Grand Bend Protest of Environment Minister Jim Bradley

There was a… *ahem*… “scheduling conflict” for Jim Bradley, so he didn’t show up!

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Wind opponents continue fight in Lambton Shores
Paul Morden, Sarnia Observer
Ontario Environment Minister Jim Bradley didn’t make it to a Lake Huron conference he was scheduled to speak at Friday in Grand Bend, but wind turbine protesters were there. Marcelle Brooks, a member of the Middlesex-Lambton Wind Action Group, said it was “unfortunate” Bradley cancelled his appearance at the event the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation held at the Oakwood Conference Centre.

A dozen or more people held signs and banners at the conference centre’s main entrance road. “I’m sure he’ll get the message, either way,” Brooks said. “We want to make darn sure they know we’re not going away. This issue is not a dead issue.” Read article

8 thoughts on “Grand Bend Protest of Environment Minister Jim Bradley

  1. Why was he coming anyway? Who was he going to address? Whatever – scheduling confilict? – seems the gov’t hasn’t become any better organized than before. Or was he scared off by a few old men and women with signs?

    • His visit to the Bend was probably scheduled before June 12. Since Toronto is the Liberal domain and all of South west Ontario only elected one Liberal they aren’t wasting their time out here.They’re scared someone may pelt them with eggs .
      It will be interesting to see which Cabinet Minister comes to the Grand Opening of all those wind turbines. Maybe Bob Cheerelli himself.

  2. Maybe he was concerned about who might be lurking behind all those trees in the background?
    Anyway,these ministers don’t have much appetite for meeting with rural Ontarians anymore and they don’t need to now that the election is over.

  3. Like I said before I call them THE NO MORAL COMPASS GROUP (formerly the Liberals) – they know how they got in!! that is why they don’t want to address any of us in the rural areas!!! each and every Liberal!!! – has no back bone!! – if they did they would address the concerns coming from the people!!

  4. The vision – is settled;
    and, Al Gore is rich – because of it.

    ‘[excerpt] Climate change has far reaching implications for the Lake Huron environment. All of us who work, rest or play along the Lake Huron coast will be affected.’

    ‘[excerpt] We help local groups with environmental issues in their own communities. By helping people link with groups along other parts of the lake, the Centre serves as a vital bridge between local issues and the larger bio-region:

    All our programs are rooted in a firm commitment to open dialogue and respectful listening, building effective partnerships, and making stewardship and sustainability real in our daily lives.

    We seek agreement on a positive vision and collaboration; where that isn’t possible, we maintain respectful relationships from which these can emerge in the future.

    All of our work is about caring for our coastal environment in practical ways that can improve the health of the lake, its coastlands and its people. We take the big issues that affect our region and bring them to life at the local grassroots level.

    The Coastal Centre is a registered not-for-profit, charitable organization dedicated to the conservation of Lake Huron’s natural shoreline environment. The Coastal Centre functions as the local coastal management resource team for lakeshore communities, partnering conservation authorities, government agencies and the public.’

    Welcome to Ontario –
    partner to the United Nations –
    and other global elites!

    I feel lucky – I’m still an idiot!

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