getting rid of the top CEOs at Hydro One, removing the HST from electricity and hydro bills and importing cheap energy from Manitoba and Quebec. Read article

One thought on “Lambton-Kent-Middlesex candidates debate wind turbines

  1. Debate all you want,we are dead man Be a live man and become a true voice to there fraud

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