Realtors say Wolfe Island wind turbines caused waterfront home prices to plummet

Wolfe Island Ferry DockBy Ted Booker, Watertown Daily Times
[Excerpt] Cape Vincent Assessor Denise J. Trudell said the value of high-end waterfront properties on Tibbetts Point Road has gradually slid in recent years because of an undesirable view of Wolfe Island Wind Farm. As an example, she cited a home at 32519 Tibbetts Point Road that was sold for $700,000 in 2007; it sold in March for $510,000.

“Homeowners don’t think their property is worth as much because the view is not as desirable as what it used to be,” Ms. Trudell said. “I would say there has definitely been a decline in people looking for that type of high-end property. It has certainly had an effect on the property values along that area. But it all depends on how you want to look at it. I had a property owner two weeks ago tell me they find (the turbines) enchanting and like the view.”

Lesa M. Plantz, broker for Prudential 1000 Realty of Clayton, said that some buyers are attracted to homes on Tibbetts Point Road because prices have sharply fallen since turbines were erected on Wolfe Island. But until recently, there haven’t been many buyers interested in the waterfront property.

“When the windmills were first out there, absolutely nothing sold,” Mrs. Plantz said. “And with the continuing controversy going on with the windmill issue in the Cape, there was definitely a steady decline in sales. We had property sit for a couple of years that would have normally been sold in a couple of months.” Read article

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  3. Maybe some of the US home owners should file a action under NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) against the Government of the Province of Ontario who caused this problem

  4. This may not be useful for homeowners, but citizens of the US, Mexico, and Canada can submit info to the NAFTA-related Commission for Environmental Cooperation asserting that a country is failing to effectively enforce its environmental law, which I assume would include those protecting migratory birds (ducks!), endangered species (turtles!), etc. There’s no dispute resolution mechanism, but countries don’t care to be on the carpet (it’s embarrassing, time-consuming).

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