Callous Ontario Liberals ignore wind power’s victims

IMG_0899Sun News, Jerry Agar
It is heart wrenching to see and feel the pain of fellow Ontarians breaking down in tears as they explain how the Liberal government drove them from their homes. But to understand how cold and callous our current political leadership is in this province, you need to experience it.

Rebecca Thompson’s documentary, Down Wind: How Ontario’s Green Dream Turned into a Nightmare (Surge Media Productions), airs on Sun News Wednesday at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. It is a story of reckless, agenda-driven politics resulting in shattered lives. The Ontario Liberal government’s Green Energy Act isn’t just an economic failure; it is an act of brutal indifference to the human cost of politics.

A cost ignored by people living far from the thump of the giant wind turbines, secure in their downtown Toronto homes and politically correct theories; a safe distance from places like Ripley, Clear Creek and Lucknow, Ontario. Many may not care – worshiping as they do at the altar of so-called green energy – that the jobs promised by the Liberals through their Green Energy Act were never delivered, while the cost of hydro skyrocketed. But the human cost should matter to us all. Read article

116 thoughts on “Callous Ontario Liberals ignore wind power’s victims

  1. There is a saying that ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend.’ It’s a risky proposition as the US found out after funding Noriega, Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. Be very careful when you think the Sun media is on your side. They also support Tar Sands, Line 9, and US style, tea party ‘Right to Work’. They aren’t against turbines – they just promote anything that might help the PCs, who are even scarier than the Libs.

    • My friend, who is the enemy of my enemy, is a lot less scary than the my supposed friend who has an agenda and pretends to be the enemy of anybody and everybody.

      Joe Citizen: Hey Bob, what are you rebelling against?

      Bob: Whadda you got?

      • The PCs ARE my worst nightmare. Recent history of Ontario gov’ts – Conservative, Liberal, NDP, Conservative, Liberal. Why do we keep changing? Because every one of them is a horror story, none of them really do what they promise, and now we’re going to go round again – why do you think it will be different this time?

        Are we noticing a pattern here? It doesn’t matter who you vote for – you’re going to get screwed because the entire system is designed to do that.

        When will you see that nobody cares about YOU. YOU don’t matter. This is all about making billionaires even richer than they are. But people who can’t be bothered to do their homework or actually think about anything will just react and we’ll have another round of PCs and Dippers and Libs as we all spiral down into poverty and despair.

        I note that those lovely people at Sun Media complaining about ‘violent natives’.

        “Thirty small skeletons were discovered in an unmarked mass grave-site at the Port Alberni BC United Church of Canada residential school for native children.” Church and gov’t are fighting hard to keep other sites from being investigated. A whole generation of children was taken from their parents and brutalized – and sometimes killed. It wasn’t just cultural genocide. Just think about that for a few minutes. Imagine communities with no children except sometimes for holidays. They came home and no longer spoke the language or understood the culture.

        And I know some people are going to say, this isn’t about turbines. No – but it’s about the reality of our government, our culture, our churches, and our media who like to talk about ‘violent natives.’

        Trying to separate issues into discrete little boxes is how they got the turbines in place. Green energy – don’t talk about the environmental cost of it. ERT – deals with health but not safety. Really. You have to look at the bigger picture – at all the pieces.

        Considering the history, I think the First Nations have been amazingly restrained. Sun Media is a disgusting, racist, organization supporting the neo-Nazi PCs.

        You might have noticed that I don’t post much any more. I try not to get into pissing contests with fools.

        I would imagine that by now you understand where I’m coming from.

        If you won’t learn from history you’re doomed to repeat it as we’ve been doing for generations – always believing that this time it will be different. For god’s sake, WAKE UP.

        This sh1t breaks my heart. Those of you who only care about turbines ARE NIMBYs and are no better than the people who signed for them.

      • When you have a problem just with IWT for over 7 years and running and throwing almost everything out there for a cure and nothing has work.
        What do you do?
        Remedy is not in a coloured party bottle,they lie and all of them will not tolerate anyone that goes against there now right to rule.Except when there high volts are revolting. And there is not that many volts in the rural section
        Remedy is knowing the scam,fraud,and start standing in law and not legal BS
        When you go to the doctor and you keep getting the same pain with all the prescriptions that Dr throws at ya and nothing works,your going to try a whole new approach.
        Nobody has done it yet and that is your free will but the remedy is at your fingertips.If you keep voting you loose your freedom. Bob is pretty close to getting it right,good for you Bob. Cheers
        Heres a good ABC hint
        If you get this you should see the remedy unless you are still in kindergarden classes.

      • The Liberals and the NDP want to keep writing cheques.

        The current debt is $295 billion — probably more — since a couple days have passed since I checked.

        Dalton McGuinty added over $100Billion in debt. Wynne would add about $30-$40 Billion in two to three years.

        The deficit — shortfall has been running about $10-12 billion a year lately. Our revenues are about $112 billion a year. Our expenses are about $124 Billion a year.

        A lot of people think that if the budget is balanced we are OK — the deficit is taken care of — sure — but what about the debt — the accumulated deficit?

        It would take 10 years at a rate of $34 Billion a year to pay off the debt — if we could maintain a balanced budget.

        This retirement of the debt would require a 30% increase in revenues — we call them taxes.

        Wake up folks — smell the coffee.

        The damage done by the Liberals goes well beyond the ruined lives of “only” a few hundred or few thousand people directly affected by wind turbines. Now they want to graduate to ruining 10’s of thousands of lives.

        Vote PC — let’s try to fix this mess.

        forgive me a tiny bit of sarcasm here and there.

      • Considering the history, I think the First Nations have been amazingly restrained. Sun Media is a disgusting, racist, organization supporting the neo-Nazi PCs.

        You might have noticed that I don’t post much any more. I try not to get into pissing contests with fools.

        I would imagine that by now you understand where I’m coming from.

        Sure I understand, you think we are fools.

        I also see that your point of view is coming from someone with inadequate knowledge of history. It’s hardly surprising considering your tenuous grasp on science — in all its forms.

        It’s surprising that you can choke back your rage long enough to deal with us fools.

        Thank you for at least making an attempt.

    • Jerry Agar’s summation of the situation is spot on. So Sylvan Bob you can continue to rail against Sun,the PC’s and everything right wing, including driving on the right side of the road.driving, but Agar has it right.

  2. SB – Libs are corrupt to the core, NDP are
    incompetent to the core, PCs in your worst
    nightmare would be more functional than the
    idiots that have ruled this prov. over the
    last decade.

  3. Listen to what Human Rights Lawyer, Julian Falconer said recently at Wyoming- Plympton about all of the political candidates in this provincial election. According to Falconer, none of them have offered a solution to the victims or the residents/landowners about to become victims in projects already approved.

    • Sommer….. Exactly MY beef with the P.C.s! If the G.E.A. is a bad idea going forward, it was a bad idea at inception! If it’s wrong to subject rural residents to future installations, it’s wrong to leave those, currently being adversely affected, to “live with it” for what could be the rest of their natural lives and then, as I told Mayor Hewitt of Haldimand, be buried in the shadow of these damnable contraptions!! Do the P.C.s have a solution to the problem that they’re simply keeping “under wraps” until after the election in order to not offend the “greenies”? One can only hope!!

      • I wish I could believe they would help all of us that are already living in their (turbines) shadows but that won’t happen. No-one will help. We are collateral damage. I must add, the only people who could have stopped some of them in Haldimand were the natives. Many of us went and asked them to stop our beautiful countryside from being ruined. I hoped they would protect the earth, but they chose to take the money. No one cares but the victims.

    • At least if you have a PC government you have an opportunity to remedy this. There are many things that can be done to shut these things down without cancelling contracts. For starters compliance with regulations can be enforced and/or regulations can be changed. You would have a local representative that would have some ability to effect change being part of the government as opposed to the current situation where these things only go up in non-Liberal ridings.

  4. Sun News,a part of the Quebecor Media. This is owned by Separatist P K Paledeau. The Sun News network has very few viewers and is loosing money hand over fist. The new Chairman is Brian Mulroney.
    They are in my opinion professional protesters. And love to get on a band wagon.

    • Sun News:

      May not actually give a hoot about IWTs.

      May very well be professional protestors.

      May even be band wagon jumpers extraordinaire.

      BUT, when they’re fighting on my behalf, I’ll give them all the rope they need (and some money) to further my cause.

      Sure beats crying that “everybody is somebody’s enemy”, “I’m not going to bother voting”, “stop picking on the natives” (at least the one’s not hosting wind turbines, LOL, did I say, LOL?).

      Yup, there sure are a lot of pissing fools out there, as duly noted by the head urinator himself.

  5. Bob, if you want to think about forcing language and culture onto people just remember the Roman Empire. Our ancestors were victims of this. Roman footprints are all over Europe.

    Political parties need to be careful about making too many promises and/or giving away what their plans are for the existing turbines.

    • If you say Romans, I’m going to say Boadicea. If you say turbines, I’m going to say Esther. If you say party politics I’ll name Rosa Luxemburg and Emma Goldman.
      So often, it seems, the real fighters against evil, the people who can see through the crap to the underlying problem, are women. The people I admire and try to emulate, are women.

      But I don’t think the Romans were nearly as hard on the Europeans as the Europeans (we) have been on the First Nations, but even if they were worse, I don’t see the relevance. What was done to the First Nations was evil – from the cultural genocide to the rape and torture and murder of young boys and girls. This isn’t ancient history – many of these people are still alive – still dealing with the after effects, the PTSD. I have it too – mildly in comparison, but just writing this makes me cry. This has parallels to the holocaust.

      As for this idea you’ve hinted at before that the PCs are going to get in and then take down all the turbines… puh leeeeassse? You seriously believe this? It’s contrary to everything they believe in… contrary to what I might, reluctantly, call their ‘ethics’.

      I’ll admit that the political parties have to be wary of giving away their plans – nobody would vote for them if they told us what they were really about, but as for being careful about making promises – that has nothing to do with their plans… making promises is what they do. We all know they don’t keep them. Sheila Copps famously said, ‘You can’t hold me to that – I was campaigning – I was shooting from the lip.” (not an exact quote, but close.) She was a Liberal but it’s what they all do. As long as people can’t remember more than one election back, nothing will change.

  6. Latin was required to enter university at least into the mid 20th century and if you go back before this Greek was also required. Now it’s any foreign language.
    This is an example of how profound cultural changes can be and how long they can last.

  7. Speaking of Latin – this seems to me to be a bit of a non-sequitur. (but I only did one year of Latin), As for the foreign languages – you mean like… French? lol Perhaps ‘second’ language would be better phrasing.
    Joke – if you speak several languages you are multi-lingual, if you speak two you are bi-lingual (from the Latin, ‘lingua- for tongue or language), if you only speak one you are probably English.

  8. When being interviewed by the producer it was made clear that the Federal Conservatives have allowed and subsidized an industry lead policy for IWT to be built across Canada. It was made clear that the Federal Health study is flawed and has bias throughout. It was made clear that, ” IWT are not about politics, but, about the people, Canadian/Ontario citizens.” It will be interesting to see if these points are in the final film.

  9. My point is that language requirements were not set by political parties but by universities.
    As it turned out residential schools were a bad idea. Local non-residential schools would have been better.

    If the same situation is in place at QP after this election, then rural Ontarians will know what their futures will be.
    A change at QP will make it so that IWT promoters will not be so certain about what their futures will be.

  10. I’m not gonna get into a p1ssin contest here but PCs know money in and money out has to be balanced. Walkerton , people got hurt and worse because cutbacks to save taxpayers dollars. GEA , liberals spending taxpayers dollars to harm people. And Ornge for that matter. PCs will change OPG to save taxpayers dollars. Liberals had their chance. NDP wants to as well. LPCs under Mike Harris spent money on northern infra structure (HWY11 widening) which was needed. KW wants to spend money where she resides. NDP have no clue. PCs want to thin the bloated government workers. KW will keep bloating the public sector (beyond financial means (for union votes)). PCs jokingly want to create 1 million jobs but how many did the GEA create. I don’t think the calculations are any better between the two. When I do my math I believe an 11 year PC reign can’t even cone close to what the Liberals have done. If I’m wrong it will only be a bit worse. If the Liberals win ALL the money is GTA bound and more IWTs will be put up for the coffers of GTA. Personally I’d rather see Niagara get the money. Freeloaders will always be freeloaders and that is GTA. Look at the horse racing industry (just one example). I don’t have all week so I’m gonna leave it at that. Vote Liberal if u want the same. PC for change. And NDP for another adventurous ride to the unknown (and more debt). Any government that knows how to spend money to get the best bang for the buck has my vote. The others are only spending money to buy votes

  11. MaRS, ~Nov.6,2013
    “MaRS client Enbala Power Networks gives flexibility to Ontario’s electricity system”
    OPower, Arlington, VA
    Advisory Board includes:
    Tom Brady, Chair. Enbala Power Networks Ltd
    Jim Messina, Deputy Chief of Staff for Pres.Obama 2009-2011 and campaign manager for Obama’s re-election 2012
    Get the picture in Ontario now?

    • I read up on their grid balance initiative. It reminds me of the Liberal Budget plan. The Liberals keep drawing on money that isn’t there. The Grid Balance will shortly have to balance energy that isn’t there.

      It’s a high wire act that requires that matter and energy be created from nothing. It’s probably a pretty tiring exercise Maybe they will get to rest on the seventh day.

      It kinda reminds me of Tulip Bulb Bubble Mania and South Sea Bubbles!

      Two hundred years from now people will be talking about the Wynnne Energy Bubble with reverence as one of the truly great financial bubbles and illusions of all time. They may even remember McGuinty and Smitherman.

  12. McGuinty’s gal pal – Laurel Broten, former Environment Minister;
    and the Green Energy – ‘environmental exemption’ – June 2006 –
    ……….to save the planet!

    “Left-wing zealots have often been prepared to ride roughshod over due process and basic considerations of fairness when they think they can get away with it. For them the ends always seems to justify the means. That is precisely how their predecessors came to create the gulag.” — Margaret Thatcher

    Vote Conservative!

    • cast your votes into the garbage as that is what you get out of any of there mouths. Shut this corruption down once and for all!!
      Spring cleaning badly needed

      • That’s correct Ray Matt. Horwath et al are counting on the voters’ ignorance. If the majority of voting public weren’t so ignorant and apathetic, we’d all be in a much better place.

        If you haven’t already, read “Cloak of Green” by Elaine DeWar. Goes in depth about the green fraud, the players, and talks in detail about the break-up of Ontario Hydro.

    • Some just party – intimately

      ‘[excerpt] “He invented the environment,” said former governor-general Adrienne Clarkson about her long-time friend, Maurice Strong. Ms. Clarkson and her husband, John Ralston Saul, hosted an intimate 85th birthday party for Mr. Strong, the former under-secretary general of the United Nations, at their home in Toronto’s Annex on Tuesday night. Beyond the circles of notable Canadian politicians in attendance, piles of heart-filled letters from around the world flooded the house, including words from Ted Turner and David Suzuki. Mr. Strong’s friends, former premier Bob Rae, Stephen Lewis and former prime minister Paul Martin also toasted his many accomplishments. Mr. Martin got a laugh from the crowd as he told the story of how Mr. Strong fired him when he served as his executive assistant many moons ago, but they’ve remained good friends ever since. It was a warm and special evening among close, intimate friends for a true Canadian gem.’

      Vote Conservative!

      • Beat it,pull the linch pin of slavery,start our freedom from these ass holes!
        Martin is the one that allowed the IMF to destroy this country called corporation of CANADA into the highest debt that we can never pay off which is slavery
        lift your vail and see threw there fog and see the true fraud

      • it was strong appointed by rae who set up the bust up of Ontario Hydro back in 1992, the PCs carried on where Rae/strong left off. What a joke how Horvath lays the blame for Ontario energy problems on the PCs when the NDP started the whole bust-up and sell off of Hydro,

        Top lefties in this country a la Strong are biggest capitalist cronies going.

  13. Regarding the Down Wind Documentary airing tonight:
    I cannot find it on Bell Expressview Satellite.
    What channel is Sun News Media?
    Many have been asking me for this information.

    Game 1 of the Stanley Cup is on tonight as well. Any chance of Down Wind being pre empted?
    All candidates debate in Norfolk as well tonight. Timing not great.

      • Sun News can currently be found on:

        Shaw Digital – Channel 177
        Shaw Direct – Channels 149 and 517 (HD)
        Rogers – Channels 142 & 567 (HD)
        Cogeco Cable – Channels 195 & 705 (HD)
        Videotron – Channels 79 and 679
        Bell Fibe – Channel 531 & 1531
        Bell Sat – Channel 506
        Access Communications – Channel 253
        Eastlink – Channel 663 (HD)
        Sasktel – Channel 69

  14. Will, and the electricity they are playing around with is at the expense of Ontarians. Next they will be playing with Ontario electricity in the U.S.

  15. non voter, I am sick and tired of your crazy talk. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem and the solution starts with every vote, whether it is at the municipal, provincial, or federal level. If we do not take advantage of our democratic right to vote, that too will soon be gone thanks to people like you. Keep your crazy ideas to yourself and don’t try to influence others with what will be the end of our Canadian rights. Vote, for whoever you think might start us on the track to recovery, but do not sit back and whine and complain and do nothing. And if you are not doing anything, keep your mouth shut, your just taking up space and oxygen that the rest of us value.

    • nonvoter is certainly entitled to his opinion, but the above writer is correct.

      Voting in this particular election is absolutely crucial if the proliferation of IWTs are a concern to you.

      • ScepticalGord…. I’m guessing there’s a reason why nonvoter is a non voter! Given his comments, in other posts, he probably doesn’t have a birth certificate or a drivers license with his name on it that would serve as ID on Election Day!!

      • Hey ya John Foreman, You are right about a few things,I do not carry a licence but I keep my BC on hand just for proof of the fraud to any so called authority that ask for fake ID which all of you carry with you.
        I stand in lawful truth and will not claim joiner to the straw man fictional copyright name that is registered and now own by your government (yes that is the CORPORATION OF CANADA), you may stand in legal fiction fraud ,i will not.
        Legal is not lawful.
        ABC Have a great day john!
        BYes they use all the fear porn to keep you to thin k you need all that fake ID.

    • ” And if you are not doing anything, keep your mouth shut, your just taking up space and oxygen that the rest of us value”
      I am of value to the ones that phucken get that government is the problem and so are you And voting is for loosers and loosing your free will
      Have a great day ,much love!

      • nonvoter – while you feel enslaved by our
        socio-economic system, would you not feel
        more shackled in a society where you had
        no say. No vote, no say. Reality verses
        your endless stream of empty dreams.

      • Madasabat, I do not feel enslaved,as I have disowned the copy right name that my parents wrote off to the corporation of CANADA thru registration and have my own name now and some day when the fraud is completely exposed we can reclaim our parents given names if we want to,and then our fraudulent debt will also be gone,.
        If a 7 year old child from england can figure this out how come I have not seen no one here get it?
        I myself am a average man as most here and probably most with a much higher education then I have.
        Must be the extensive government control education that is keeping it lock up in there ideology.
        It is simply staying lawful verses there corrupt legal system.
        I have put enough out there for you to figure out and do your own due diligence
        Let say if you had 4 people to chose to trust with your life and all of them were liars and clowns,would you pick one?
        No I would trust myself and do long and goodbye to stupid choices that do not make it in my heart.
        I am sorry for all that I may have offended,but it is ultimately your free will to choose the best of the liars and cheats.Cheers

      • nonvoter….. I DO take offence at your suggestion that I couldn’t possibly have anything of value to add to the conversation on this site. BTW… I DON’T appreciate your language even though you try to disguise it by mis-spelling some of the words you use (eg.substituting a “PH” for an “F”). I’ve noticed that people who have little to contribute to an intelligent dialogue are the first ones to resort to profanity! Do you have a reasonable argument?? Maybe so! but, IMO, you weaken it’s impact by “sprinkling” it with obscenities!! As for me “keeping my mouth shut”…. I live in Haldimand where Nextera, Capital Power, Niagara Region Wind Corp. and Samsung/Pattern as well as the provincial Liberals are making a concerted effort to “rule the day”!! I will continue to share the “oxygen” even though you think this “looser” (sic) is not entitled to do so! You “have a great day” too!!

      • nonvoter – you are a slave to your paranoia.
        Happily enough, I am a slave to no one.
        Peace & Love.

    • Madasbat your so wrong,I am at peace and that is because I do not fall under the system legalese. I am standing in truth and thus lawful
      You if you still claim joiner to there fraud corporate strawman name you are a SLAVE a person,fiction and although you are living you are acting in there fraud by joiner and with consent
      .Carry government ID? Carry licenses?You claim joiner to there registered name you do not own and thus fraud
      No paranoia just truth juice,done with there fear porn.

  16. GreenBiz, June 2,2014
    Article names some of the companies that are likely to benefit from the new U.S. EPA regulations:
    Schneider Electric
    This involves demand side management of electricity supplies.
    The Canadian and U.S. power grids are interconnected. Ontario will be affected by this as well.
    Ontarians need to know the whole picture and not just part of the picture.

  17. Water’s Next, Dec.19,2010
    ENBALA’S technology harnesses energy and opens new revenue streams for water plants
    The City of Windsor along with ENBALA & the Ontario Clean Water Agency partnered in a pilot project to demonstrate demand side ancillary services with IESO.

    Connect the dots with
    this deal!

  18., March 20,2014
    EnWin Utilities is ofering $100 monitors, which will be subsidised by Ontario Power Authority if a customer agrees to install a programable thermostat which gives the provincial power authority the power to lower the homeowners’ AC by one or two degrees if the grid is in danger of overload.
    EnWin expects to install 23,000 of these devices by the end of the year.
    $100 x 23,000 = $2,300,000. How much will it cost OPA to do this for the whole province?

      • The bigger crooks happens to be the Liberal government – who took away any authority that any city has and or had in Ontario regarding the Wind Turbines!! – including took away the authority of the Niagara Escarpment and the Regional Conservation Authority!! – you and I have no rights in this province!! – it became very clear after watching the documentary Downwind!!! – I listened to people with there situation and I just sat and cried it truly is sickening!!! Vote the Liberals or as I call them THE NO MORAL COMPASS GROUP – VOTE THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Conservatives have serious concerns:

        Get Rid of the OPA!

        May 21, 2014
        ‘[excerpt] Regarding the Ontario Power Authority, Fedeli says, “This was an agency that the Liberals started. It was a 15-person temporary agency opened in 2009 meant to launch the so-called Green Energy Act. And after they did that, instead of closing, as they were scheduled to do, they’ve now grown to a $300 million agency with 92 people on the Sunshine list earning over $100,000. We will shut down the OPA.”’

        Vote Conservative!

      • Hi Free Thinker! yes what really got me about the Documentary was the fact that the Liberal government took away the rights of any city in Ontario regarding the wind turbines!!! – shut the liberals down!!! vote Conservative !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Breaking News!

        Last Updated: June 5, 2014
        ‘[excerpt] OPP serves court order at Queen’s Park, McGuinty interviewed by detectives’

        One example of corruption @ the local level of government:
        Welcome to Kincardine!

        A human tragedy in the countryside;
        and, they call it ‘green energy’;
        and, ‘green mayors’ – make big foreign deals.

        Kincardine mayor is a loser!
        But – he went to China!
        …………to learn about – exactly what?
        Perhaps – the communism way……….to social justice!

        Vote Conservative!

      • All aboard – the mystery tour!

        Scumbag mayors – and, their hopes!

        ‘[excerpt] The trade mission provides a platform for mayors to identify market trends in China in addition to understanding the large-scale urbanization and growth in the Chinese economy. The unlimited growth of the Chinese economy will become evident as mayors progress through the tours and meetings.
        Hopes are the mayors will build strong relationships with Chinese executives and develop an understanding on developing and growing businesses in China with consideration into corporate structure, regulations and laws, quality management and best practices. Two major cities, Shanghai and Beijing, will be the focus of the Trade Mission, in addition to their surrounding cities. Shanghai and Beijing were chosen for being key economic players in China.’

        Farm salesman:
        ‘[excerpt] Pellegrini is representing not only King, but York Region. It’s his first time visiting China and he stressed he will make sure it’s worth it, adding he doesn’t want to spoil his near-perfect attendance record unless it’s worthwhile.
        Pellegrini noted China has a growing middle class with money to spend and invest abroad. China has an interest in agricultural operations. He’s looking forward to the mission and sharing some interesting ideas and potential business partnerships.’

        I’m confused – that’s because I’m an idiot.

        For the confused:

        p.s. It’s nice to have family in high places……….

        Vote Conservative!

        Anything else to report?
        Oh yeah – it’s Friday, it’s Friday…………..

      • Standard & Poor – to stop rating Ontario – soon!

        Liberal cronyism – and monumental scandals
        should be ignored – just minor mistakes.

        If you find Ontario – taxpayers want it back!

        ‘[excerpt] Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services held Ontario’s long-term rating at AA-, but raised questions about whether Premier Kathleen Wynne’s minority government can meet its cost goals.

        (Earlier, the agency released an inaccurate statement saying it also cut its outlook for the province to “negative” from “stable.” In fact, that happened a year ago, and S&P has since corrected the inaccuracy.)

        “The negative outlook reflects our view regarding the minority legislature’s ability in the next one to two years to meet what we view as aggressive cost containment targets necessary for the debt burden to peak in fiscal 2015 as planned,” S&P said of the province’s budget goals.

        “We believe the province’s main credit challenges include its continuing weak budgetary and debt metrics and what we view as its aggressive cost-containment plan required to achieve budgetary balance by fiscal 2018.”

        As S&P also warned last year, there’s a one-in-three chance it would lower the long-term rating, by one notch, within the next year, S&P warned, which would spell trouble for the province.’

        Vote Conservative!
        Bring Ontario back – to taxpayers!

      • I just finished emailing Wynne’s office yet again today !!!! I suggest everyone else does to!! it – I want to make sure that she knows that I am NOT going away!! I addressed her as follows ;
        ATTENTION MS. WYNNE OF THE NO MORAL COMPASS PARTY (FORMERLY LIBERALS) – yes get out and vote conservative!! – exercise your right to vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Free Thinker,
    Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Chicago Climate Exchange
    Toby Heaps, Corporate Knights magazine
    Were also at Strong’s 85th birthday party in Toronto.

    • makes me puke to think that this cabal of public trough feeders has such power over government. (more like they are part of a shadow government we don’t get to vote for). i’ve come to see CANADA in these terms; the self serving crony leeches vs. polite people and scenic vistas. Per “Cloak of Green” Canada takes the lead in sewing the Green deception with government taking the lead role “educating” the Canadian public thru funding NGOs and forming a “civil society”. Their modus operandi is more subtle than Stalinist commies but the end result is the same and justifies their means.

  20. We need to get to the bottom of all of this. Many people are realizing how our democracy was taken away on this industrial wind turbine debacle. We need to understand exactly how this fits into the larger scheme. Who are the profiteers and why is the precautionary principle not protecting us?

    • Simple answer? You are a strawman,corporate fiction,bottom of there corporate system they created with our parents and our consent from the day they registered you at birth they created a dead fiction a death certificate.please don’t choke but it is true,do the research yourself and do not believe me until you do
      Started at birth and registry,care to investigate? It is a remedy to all our problems if you get it.

  21. Sommer – research Agenda 21 – everything
    you need to know about the ‘larger scheme’
    is there.

  22. Most of the information you are looking for has come in bits and pieces over the last 3-4 years and it’s difficult to follow information when it discovered as fragments of information.
    But when there is a social gathering such as has taken place then a big picture emerges.

  23. Documentary DOWNHILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I watched the documentary Downhill last night – I knew that the Liberals didn’t care but this goes beyond!!! – the poor people with their failing health – and not been able to live in their own homes!! – the destruction of the wild life habitant !!!! this reckless Liberal government needs to be made accountable for what they have done!! and not to mention that their friends and associates lining their own pockets with the taxpayers money!!!!!!!!!!!! LYING LIBERALS this is truly sickening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. If you can get a physician to present information at say an ERT then big corporations or even an individual can save big money. Suncor is just one example?

  25. Suncor did a dirty deed in 2010,
    and it’s hard to believe they’ve gotten away with it for so long.

    Barbara, when is the publishing date?
    Can you tell us that?

  26. The Suncor ERT where Colby presented information saved RBC millions if Suncor stock declined in price.
    Then there is RBC and NextEra with RBC holding NextEra stock.
    Then just look up the others that have financial stakes or money on the table when medical testimony is presented at ERTs

    • Yes Sun News is correct!! if that documentary Downwind is on again – you must watch it!! – I was explaining to my rural neighbour about it this morning and I broke down again!! – it truly really is almost too much to handle – what those poor people on that documentary explaining how they have been walk over/on and or ignored by the Liberal government!! it truly is sickening !!!!!!

      • Lets keep it simple guys. Our provincial government is taking away our rights! Rights to freedom… Health… Security! Democracy! My grandfather fought for those rights and I know if he was around to see this he would be ashamed. I’ve been driving to work everyday down gut of the bluewater protect. I live in the soon to be goshen project. It truly scares me to tears. My 2 year old daughter has epilepsy and my wife and I are worried. What am I supposed to do??? Sell the house and land we wanted our kids to grow up on. Rural ontario has been where We spent the last 35 years,learning lessons and practicality you don’t find anywhere else. Lessons i wanted my kids to learn. now we aren’t sure. There are soooo many things wrong with what is happening its hard to believe. All I can say is try to educate your friends and family as to what is happening. I think most of us are educated enough as to what is taking place. Until they see it they don’t believe it. Then it’s too late. The documentary was a great way to get people talking,now we need them to keep talking. Vote for democracy. Plain and simple.

      • Hi Bs thanks for your words!! – I to live in a rural area in Stoney Creek in the Niagara area!!! – close to me is a town called Bimbrook and they placed the turbines too close to the homes!! we are being told that they will be taken down!! right!!!! we will see!! – I have fought for allot of things!! and I just don’t give lip service!! – so I have to be careful!! – I just hope that others feel the same way!! all the best!! vote the Liberal bums out!! vote conservative !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Stanford University, Precourt Energy Efficiency Center
    Behavior & Energy Cluster
    Explains the acceleration of the adoption of and the sustained use of energy efficient technologies and climate-positive actions by individuals, groups and organizations.

    In plain talk, this explains brainwashing in relation to energy efficient technologies.
    This is what we are being subjected to.

  28. The Star, June 6th endorses Wynne
    The Globe And Mail, June 6th endorses Hudak but only in a minority role/government

    When you read the editorials everything is for the GTA as if rural Ontario dosen’t exist.

    Star big on northern development but look who now is the deputy minister of northern affairs. None other than an associate of Maurice Strong.

  29. Ontarians have been so psychologically conditioned about “green” energy that it is all but impossible to explain IWT issues to them.
    This information did not come to light until a couple of days ago. This has been going on for quite some time and it is deliberate.
    And a reliable source was needed to prove this.

    Rural Ontarians have refused to behave like Pavlov’s Dogs and become conditioned to IWTs. Their conditioning methods didn’t work on rural Ontarians.

    • Hi Barbara !!! some of the Ontario people that I have talk to about Green Energy are just plain ignorant t!!!! I told one woman to do her homework before she opened her mouth!! you sometimes you just have to call a spade a spade!! get out and vote the Liberal bums out!! – vote conservative!!!

  30. Lyn, so true by why are they so ignorant? There are hidden things taking place that we had no proof of their taking place.
    An example of behavioral science being used and reported in the MSM:
    OPower uses behavioral science, data analytics and custom software that helps utilities help their customers save energy.
    The yield from this is about 2% savings for customers. Not much! But touted as great.
    Take a look at what is going on at Stanford University in behavioral science and selling green energy to the public. This is how smart meters were put over on the public.

    • Barbara!! I most certainly did not state that they were all ignorant!!! – example I was talking with a gentleman early this week! – and he was spouting the praises of Green Energy!! – and by listening to him I knew he has not done any fact finding at all!! – so I mentioned to him about the documentary Downwind!! and to watch it! – it will really open up your eyes!! -no he states he just knew Green Energy is good!! – that is who I am calling people like that ignorant!! there is no other excuse!! – and please don’t hand me that line that they have been conditioned – some people maybe to a certain extent!! but the others are ignorant !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. So people save 2% on energy but how much energy is used to produce all the reports that are sent to customers to let them know how much energy they saved? Sounds fishy to me!

    • Barbara, could you put all of the information that you have found, through your continual, extensive research together and advise on who would it could be presented to in order to use it effectively? Is there an ombudsman who would sort this mess out and get to the bottom of this consortium’s railroading of rural people’s rights?

      • Hey Sommer,

        you ask a tough question:
        Is there an ombudsman who would sort this mess out and get to the bottom of this consortium’s railroading of rural people’s rights?

        All Politics – are Local Politics
        Municipal Election Year – 2014
        Boot the ‘consortium’ out!


        For clarity:
        The ‘local consortium’ aka ‘local councils’ –
        supporting the Liberal Green Agenda;
        and, the ‘green mayors’ – approve.

        Boot them out!

  32. Yes..Please! I agree that Barbara’s money trail would help the ombudsman trace the trail to the crooks that are sucking us dry. We are so lucky to have this insight from Barbara. Wherever their is access to the public trough, you can be sure the mob is involved.

  33. Using air rather than wind is a win win to collecting almost free energy and storing it by simply adding water,how neat is that. . Check this out just about free energy coming soon to our
    communities. Betcha they’ill wanta take them turbines out of commission very quickly.
    ,Unless they find a way to heavily tax this invention in Ontario as it would harm the IWT industry and use the precautionary principle to protecting the Wind Industry. LOL..

  34. It’s the psycho-techniques where people’s rights are involved.
    Smart meters and TOU were first intoduced into the largest marketing area in Canada the GTA. Need to get a lot of people convinced to put ideas over.

    Input from those working on the health issues is needed to see what they think about the combination of psycho-techniques in tandem with the health issues and any possible combined effects.

    • Barbara am I getting you right when you state that psycho-techniques were used to convince people regarding the smart meters?? or maybe I am missing something???????

  35. There is some information to suggest this.
    Marketing techniques sometimes use psyco- techniques but these don’t cross the line into violating peoples’ rights whereas other methods employed can cross that line. This situation need to be evaluated. Psychology is used to sell products and ideas.

    Don’t expect any quick or easy answer from the health issues people as situations like this psycho business require time to evaluate them.

    • Well I am just going by the smart meter situation !!!!! – they didn’t have to sell us or suggest we take them!! – it was ramped down our throats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get out and vote!! – VOTE CONSERVATIVE !!!!!!!

      • Lyn, I still don’t understand how voting Conservative would help the folks who are about to have turbines constructed too close to their homes. According to Humabn Rights Lawyer Julian Falconer, none of the parties are offering a solution to this threat/reality and these people have no recourse, except to save all documents related to negative effects, including receipts for all added expenses and join a class action lawsuit. Hudak is not promising to call for a moratorium until health studies are complete on already approved projects. Correct me if I’m wrong.

      • Hi Sommer!! I am not saving that you are wrong and that voting conservative is the greatest thing since sliced bread!! one thing I know for sure we cannot afford another term of Liberal Rule!!! – and frankly voting conservative is the ONLY way to get the Liberals OUT right now!! whether you or like it or not!!! – I still have problems getting the documentary Downwind out of my mind this is all so wrong regarding the turbines!! and I a being polite!!

  36. Some persons associated with OPower have close connections to POTUS. So anyother businesses associated with them can gain benefits as well?

  37. Greentech Media,
    “OPower Making Millions in Home Energy Efficiency”
    From the sample company customer statement:
    Who are your neighbours? Isn’t your neighbours electric bill their business and not yours?
    Could make people feel guilty? What right has this company to make a customer feel guilty?
    A means of conditioning people used here? Use less electricity like your neighbours do.

  38. It’s like when Frederika Rotter, lawyer for the MOE, said during opening submissions on the first day of the appeal of the Kent Breeze project in Chatham, Kent in 2011:

    “We will see in the course of this hearing that lots of people are worried about windmills. They may not like the noise, they may think the noise makes them sick, but really what makes them sick is just the windmills being on the land because it does impact their property values. That’s what makes them sick is that, you know, they’ll get less money for their properties, and that’s what’s causing all this annoyance and frustration and all of that.”

    Can you imagine how INSULTING that is?

    • From the story above:

      Every day something more comes out…

      A U.S. wind power developer that is seeking $653-million in damages under a NAFTA challenge accuses the government of Ontario of manipulating Green Energy Act rules to benefit the interests of Liberal-connected firms, according to court documents obtained by the National Post.
      The court filing, recently made public in the case that pits Mesa Power, a Texas-based developer owned by U.S. financier T. Boone Pickens, against the government, alleges Ontario replaced “transparent” criteria for the selection of energy projects with “political favoritism, cronyism and local preference.”

      At issue in the NAFTA arbitration are changes made to the Green Energy Act in 2011. They allowed wind developers a brief window in which they could change the location at which their proposed projects would connect to the transmission grid. NextEra, a multinational renewables firm that was represented to the government by lobbyist Bob Lopinksi, a former senior staffer in the office of Dalton McGuinty, changed their connection points and was eventually awarded more than $2-billion worth of power contracts. Mesa Power says in its court filing that the change effectively bumped its projects out of line, costing it sunk costs and lost future profits.

      The rules were changed to suit one applicant to the detriment of another,” the court document claims.
      “The rules change was also specifically designed with NextEra in mind,” says the 243-page NAFTA document called the Memorial of the Investor. It was filed last year but released publicly last month. “On a number of occasions,” the document says, “the Minister of Energy’s Office took explicit steps to ensure the process was being executed to the benefit of NextEra.”

      The Mesa Power document also claims that NextEra “had direct access to the Premier’s Office.” It says that NextEra met with former McGuinty aides Jamison Steeve and Sean Mullin in October, 2010. Both men would later be involved in the negotiations surrounding the cancellation of gas-plants in the greater Toronto area and the payments to the affected firms.

      The government response dismisses claims of “wrong-doing” and says the changes that impacted Mesa Power were “nothing more than a commercial consequence of legitimate policy choices.”

      Enjoy reading the whole article. It should explain some strange happenings…

    • Can you believe it?

      ‘[excerpt from the same story above] Opposition critics of the Green Energy Act have long contended that the governing Liberals used explosive growth in renewable energy since 2009 to steer contracts toward favoured firms and Liberal insiders. Various companies have also taken the government to court over the frequent changes to the Feed-in-Tariff program, but the government has maintained that it is allowed to make policy changes even if they negatively impact green-energy investors. Ontario also lost a WTO ruling that found the “domestic content” requirements in the Green Energy Act discriminated against foreign-owned firms and were a violation of trade agreements.

      “The treatment of Mesa in this case,” the court filing says, “is just another episode in a saga of maladministration, scandal, political interference, manipulation and contempt for the rule of law that dominated Ontario until the resignation of the Premier [McGuinty] early in 2013.”

      Ontario, which is represented at the NAFTA tribunal by the government of Canada, says in its filing that “there is no evidence to support the claimant’s allegations.”

      “In managing and implementing procurement processes, decision-makers are often forced to make adjustments at key junctures … to best satisfy the policy objectives of government,” the government filing says. “Such adjustments often result in winners and losers … as changes operate to the benefit of some and detriment of others.”

      The government response dismisses claims of “wrong-doing” and says the changes that impacted Mesa Power were “nothing more than a commercial consequence of legitimate policy choices.”

      A spokesperson for the campaign of Kathleen Wynne, citing a Mesa document that was presented to a local council while its projects were in the planning stages, says the Texas company knew all along that there would be a period in which connection points could be changed. The process wasn’t changed to benefit anyone, the campaign official said.

      A decision on the NAFTA arbitration is expected in the fall.’

      I think it’s hard to believe…..
      Stay tuned…….

  39. Sommer, can’t answer for Lyn but the PCs are a begining.
    Sometimes things have to be done a step at a time.

    For example if Pickens wins his case this could result in voiding NextEra contracts as alleged illegal means were used to obtain them.

    • Hi Barbara!! yes you are right regarding Toronto Center!! – I was out today talking to allot of people out in the Tillsonburg area!!!!! and it was nice to see allot of fPC signs out!! I do hope that we get a change in power!! get out and vote!! vote CONVERITIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    with election looming thursday, this is our last chance to help area pc candidates win their seats….location Taylor-Kidd road,south of 401 hiway on the Millhaven cutoff….june 11, 2-4pm….bring wind and pc signs and friends…looking for good tv coverage to wise eastern ontario up that pc’s are our only hope for shutting down Liberal waste energy,wind and solar, save this province…….protest is at the entrance to Ernestown wind turbine construction site and next door solar project under construction just east of ….requesting OPP presence to keep the peace….elections are won by just a few votes folks, we might get tomorrow…..A lIBERAL WIN WILL FINISH THESE PROJECTS…..AND MANY MORE…..PLEASE ATTEND IF POSSIBLE….I’LL BE THERE.

  41. NDP – Read it and throw up.

    Peter Tabuns’ Speech,
    Responding to John Yakabuski’s Motion To Invoke a Moritorium on the Futher Building of Wind Turbines

    April 28, 2010


    Wednesday 28 April 2010 OPPOSITION DAY WIND TURBINES Mr. John Yakabuski: I want to thank and recognize members on all sides of the House for allowing us the extra time and not using all of the time for petitions today.

    I move that the Legislative Assembly of Ontario calls for a moratorium on all wind farm projects until an independent, comprehensive study of the health and environmental impacts of wind farms is completed and Premier McGuinty restores the planning authority governing them to municipalities and local boards.

    Mr. Peter Tabuns: Before I go on to the main body of my speech, I just want to say to the Sergeant-at-Arms and the security staff here that although I have at times been on the other side of the fence, I must say that they handled things well today, and they deserve credit and acclaim from the people in this chamber. They showed respect and they showed restraint.

    I also have to say to those who are protesting in the galleries today, for people who engage in civil disobedience, they also showed restraint. They were non-violent, and for that-people standing up for their beliefs-I have to have respect.

    Having said all of that, today we’re considering a resolution from Mr. Yakabuski that calls for a moratorium on all wind farm projects until independent, comprehensive study of the health and environmental impact of wind farms is completed, and further, that the Premier restore the planning authority governing wind farms to municipalities and local boards.

    I’ll go further in, but I want to say, just on the face of this resolution, if you’re going to restore planning authority, it should be restored with regard to nuclear power plants and gas-fired power plants. That is far more substantial and significant, in my mind, than wind turbines, and I will address that in the course of my 35 minutes.

    Secondly, there are many health studies that have been done in Europe, in the United Kingdom and here in Canada that, in terms of the responsibilities we have as legislators, I think, give us sufficient confidence to proceed with investment in renewable energy.

    The reality of this resolution being put forward by this member is to stop the installation of wind turbines in this province. I know the member will talk about the fact that it restores the planning power of municipalities. When we debated the Green Energy Act, I opposed the withdrawal of power from the municipalities because I felt that the goals the government wanted to reach could be reached without taking that step. But today the reality is that this resolution is directed against green power, using municipal authority as a tool, not as the principle that’s being put forward.
    It is being argued that we should not build wind turbines because we haven’t done full health studies and, thus, there may be a risk to people. I see this resolution as being very similar to the sorts of delay tactics I have seen over the last two decades to stop action on climate change: It might be a threat to our economy if we take action on climate change; we don’t know all the science yet, so let’s back off on taking action. I think that the motion, fundamentally, is flawed right there. If, in fact, there is a deep concern about health, noise, emissions, why is there not a resolution calling for the end of road building in Ontario? I can tell you right now, without a doubt, that the more roads and expressways that are built, the more cars that are on the roads, the greater the health problems that we face. Why not a call to end any airport construction or expansion? Because the reality when you look around the world is that air travel causes significant impacts on the health and well-being of the people who live under those flight paths.
    I think the reality is that we are not in the end talking about health; we are talking about a motion to push off, to do away with, one of the more significant tools, one of the more significant instruments that can be used to reduce pollution-causing electricity generation in this society.
    Let’s talk for a minute about the health issues, because the very foundation of this argument is that, in fact, there is a profound health problem-a health problem that no one understands, that has to be addressed, has to be taken on-as if there is no one who has looked at this issue, thought it through, and presented conclusions.

    Ontario’s chief medical officer of health, Dr. Arlene King, last October said, “There is no scientific evidence, to date, to demonstrate a causal association between wind turbine noise and adverse health effects.” I have to say, the chief medical officer of health for the province deserves some respect. She is a credible source of opinion on these matters.

    Dr. Isra Levy, Ottawa’s medical officer of health-his quote: “The Ontario government has fulfilled the request by Ottawa city council to conduct a comprehensive review of the available peer-reviewed medical literature regarding wind-turbine-related health issues. The review did not find evidence of health effects that would warrant public health interventions….” Or Quebec public health.
    If you look at people who work in the field of epidemiology and public health, you will find that they, on the whole, either see negligible impact or no impact. And where they see negligible impact, that will be related to night-time noise, and that is an issue and that does have to be addressed. I will get back to that as we go through.

    If we look at the European experience, Denmark has been a leader in wind power since the 1970s. They have an industry in that country, a country with a population of the GTA, that creates thousands of jobs and adds significantly to the country’s export earnings. Denmark is 10,000 square kilometres-that’s smaller than Nova Scotia-and it’s got as many people as the GTA. We do not have, from Denmark, a wave of illness related to wind turbines. That is not part of the literature. That is not part of the experience of that country.

    Germany, where wind turbines are the second-largest consumer of German steel: Germany is three times smaller than Ontario, with eight times the population-three times smaller, eight times the population, and lots of wind turbines.

    I have to say, I’ve had opportunities over the last decade and a half to work at some length with environmentalists in Europe, to talk with them, those who, since the early 1980s, have lived in a situation where more and more wind turbines have been deployed in some areas of Denmark at a level far denser than anything we see here in Ontario. I’ve talked to people whose primary focus in their environmental activities is looking out for environmental threats to health, people who have worked on toxic chemical issues, people who have worked on new developments, and, frankly, people who have not seen wind turbines as a health issue, but rather as an instrument for reducing health problems in societies.

    I won’t argue that there are no disputes in Europe on the sitting of wind turbines; that’s a simple reality. There are very different views on how the landscape should look. There are people who live in a rural setting now who don’t want any change in that rural setting. That’s a fair basis for making an argument. It’s a very different argument from a health argument. There are different feelings about how wind turbines should be owned, but when I talked to people, when I go to the legislative library and ask for research, ask them to get reports from the Journal of the American Medical Association and the Lancet, to do wide-ranging research of the literature, I don’t see some mysterious illness or syndrome that arises from wind turbines.

    What I do see is that wind turbines can make noise, although, to be honest, living in a city and going up to wind turbines, they seem awfully quiet to me. If that noise is not mitigated by proper siting, then you could have disturbance of people’s sleep at night. That can be an issue. I have to say, as someone whose riding abuts the Don Valley expressway, and having lived in an apartment building that overlooked the Don Valley expressway, there’s no question that people in urban settings hear a fair amount of noise. People in rural settings may not encounter as much. But there is no mysterious issue here. There’s an issue of making sure that the noise levels are such that people are able to sleep well, and that means that wind turbines have to be properly sited.

    If I go to the literature from the World Health Organization, there was a fourth ministerial conference held by World Health Organization Europe in 2004. In Energy, Sustainable Development and Health: Background Document, they look at the number of cases of bronchitis per terawatt hour of power produced in children. Terawatt hours-let’s just say, a lot of electricity. If you look at the comparison between the different sources of electricity and how they can be compared in terms of their impact on bronchitis, there’s coal followed by oil, followed by biomass and gas, followed by waste incineration. At the very bottom are hydro energy, wind and photovoltaic-almost imperceptible on this graph.
    So if someone wants to ask about the health impacts of wind turbines, look at the comparison between the different forms of electricity generation in Europe and see that if you’re concerned about bronchitis and asthma-and I have to say that in my riding there’s a lot of asthma, and parents are very concerned about the issue-then wind turbines are far safer, far cleaner than the other technologies that are available.

    If you go to the conclusions of this World Health Organization study, they have to say that, “The different forms of electrical power production are associated with varying health effects on industry workers and the general population…. The European Commission … found that the effects are greatest from the coal cycle, followed by the oil and gas cycles. Renewable sources, such as photovoltaic and wind energy, are associated with fewer health effects.”

    They go on to say in their conclusions, “The increased use of renewable energy, especially wind, solar and photovoltaic energy, will have positive health benefits, some of which have been estimated. Studies show that the health and the environmental benefits easily make up for the higher costs associated with renewable energy use.”

    I would say to Mr. Yakabuski, if you’re curious about health studies, look at what the World Health Organization in Europe has produced as a comparison between the different sources of power. It is very clear. It is very clear to those who work with epidemiological evidence, who look at the generation of electricity, which is the safest source of energy.

    There’s the discussion about noise. World Health Organization Europe produced a study, Night Noise Guidelines for Europe, a few years ago. They looked at the noise that disturbs people. They looked at what the major sources are, and they show a graph in their executive summary that comes out of the Netherlands. Road traffic, neighbours, air traffic and recreation were at the top. They didn’t do wind turbines in this study, generally speaking, because the noise issues there are fairly small, but in their recommendations they say that if you’re going to have a night noise guideline for Europe, their recommendation is 40 decibels, a way of measuring noise levels-about the sound in a quiet office or a quiet library. That’s the standard that’s been set in Ontario. That’s why there’s a setback for wind turbines.

    So if our standard in Ontario is the same as that of the World Health Organization in Europe, and they have had a few decades of working with wind turbines, then I would suggest that the authors of this motion we’re discussing today look at the literature for the World Health Organization and withdraw the motion they’ve put forward.
    One issue that comes up when you talk to people who are concerned about wind turbines is something called infrasound: the vibration from the wind turbines. The Journal of Low Frequency Noise, Vibration and Active Control published an article, Infrasound Emission from Wind Turbines, by Jørgen Jakobsen of the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, one of the documents that was provided to me by the library here at the Legislature. I’ll quote from their abstract:
    “A critical survey of all known published measurement results of infrasound from wind turbines has been made. The survey indicates that wind turbines of contemporary design with an upwind rotor generate very faint infrasound with a level far below the threshold of perception even at a rather short distance…. When longer distances are considered, neither downwind nor upwind turbines are capable of violating assessment criteria for infrasound.”

    In the UK, the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform produced a report by the University of Salford in July 2007. In their conclusions, they note:

    “The number of noise complaints about wind farms has been compared with complaint statistics for other types of noise. The total number of complaints about noise generally exceeds those from wind farms by between four and five orders of magnitude, indicating that wind farm noise is a small-scale problem in absolute terms. In relative terms, about 20% of wind farm installations have been subject to complaints, but no data is available to compare this figure with that for other types of noise such as industrial noise.”

    I’ll go back to my point, and that is that wind turbines, like roads, can create noise and thus, if you’re going to site them in an area where people live, you have to site them with adequate setbacks so that the impact on those who are living near them is at 40 decibels or lower. If you’re doing that, then you are acting in a responsible way, consistent with the health findings of a variety of jurisdictions. If you do something other than that, then you may well cause problems. But that’s the threshold. There is not a mysterious health issue that exists beyond that. I don’t think there’s a problem with studying it further. It’s probably a good idea. I would think, at the same time, one should invest in studying the impact of nuclear power, gas-fired power or any other source of power that has an emission or a radiation. To single out wind, I don’t think is useful or particularly rational.

    I want to speak a bit about other elements that tie into this. I think that we could do better in meeting residents’ concerns. This government is focused on corporate-owned wind farms, and they might benefit from involving or setting up more wind co-ops, as they have in Germany and Denmark, where they have found that because people locally own the wind turbines, the complaints about the turbines are dramatically lower. If people are making money from them, they see them as theirs. They see the noise, such as it is, as something that they’re willing to make a trade-off with. As you well know, wind turbines are being located on farms in Ontario by farmers who are getting lease or rental payments from those wind turbine companies. So there are people who are making money, as farmers, from those leases, from those rentals. If in fact the ownership was spread around so that more people in an area were making money, rather than have corporations extract the value from a community, there would be much less resistance.

    In the United States, in Iowa, there has been tremendous support for wind turbines. It’s referred to as the second harvest for many farmers.

    I had an opportunity a number of years ago, to meet with farmers from Pincher Creek, Alberta. Those farmers told me that the location of wind turbines on their cattle farms made the difference between staying on the land and being driven off the land. That steady source of revenue made a huge difference to them. You can look at the state of Victoria in Australia. They too are in a situation where farmers make money from the wind turbines that are located on their land.
    If we were to follow this resolution, we would fall into a trap. We would miss the opportunity to build an industrial base that reflected 21st-century needs and opportunities. We would miss out on an energy source that is far less impacting and damaging than any other energy source that we would get, such as uranium, nuclear power or gas.

    I want to cite a few other health sources.

    Wind energy has a much smaller human and environmental impact than coal or nuclear. Dr. Cornelia Baines, a University of Toronto epidemiology professor, states: “Large and well-designed comparative studies have examined the health effects of wind turbines in Holland, England and the US. There is no evidence of any significant negative impact on health.”

    A recent study by researchers at Stanford University concluded that wind had less impact on human health, water supply, land, wildlife and water pollution than even solar power, geothermal, tidal power, wave power, hydro-electric power, nuclear power and coal.

    A September 2009 report by Dr. Ray Copes, director of environmental and occupational health at the Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion, concluded that, “There is no scientific evidence to date to demonstrate a causal association between wind turbine noise and adverse health effects,” although it “sometimes may be annoying to some people, which may result in stress and sleep disturbance.” Thus the need to site wind turbines properly so that the noise impact on people’s homes is relatively small.

    In June 2009, the acting medical officer of health for the Chatham-Kent Health Unit concluded that, “There is no scientifically valid evidence that wind turbines are causing direct health effects, although the body of valid evidence is limited. It is unlikely that evidence of adverse health effects will emerge in the future because there is no biologically plausible mechanism known by which wind turbines could cause health effects.”
    Yes, there’s noise, but after that there is not some mysterious force that causes problems for people. Again, if there is noise, build properly, set back properly, and make sure there is adequate allowance. The standard that we have in Ontario is 40 decibels on average. That’s consistent with the night noise guidelines for the European Union and with World Health Organization recommendations.
    We don’t have a major health problem with wind. We do know we have to site them properly, but I have to say, when we look at the impacts of turbines on the environment-and it was Mr. Barrett who spoke about that, spoke about dead birds-well, frankly, in this city that I’m speaking in right now, there are bank towers and apartment buildings that kill large numbers of birds regularly, and I have not heard yet from this caucus, from the opposition, that they are going to oppose all new construction because it will lead to the death of birds. That is the simple reality: Large glass towers lead to the death of birds.
    The National Audubon Society “strongly supports properly sited wind power as a clean alternative energy source that reduces the threat of global warming.”

    So I’ve tried to cover off the health issues that this resolution is focused on, but I want to say that we are trying to deal with a variety of issues in this society that are quite substantial. We have to deal with climate change. The member from Ottawa-Orléans spoke to that, but I just want to add this: The simple reality is that this world is getting hotter and we do not know at what point that increasing warming will lead to very substantial negative effects. We don’t know at what point it will lead to a change in rainfall patterns so substantial as to dramatically reduce the amount of food that’s available. We don’t know at what point it will lead to changes in the weather that will make some areas far less habitable than they are now.
    There are many other impacts that are there, but that issue is one that has to be dealt with, and the introduction of renewable power is a critical piece of coming to grips with that. If we were to say, “We won’t go forward with one of the most developed, cost-effective renewable energy technologies that’s out there today,” we would be saying, in effect, that we are accepting that climate change is something that we can’t do anything about and we’re just going to throw up our hands. That is not a credible position-not a credible position for a Legislature or for a party.
    We’re dealing with smog in this province. We’re dealing with deaths from coal. That is not debated any more. The Ontario Medical Association, a number of years ago, came out with their report that over 9,000 people a year in Ontario die from smog. That is of consequence to us. Introducing technologies that produce electricity without producing smog is extremely important to the health and well-being of the people in this province, and yet we don’t have a call for action to stop the development of any new gas-fired plants in this province because of health concerns.

    When I introduced a resolution, a private member’s bill, a year ago calling for a ban on the construction of a large gas-fired plant in northern York region, I didn’t have the support of the Conservative caucus, and yet the people in that region wholly reject that gas-fired power plant. They called on this province for action. They called on this province to give them the power at the municipal level to reject a plant that’s being built on a floodplain. I didn’t see a resolution around that.
    We have those two substantial problems, and we have a third, and that’s that we are facing, in the next few years or few decades, a peak in the development or production of oil and gas, and that will have substantial, economically disruptive impacts on our society. It is very important that we rapidly move away from the need for oil and gas. We don’t use much oil to make electricity in Ontario; we do use increasing amounts of gas. If we don’t have the investment today in cost-effective technologies to produce electricity, we will put ourselves and our society’s stability in jeopardy in the years to come.

    I’ve talked in general terms about health and about other technologies. I want to talk a bit more about coal itself because, in fact, that is one of the substantial alternatives to building green power. Wind turbines are part of a spectrum of investments that can be made in green power. We have a crisis of air pollution that is not just a Toronto issue. It’s bad in Windsor; it’s bad all the way through south-western Ontario. In fact, there are smog days in Muskoka. That comes with a cost: a cost in lives, first of all, to be sure, and that’s the most important, but a cost in medical care and lost productivity in the billions of dollars, according to the OMA. Where are the calls for an accelerated shutdown of coal in this province? I have to say I haven’t heard it from the energy critic for the Conservative Party, and frankly I haven’t heard it from the Liberal government either.
    While we’re debating the building of wind turbines, we’re continuing to burn coal that we don’t need to burn and we are not putting in place the steps that we need to put in place to actually make the transition to clean up our air. We don’t have rules enforced for energy efficiency for buildings that are going to make the difference that has to be made. I’ve raised this issue before. We had presentations to that effect in the hearings on the Green Energy Act. That is a critical element, and yet I’m not seeing any action, nor am I seeing opposition day motions on this.

    In Portugal, people are required, when they build new houses, to incorporate renewable energy technologies into those houses. We could be doing that. We build inefficient homes. We burn coal. We continue to allow sprawl. All of those things are having a huge impact on human health, but I am not hearing any expressions of concern about that.

    I have to say to the government-I have to say to the Liberals and the Conservatives that I am not hearing you call for a 40% reduction in electricity consumption in this province by investing in energy efficiency. Some $60 is being spent on generation for every dollar being spent on efficiency and conservation. It’s upside-down priorities. If we want to save money and have an affordable electricity system and rapidly and cost-effectively clean up our air, that’s where we have to go. But I have to say, that’s not where we’re going. That should be the centre of the debate, not a debate about whether or not we’re going to invest in renewable energy.
    Mr. Peter Tabuns: There we go, on to the next issue, and that’s around nuclear power. Recognize this: The Liberals’ own targets for renewable power are about 8%, with 50% or more of the power in this province coming from nuclear power. The cost of that will be extraordinary. If we, in fact, go ahead and build two new reactors at Darlington-even though the Liberals have backed off for the moment, saying that $26 billion is something they can’t afford, I have to say that I think that’s probably the real cost. We will see a variety of manoeuvres to cover that up. It will be funded in some way from general revenue rather than rates, but that probably was a fairly realistic assessment of what that will cost. That is extraordinarily expensive.

    At the same time we’re considering nuclear-and the member from Renfrew has called for more and more nuclear regularly-what about a review of the health impacts of nuclear energy? That’s a substantial issue. It’s a very substantial issue.

    Instead of getting really serious about efficiency, the Liberals are serious about just one thing: spending more money to get us more in debt by building new nuclear reactors.

    Let’s talk about health studies and nuclear power. Durham region’s radiation and health study in 2007 looked at health outcomes in the vicinity of the Pickering and Darlington nuclear reactors. Authors found statistically significant increases compared to Ontario levels in combined cancers-breast cancer, thyroid cancer, bladder cancer, multiple myeloma, leukemia-and congenital and neural tube defects. I would say that’s enough to trigger some action. That’s enough to say, “We have to have a moratorium on refurbishing nuclear power plants or building new ones,” because in fact when you have studies that look in any depth at nuclear, what you see is cancer.

    The German government did a series of studies based on British studies done in 1987 and 1989. The British studies done in that period showed a significantly elevated rate of leukemia in children under 15 within a 10-mile radius of nuclear plants in England and Wales.

    In 2008, the Germans’ KiKK study was carried out. It was a case-controlled study looking at individual cases of leukemia between 1980 and 2003 for children living near one of 16 nuclear power plants and matching them with children with similar characteristics who did not have leukemia. Residential distance to nuclear power plants was the only measured variable. The research question was, “Are the places of residence of children with leukemia closer to the nuclear power plant than the matched control children?” Studies showed an unequivocal positive relationship between a child’s risk of being diagnosed with leukemia and residential proximity to the nearest nuclear power plant. This was statistically significant in the zero-to-five- and five-to-10-kilometre zones, and continued as a trend up to 50 kilometres from the nearest nuclear power plant.
    So if, in fact, we’re concerned about health; if, in fact, we want to make sure that we have the best electricity system possible, I would say that we need to reject this motion from the Conservative Party and we need to reject the nuclear push from the Liberal Party. We need to build an electricity system that is extraordinarily efficient, that conserves power, one that takes advantage of 21st-century technologies and rejects those technologies that have shown, through their health impact and their cost, not to be good for Ontario.

    I will not be voting for the Conservative resolution and I urge everyone in this House to reject it as well.

               

    • If you all have had enough of the Liberal STEALING playing cat and mouse games – gas plant closures, health orange helicopter – smart meters – having to replace your oil tanks when not needing replacing and above all taking the rights away from all of the cities towns etc. in Ontario so they can put up these turbines!! -and when I watched them take down that eagles’ nest in Selkirk Ontario – it is like the Liberal government is slapping you in the facie!!!!! – now remembering to that they kicked people out of their homes ruined farms and the wildlife!! -DO THE RIGHT THING VOTE THE LIBERAL BUMS OUT!!!! – VOTE CONSERVITIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey snowball,

      If the Conservatives do not win the election –
      expect the Liberals/NDP –
      to double down on –
      ‘the road to green hell’; and,
      we will all have to do out part – or else!

      Peter Tabuns – a seasoned NDP moron:
      ‘[excerpt] So I’ve tried to cover off the health issues that this resolution is focused on, but I want to say that we are trying to deal with a variety of issues in this society that are quite substantial. We have to deal with climate change. The member from Ottawa-Orléans spoke to that, but I just want to add this: The simple reality is that this world is getting hotter and we do not know at what point that increasing warming will lead to very substantial negative effects. We don’t know at what point it will lead to a change in rainfall patterns so substantial as to dramatically reduce the amount of food that’s available. We don’t know at what point it will lead to changes in the weather that will make some areas far less habitable than they are now.
      There are many other impacts that are there, but that issue is one that has to be dealt with, and the introduction of renewable power is a critical piece of coming to grips with that. If we were to say, “We won’t go forward with one of the most developed, cost-effective renewable energy technologies that’s out there today,” we would be saying, in effect, that we are accepting that climate change is something that we can’t do anything about and we’re just going to throw up our hands. That is not a credible position-not a credible position for a Legislature or for a party.’

      Vote Conservative!

      • Hi Fee Thinker! if the people of Ontario don’t remember allot of the scams regarding the Liberals for example !! – the highest TAX of anything in this province was the OHIP TAX!!! – along with the millions of dollars handed out to bail their friends’ business !!! – smart meters!!!! – Health Orange Helicopter scam!! gas plants scams!! Oil tanks scams!!!!! lets not forget the Wind Turbines scam!!! – if the people of Ontario don’t get that they are being scammed left right and center by the Liberals!! then they are STUPID!!!! VOTE CONSERVITIVE !!!!!!!!!

  42. Turn out for the Kingston protest!!!
    Why should rural Ontarians have their lives and lands trashed so that fat-cats can make a pile of money selling electric power to the satisfy U.S. eco-nut energy policy.

  43. “Oops, just a typo” but the [comment] is still valid.

    ‘…18 wind turbines adding up to 29.7-megawatts of rated capacity,
    which were originally described as Phase 2 of the Erie Shores Wind Farm,
    were broken up and given three separate 9.9-megawatt contracts
    and named “Clear Creek,” “Cultus,” and “Frogmore”, each project comprised of
    six (6) 1.65-megwatt industrial wind turbines made by Vestas.

    6 x 1.65MW = 9.9MW
    3 x 9.9MW = 29.7MW

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