Friday 13 hits rural Ontario

liberal majority_Fotor*Picture above: NextEra Bornish Wind Project

42 thoughts on “Friday 13 hits rural Ontario

  1. A teacher in Georgian Bay told her students that she didn’t vote who she really wanted to, she voted for who her union told her to.
    What kind of lesson is that for the kids? Accept bullyism and to hell with democracy? The kids reporting this had grandparents that fought in WW2 to protect our freedoms and democracy.
    I cannot believe a “teacher” would do something so horrible.

    I also heard a guy on radio who was too embarrassed to tell his friends he voted for the Liberals after all the corruption and ongoing scandals. I guess his friends must also be embarrassed considering the outcome. Unbelievable…wait ’til the US comedians get hold of this one. After searing Rob Ford, now they have the whole city to laugh at for voting back in a corrupt and bankrupt government that is under OPP investigation for a multitude of breaches of public trust.

    Doesn’t get any more freaky than that.

    • My own brother that is a union rep voted liberal. Knowing full well that I had just moved off my farm and my future retirement investment on income bearing trees because of liberals forcing these IWT into our communities without our consent and not placing the precautionary principle
      Your own blood is scammed into this fraud.and has no regards to people living in hell
      Not sure everyone would now agree this voting is for the clowns as you can see the golden horse shoe arena wears the shoes and crown who they feel is the best shepherd to care for there flock in there pastures What a shameful scam

    • I would demand to the education dept. that this teacher be at least reprimanded and would make sure that my kids would never be in this teachers class again. If a few parents did that then this kind of BS would never happen – like everything else , you have to get involved.

      • You get involved day in day out with the IWT saga and what has happened from over 7 years? 0
        The only thing is more and more are being displaced and tortured.
        Then they gave the crown back to the instigator (liberals)of this madness
        So nothing has helped and you revolve around like a merry go round.
        Ever thought of doing something that does work? Naa to easy.Back to the same involvement mentality.

  2. I have a the largest nuclear station in the world 5 minutes frm my farm. Bruce Nuclear is a good neighbour. I also have 115 Wind Turbines, I have neghbours that are sick from the turbines, they have had to leave their homes, some propery cannot sell, some can’t leave and continue to suffer.
    For what? We don’t even need the very little power thy intermittently produce.

  3. I was so hoping that the Liberals were going to get the boot!! – this is for all of the people who didn’t vote – get a reality check you can vote !!!!!!! – I get sick and tired of people using excuses why they didn’t / shouldn’t vote! well now take a look of what we have in power now!!! Sun news reported WELLCOME TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    STOP THE WIND TRUBINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sorry Lyn,Voting helps if you want to be a slave and let them were your crown.Prefer not to have ass holes dictating my free will as I learned from my father to his father and so on that they are good at is stealing our energy and causing fighting and wars that we pay dearly.
      Do I want to participate in murder and fraud? Not I
      Really,really think hard of what voting does,it takes your god given right to be free and so long as you do not harm another your all grown up and no need for babysitters or mommy and daddy to care of you and besides these parents are there to rip you off. Universe will take care of you not these scum bags coloured parties.
      Have a nice day and try something that does work,this obviously does not.

  4. Ontario people-the majority are dumb downed brain washed property of the corporation; right where the government wants them. Absolutely dangerous, criminal, absurd. Here, drink some more koolaid.
    SHAME ON YOU KATHLEEN. Blood on your hands.

    Btw non voters and Liberals, these are the teachers who are forming the minds of your kids. Good little lambs strait to the slaughter. Kathy’s red boots say it all….

    What are we going to do about this? I for one will not bend over.

    • Hi 1957chev – I agree aiding and abetting in a government that it so corrupt – I just cannot wrap my head around it!! so you people who voted Liberal every time you see another farm been taken over by wind turbines and or someone getting sick!! because of the turbines !!! your hands are just as dirty as the people who passed the laws – to put the turbines in!!! you would have to be living under a rock not to know this!!

      STOP THE WIND TURBINES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. God help us all! Maybe we should take Ellen Anderson’s lead. She was the defeated Liberal candidate in Grey Bruce Owen Sound riding. She will not be running again as she is going to Costa Rico to work as a property manager. (Owen Sound Sun Times) The writing is on the wall. People will be leaving Ontario in groves, those who are looking for a job, those who have worked all their lives and want to hang on to their savings and live out their lives on their own dime. We contemplated retiring a few years ago but decided to keep going because we love our employees. Employees with families, mortgages, car payments, hydro bills, have to eat. With a Liberal government for the next four to five years, we will be down-scaling, eventually giving up business, and looking for a better place to retire. Our beloved home province of Ontario is doomed, not just for us but for our children and our grandchildren.

    • Leaving Ontario in droves…c’mon now. I have lived in 4 provinces including Ontario. I have been in every province in Canada on business and/or vacation. Most Canadian’s have not been outside their own province but feel fully informed because the watch ‘The National’.
      I live in south west Ontario and wouldn’t trade it for any other place. I plan to retire here. I go up highway 21 frequently and the only time I cringe is when I drive between Amberly and Port Elgin and think about those nuclear power plants. And to think they want to bury the contaminated radiation waste in Lake Huron. I get more upset about that than I do wind turbines. The good news for us is the burial site in the U.S. is leaking. Not good for them . With that happening it’s apparent the U.S will make sure it no waste gets buried in Lake Huron.Also they tell me the First Nations are saying and I don’t they can be bought off this time

      • Like I said before the natives will stand for what they believe in! most of us won’t!! as far as Ontario to live in it is OK – but it most certainly is not the Ontario that I grew up in!! I call it a democratic dictatorship!!!

      • Yet the people like me who have lived and do live between Amberly and Port Elgin were/are quite happy to live near the nuclear plants. It’s the wind turbines that they’ve moved or want to move away from but can’t sell their homes -so some abandon them.
        And who is ‘they’ that want to bury ‘contaminated radiation waste’ (whatever you think that may be) in Lake Huron. I guess you must be one of those people who watch ‘The National’ as you need a lesson in the realities power generation and the radioactive waste burial proposals. CBC ideology does not trump science and technology.

  6. 416 and 905 loves them Liberal’s. This election goes to show the disconnect between Toronto and the rest of Ontario. If the PC’s select a leader that lives outside the GTA it would be good for rural Ontario in particular.
    Now that Wynne and Co is fully entrenched we just have to wait until the municipal elections are over. Then get ready to hear about the announcement and location of some new wind farms.

  7. There are plan Bs that have been discused from time to time. Get them out and dust them off to see what can be used now in this situation.

  8. Yes Barbara, I’m sure there are some plan Bs on the back burner. I will fight right beside my fellow rural Ontarians. I am just disheartened right now but my sadness is turning to anger and I will work to do everything in my power to help correct this wrong.

  9. 4 years from now we will be paying 42% more on hydro bills. 10 cents a litre more for gas. Some employers will be paying into Ontario pensions. Taxes will be higher. Hospitol wait time will not improve. Teachers and public sector workers will be making 20 % more in wages. The new energy plan will be boasting another 40 to 50 % increase in hydro bills. Green energy will have created another 400000 jobs with an additional million ripple effect jobs. Our paychecks may as well go to creditors and banks. We will be getting into fights on the rural ditches over beer cans and bottles for our spending cash and Ontario will be 450 billion in debt. At least KW has to try to clean up her own Liberal mess. Congrats GTA freeloaders. You will get eveything you want. Oh. I forgot , we will have a super highway to the north. Maybe we can bring our tents and go camping and feed the black flies , mosquitoes , deer flies. All they want is blood. The liberals WII take more. Wife n I started talkin about where we gonna move when I (hopefully) retire. Ontario is not an option any more.

      • tclark2013Tom – you ant to get your head out of your ___ ___ ___!!!!!!!!!!!! I am with windhater!!!! Ontario is a have not province and trying to run a business is almost next to 0 – unless you know the some one in the Ontario Liberal Party or as I call them No Moral Compass Group!! I am so tired of being taxed and feed to death and watching as our Provincial Government do NOTHING! and lets make no mistake they will do nothing!! people are being pushed to their limits and one thing I do hope is that people stick together!! you know the old saying conquer and divide !!
        Oh yes toclark2013Tom do your self a favour and watch the documentary Downwind!!!!

        STOP TEH WIND TURGINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Plan B- Remember that the IWT policy at the federal level, which is funded through the Min of Nat. Res. Canada, is industry lead and government subsidized.

    And with the PC loss in Ontario and the number of Supreme court decisions against a number of their policies, the most recent defeat of a federal PC policy( part of C-13) being the requirement of a warrant to obtain someone’s IP address from an internet provider is now NEEDED, Comment 1/2

  11. The federal PC’s can see that the presentation of policy, as presented here in Ontario, will NOT work well. Our Federal PC MP’s need to be strongly engaged and do not let them away with saying “wait for the Health Canada study results” ( Everyone reading this blog knows there are a number of uncertainties with the frame work of the study and that it will not render a definitive answer to causality.). You are all very creative and intelligent people out there who can come up with a strategy to ensure the federal PC’s change their IWT policy. And if ANYONE gets a hold of the official Federal IWT policy, that has been stated, is out there in government –land some where, PLEASE share it. The “policy on IWT” was supposed to have been changed????? To what ?? who knows!

    Yes there are council elections coming up, too as another plan B Comment2/2

  12. Just a reminder for all of us!
    Ethisphere: 2014 World’s Most Ethical Companies include:
    NextEra Energy, Inc.
    Fluror Corp.
    And recall the construction situation with the Herb Grey Parkway in Essex Co. Rules changed by Ontario government
    to accomodate this company along with two other companies.

    Most rural Ontarians have a good idea of what they are dealing with at QP.

  13. Take the time to read the Globe And Mail article that Sue posted.

    The new needed transmission lines to carry Ontario power to the U.S have not been completed yet. Right now there is not enough capacity on the present lines to carry the IWT power and other Ontario power sources to the U.S.

    This is the issue that QP will not acknowledge. Ontario does not need IWT power and it will be sold to the U.S. along with nuclear and hydro power. And paid for by all Ontarians.

  14. When the U.S. closes down their power plants then the power will flow out of Ontario and other places in Canada but the transmission lines need to be in place first to pull this off.

  15. Reality is here. Many superficial comment, but time to look at the reality will be.
    How many of you have forgotten,

    Agenda 21, or
    Small, Rural and Northern \Communities: the Anatomy of Risk

    Political remedies are no longer available, that is absolute.

    – Secure your property
    – Provide a power source ( generator )
    – Stock food and water
    – Obtain appropriate defense

    You can bull s..t here all you want, talk tough, continue the rhetoric….or you can actually stand up…be a man/ woman/

    No one is going to help you but yourself. Not Julian Falconer, not Eric Gillespie, not Esther Wrightman…no one!…just yourself.

    Get over the feeling of hiding here in a group thinking everything will be OK , cause you have others here that spit bs solutions. Nothing has worked yet….has it?

    Kill a corrupt politician?
    Kill a corrupt cop?
    Knock over a Turbine?
    Blow up transformers?
    Take out wind executives?

    I can’t answer that. I can say that what has been done here ….has not worked, and will not work.

    As for you Esther, thanks for your work, but you are gone ( I suspect to avoid the lawsuit ), so stay gone.

    I won’t say if violence is he answer. I will say , that this site and it’s great work, is now redundant.

    *comments are meant as a parody. Not meant to incite harm, violence, damage or injury*

    • I’m gone because my former home is now in a turbine zone. My kids former school, and the school I went to as a kid, is now surrounded by wind turbines – 11 within 2km. The family business that I worked in, and where I was born and raised, is now in a turbine zone. We couldn’t stay there, especially with pre-existing medical conditions, that would be harmful, and simply not a responsible decision for my family.

      It kills me to see my home land destroyed, and everything around it. I fought for over 5 years, with everything I had, and no, not money, because I didn’t have that, so I put everything else on the line in hopes that would help. I’m sorry, it didn’t work. When I read articles about the NextEra lobbyists and the Liberal government working so closely together, I wonder what chance I had. When I watched tribunal after tribunal hearing where the ERT, MOE and wind lawyers work so smoothly together – I again wondered what chance we had.

      The lawsuit doesn’t bother me all that much compared to what I saw happening around my home. Money, lawyers, police, politicians – they were a toxic mix that completely transformed my community. Yes, I’m out East now. It’s peaceful. I haven’t felt a single sense of peace for 5 years – not a single minute. You know how that eats away at you, day after day, night after night? Yes, you all do. So yes, it’s helped me, but I’m hearing that it doesn’t help anyone else. From Mary Oliver in “The Journey”…

      One day you finally knew
      what you had to do, and began,
      though the voices around you
      kept shouting
      their bad advice—
      though the whole house
      began to tremble
      and you felt the old tug
      at your ankles.
      “Mend my life!”
      each voice cried.
      But you didn’t stop.
      You knew what you had to do,
      though the wind pried
      with its stiff fingers
      at the very foundations,
      though their melancholy
      was terrible.
      It was already late
      enough, and a wild night,
      and the road full of fallen
      branches and stones.
      But little by little,
      as you left their voices behind,
      the stars began to burn
      through the sheets of clouds,
      and there was a new voice
      which you slowly
      recognized as your own,
      that kept you company
      as you strode deeper and deeper
      into the world,
      determined to do
      the only thing you could do—
      determined to save
      the only life you could save.
      ~Mary Oliver


      • Esther and Family.
        Protecting yourself and your family Should Never Ever Be Questioned, by Anyone. How Dare they. Full Stop.
        Being Safe is the first and only Priority. Never Apologize for putting the Health and Safety of your family first. It is what we all need to do. Our decisions belong to each one of us.

        You are Not Gone just now in a Safer place. You Did More then anyone could have asked. The path we walk is not always the one others state or direct as the “You Should”. It is the path you choose and need to be on.

        Be at Peace and start to Heal. Your Strength and honesty continues to carry us all. Especially me.

        With Love and Respect
        Linda and Family
        In the Wind Ghetto of Haldimand

      • Dear Ester and Family be safe you have done allot of good!!!

        From Lyn – Cancer in the Sky Niagara West!!

    • Vitto! so what the heck exactly are you saying!!! you have said allot!!! but really have said NOTHING!!! – so say if something happens to the turbines – who do you think they would go after????? – I can tell you for certain who they would not go after and that is the natives!! – because they stick together! most Canadians sit back and say what can I do!! – and do nothi9ng – – I most certainly don’t and I am sure allot of the people on this site just don’t sit back!! !! so ask you again – what exactly are you saying!!!!!!!!!

      • Vitto! I get what you meant by continuous !!! what I was referring to as your going on about stock piling food getting a generator and killing politicians ? – people are on this site to vent their frustrations!! and allot of us do not sit back!! – so what have you done lately for the cause!! ???? or are you one of these people who sit back and say allot about NOTHING and do NOTHING???

    • actually stand up…be a man/ woman/
      i actually agree 200 percent in that statement,but are you standing as a man\woman?
      Or straw[wo]man?
      Honestly no horse poop here one or the other. All that preparation is nothing until you get this and know how to stand as a [wo]man in truth. You have shield this way so long you do not harm another!

  16. Vitto has interesting ideas. Moving forward, ideas must be employed to have a successful outcome. I have said it before; good intentions, holding hands, that warm fuzzy feeling doesn’t last long or go very far.

  17. Vitto, rural Ontarians have been working on the future election since McGuinty left and put aside their plan Bs awaiting the outcome of that election.

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