LKM Liberal candiate calls those opposed to wind turbines “bullies” & “radical protestors”

The Liberals are still this out of touch with the wind issue in rural Ontario…
See Radan’s comments here and here.



10 thoughts on “LKM Liberal candiate calls those opposed to wind turbines “bullies” & “radical protestors”

  1. I am appalled and shocked that people in the GTA still seem to think wind turbines are green. They contribute such an insignificant amount of power and damage rural Ontario, wildlife and families. I guess it’s easy to sit in a condo and read the literature from the wind industry that will make billions off the taxpayers and ratepayers. Do some research Mike!

    • Yes to pick the best of the liars is also offensive and part of there fraud system.
      None whatsoever are clear and not for peoples rightful rights.
      To find a good one is to explain the fraud to us and do something,none have the guts to come forward.
      This is why I wear my crown and not be part of there fraud and keep these awful babysitters out of my home
      I have grown up and learn not to harm my fellow man.
      Can they say that? Not what I’ve seen is,just corruption after corruption and we been paying for there mistakes.
      Stand in truth and do no harm!

    • I would like to see a majority P C but I’m a realist. I predict a Wynne minority and Hudak is history. A new P C leader comes in and expect another election in 18 to 24 months
      If Horwath gets less than the 17 seats that they had she’ll be history too. But if she gets the 19 then’ll she’ll be an enabler again. She propped up Wynne for so long and now has been campaigning calling Wynne corrupt. Horwath’s credibility is corrupt.

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