Energy prices should be big Ontario issue: Roseman

electricity costToronto Star, Ellen Roseman
Rising energy prices – up about five per cent this year – are squeezing consumers’ budgets, according to a recent Scotiabank report. The typical household spends $5,000 a year on energy, including gasoline, fuel oil, natural gas, electricity and water. All (except natural gas) have far outpaced broad inflation in the 21st century.

Energy spending now accounts for 8.5 per cent of all Canadian household expenditures – about one percentage point above its long-term average, the report said. And since most households can do little to conserve energy in the short term, they will spend less on other products – up to $4 billion less because of the five per cent rise in energy prices, said economist Adrienne Warren. I’m talking about the report, which came out June 6, because it helps explain the anger and lethargy of Ontario voters as they look at the platforms of the three major parties.

Gasoline prices are at a record high. Why aren’t the party leaders promising to reduce Ontario’s percentage share of gasoline taxes? Electricity is also high. Consumers pay 13.5 cents a kilowatt hour for power at peak times (noon to 5 on weekdays), about three cents more than in 2006. Read article

3 thoughts on “Energy prices should be big Ontario issue: Roseman

  1. Energy prices should have been the issue but the PC’s and NDP decided not to make it the issue. Hudak decided the issue should be cutting a 100,000 government jobs and creating a million new private sector jobs. People didn’t believe that million number. As for Horwath she propped up Wynne and then campaigns away telling everyone that Wynne is corrupt. In my mind Horwath strategy is corrupt. A vote for the NDP in many ridings is a waste of ones time.
    The poll three is predicting no change. Wynne continues to be Premier with a couple less seats. The good news on Friday is that Hudak resigns immediately and Horwath will wait until the knives come out before she steps down. There’s more than a few NDP’ers wanting to see Horwath move on.
    With new PC and NDP leaders in place by the end of 2015 we can on another election in 2016. It is then that Wynne and Co become history.

    • Truth is that there is little any party can do at this point. The gas plant closures are already a sunk cost at this point. There is no going back now.

  2. DTan….. It looks like there’s more to come. Check out the entry under National Wind Watch: Wind Energy News in the “drop-down” on the right hand side of the OWR Main Page under the caption “Ill Wind Reporting” entitled “The Costs of Decommissoning” to see what’s happening in Illinois. I fear that when it comes time to tear these monstrosities down, these IWT companies will be nowhere to be found!! Who “foots the bill”? The taxpayers in the subject municipality or the host landowner??

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