Lansink, McCann, Gulden tear MPAC study (wind turbine-property value) apart

Ben Lansink

Ben Lansink

6 thoughts on “Lansink, McCann, Gulden tear MPAC study (wind turbine-property value) apart

  1. Unfortunately we are not living in a Democratic Province anymore, so no matter how much “evidence” is published to prove this Government is actively destroying people’s lives, homes and futures with their corrupt legislation it will do nothing to reverse the damage.
    Welcome to the “Banana Republic” of Canada called Ontario!!!

  2. There is no fairness in all of this. As it stands just with the population the uneven playing ground is one that counts us rural folks out in Ontario/ Golden Horseshoe crowns the one it wants to sit at your helm. They then control our destiny and we allow this to continue.
    I would ask again was it worth the vote when out come proves that it is not practical or to become involve with this game that looses?
    There is a choice to part this fraud. It is not to be part of this fraud. Legal is not lawful,and they got a game called legal and your in it.

    • Ok nonvoter, let’s say I’m with you. Where do we start? Not voting, not obeying their rules or paying into their system. Give us the plan man. I’m ready to do my part so tell me where to start. Please.

  3. No ‘thebiggreenlie’, the only way the damage will be reversed, is by the Lying Liberals being replaced, meaning the treasonous unions being banned from political campaigning, MSN being forced to give equal opportunity for advertising to all parties, etc.
    These bastards need to be overthrown, before they’ve totally destroyed us.
    People need to refuse paying all taxes, (I have with great pride) until the corrupt Libs leave office. Ontario is toast. Wicked Witch Wynne is just another Hitler/Husein/McGuinty clone. She’s a treasonous bitch from ‘H’, supported by politically brain dead fools. My relatives, friends and family included!

    • If you have refused to pay all taxes then I would assume they will come for you.
      Unless you know who you are and not in there legalese world but in lawful standing.
      Me think not because you still refer to there game of voting as your savour and your authority.
      These idiots are playing with you and you play ball with them in there court and of course the admiralty courts
      I prefer common law and leave the legal system and let it destroy itself as it is parasitic like a lamprey that feeds off you.

  4. If every eligible person HAD voted or had NOT ruined their ballot then maybe, just maybe, we would have some hope of a government that would work for the people, not a government where the people work to support the government. If you didn’t vote, you have no right to complain.
    And shame of you!

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