Samsung Deal Dead

not a willing hostKevin Bernard, Bayshore Broadcasting
It appears the proposal of 23 million dollars over 20 years to the township of Southgate, remains in limbo. Details of the increased offer by the giant wind turbine company were included in the package given to Southgate councillors on Wednesday.

However, Mayor Brian Milne says there was no discussion about it and no one on council talked about changing their position. Earlier this year, Southgate council voted to declare the municipality an unwilling host to any wind turbine project.

Originally, Samsung Pattern Energy proposed 5.1 millions to Southgate over 20 years but that was increased after they voted to be an unwilling host. Mayor Milne says it appears the wind turbine project is dead, but you never know if council will bring it up for discussion again in the future. Read article

9 thoughts on “Samsung Deal Dead

  1. Samsung Pattern Energy’s offer to Southgate Township went from 5.1 millions to 23 millions, but Southgate isn’t falling for it. Southgate Township council has integrity and protects its residents, unlike Kincardine.

  2. We’re not quite ready to breathe that long awaited sigh of relief yet. Samsmug & Pattern aren’t about to walk away. Every week or so they try a new tactic. Last time it was a 20% share but the township would be required to have a bridge loan of $15M that would be paid from profits. Read the small print; only after the proponents got their money first, whatever was leftover would go towards the loan. Sheep in wolf clothing ? Nay, a wolf in shark’s skin.

  3. SorryDoNoHarm, To make that statement I do not think you live in or near or know much about Southgate Township or their Council.

  4. Carol, could you tell us what your comments mean? It would seem irrelevant where DoNoHarm lives. There is a subtle? implication in your post that perhaps Southgate council has some other nefarious reason for saying no – perhaps waiting to see if they can get to 25 million?

    I have no idea where you live or whether you know anything about the township or council.

    If you have something to say, please say it. We all await with bated breath. (Baited?)

  5. Majority Liberals will see to it these IWTs get erected. They have 4 years to assure they will. Don’t be surprised that peer reviewe reports arise that allow a 300 metre setback. Trust em like a snake.

  6. They’re lucky if they’ve been able to escape! I don’t know if this nightmare will ever end!

  7. And where does Samsung get the million$ they offer? From the government. And where does the government get the million$ they give to Samsung? From taxpayers and hydro consumers. So it’s just more of the same corrupt Liberal shell games. Don’t fall for it.

  8. Don’t forget Patern Energy and Ocotillo, California and what those people have been through.

  9. Syvan, DoNOHarm said,”Southgate Township council has integrity and protects its residents, unlike Kincardine.” That is why I said what I said, because that is NOT Southgates history for sure, thus it was obvious that this person did not know much about Southgate township.

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