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Garth ManningWellington Times, Rick Conroy
CCSAGE Naturally Green has opened another front in the battle to defend Prince Edward County from industrial wind turbines—and has recruited a phalanx of worthy soldiers ready to resist the invading developers.

Taking their cue from a successful litigation in Ottawa, nearly 400 businesses and property owners in PrinceEdwardCounty have signalled their intention to seek financial compensation if they suffer loss of value as a result of turbines constructed nearby.

Many fear that the arrival of massive 40- storey turbines looming over their homes and business will lead to a loss in revenue and a drop in property values. CCSAGE Naturally Green has spent the past few weeks informing property and business owners of their rights to claim compensation. Read article

7 thoughts on “Claim ready

  1. We already have the right to live in peace. But servants these days claim the right to shovel money [from us]for the rich corporations of IWT because these corporations have & to lobby and dictate servants to control us. We have done nothing so far to stop them unless you have more $ then them or you know who you truly are.
    These guys are fighting fictions with fictions and of course and money is the weapon. How much do we have to loose to win?

  2. The issue of compensation for property value loss and other losses is one that is being pursued regarding other issues. MPAC has already recognized that proximity to gravel pits has a negative effect on property values and has adjusted assessments accordingly. This then negatively affects municipal tax revenue. The proponents are in denial, claiming that there is no such negative effect. If that is the case they should have no objection to signing a ‘Property Value Guarantee’ since, if they are correct it will cost them nothing. There’s a group called PitSense – – that is vigorously pursuing this and the OWR people should get together with them.

  3. This article underlines the importance of keeping track of all financial losses or additional expenses, due to industrial wind turbines in close proximity to your home. Also, keep all records of health care oriented developments for every member of your family along with receipts for costs of having to relocate your family in order to keep them safe from industrial wind turbines that have been placed too close to your home.
    As these projects go forward, and if there is not a moratorium declared until health impacts are clearly assessed, there will be ways to seek compensation.

  4. I believe the GEA is illegal. Everyone has the right to enjoyment of property and the municipality you live in is also responsible to ensure this. Could all the municipalities in Southern Ontario that have stated they are unwilling hosts not band together to get their say back, not in ‘placement of IWT, but in whether they will accept a wind project within their boundaries? Does democracy not begin at the local level of government and not from the top down? Is the government not supposed to work for us, not us working for them? Rural Ontario has the right to a voice and to protect their own.

    • Hey IWT Are NOT Welcome,

      I’m with you – I believe the GEA is illegal.

      I just remembered – the mayor –
      and, other council members – are elected –
      in each municipality across Ontario.

      All Politics – are Local Politics.

  5. Enjoyment and Use of Property —
    and, when it comes to “homes”
    the critical component of – “Property Value”.

    Compensate for loss of ‘enjoyment and use’?
    How do you mitigate “loss of use…”?

    You’re Sleep deprived?

    You need to move?
    You should sell your home?
    This is – ‘No big deal’?

    Flashback: it’s 2008….
    you’re living peacefully at home….
    but then, wind turbines are built on top of your house….
    forcing you – ‘into a tailspin’.

    But — it’s 2014! the risks are known
    and you flew your home right into a wind turbine!
    And – it’s your fault?

    You are hysterical?

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