Government cannot just let Goliath win

osmar_schindler_david_und_goliathGrimsby Lincoln News , By Amanda Moore
I really didn’t think David had a chance. No offence to David — in this case, an ordinary group of citizens who have spent an extraordinary amount of time becoming pseudo-experts on all things industrial wind turbines — but at first there didn’t appear even the slightest chance of stopping the threat of wind power. It certainly seemed that way when the turbines began to rise from the rural landscape last fall. Though I understood your efforts, it seemed as though they were futile.

Yet you pushed on, and because of you operation of the project was stalled, and the project’s status went from approved to awaiting approval. Four out of the five were built closer to neighbouring property lines than the stipulated distance — the height of the turbine from base to hub. That’s an 80 per cent error rate. If that was a math test, they’d have failed miserably.

If your neighbour builds a shed or fence too close to your property, there are steps that you can take to correct that action. But when the something they built too close is a 95-metre tall metal tower weighing 205 metric tonnes (plus the blades), it’s a little tricky. But in this case, I don’t know how the provincial government can justify letting this madness continue. Read article


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  1. I believe their excuse is; they use nautical measurements from the air when measuring distances. Regardless, a foot is a foot and a lie is a lie no matter what clothing you dress it up in.

  2. I get so mad when over half of the project sites have a decreased set back then they should. I know in my case and countless others the neighbors that are non participants were never informed of such deceit.

    There is one dairy farm that has had the neighboring turbine put along the property line a practice done so much (he is not a participant) they have only measured the turbine to be the 550m away from the house and nothing else. The turbine towers over this young families home, barns and livestock.

    This is a multi million dollar investment to have this dairy farm that this family has built up. All the plans made to come here and pick the perfect land to build this new farm, new house and only to have it crapped on by a greedy neighbor.

    The young farmer has a very young kids and now has little he can even do with the land he purchased, So much for one day allowing his family to spread out on his lands or expand if he so wishes for the next few decades thanks to one greedy idiot placing his turbine on the property line away from his house, his barn and cows.

    its petty and its being allowed by this liberal government and it should be criminal!

    I also have land that is now useless to build on as I gaze around and see more then 50 turbines with over a hundred more still to come. Foreign companies dictate my life plans.

    When the hell is this going to stop and get some game rules that aren’t trumped by the GEA?
    why are the handful of greedies allowed to ruin the rest of the residents lives?

    • Fed up, you’ve stated, in the clearest of terms, the absolute idiocy of this IWT sham and how it inflicts collateral damage on innocent bystanders.

  3. This won’t stop until people wake up and realize they are the ones who will have to stop this themselves.
    Different kinds of economic actions against both the government and companies involved in this will work but people first have to be willing to do this.
    The election is over so no political solution is available unless this new government falls for one reason or another.

  4. What the author of this article doesn’t seem to be aware of is that this particular incident is not unusual. The wind companies have been breaking rules and getting away with it since the very beginning!!!! Residents rights get less than zero consideration. We just don’t matter in any way, shape or form to the people running the province.

  5. All the Liberals needed was to get elected one more time as a majority to get the IWTs installed and they did so with urban and unions support.

    Appealing to the government at QP won’t do any good now but keep on bugging them anyway.

  6. According to latest news at WCO, Elizabeth Dowdeswell has been named Lt. Gov. of Ontario.

    She of the Chicago Climate Exchange, The UN and associate of Maurice Strong?

  7. Like how Hilary Weston and hubby Galen don’t like snakes at their Georgian Bay island cottage, so they order their yardboys to kill them.

    Yes, these are the same Westons of Nature Conservancy of Canada notoriety.

  8. Rural Ontarians just got the rug pulled out from under them with Harper’s appointment of Dowdeswell.
    But puff piece on this at the Star and dosen’t mention Chicago Climate Exchange or Maurice Strong.

    • Don’t know who is advising Harper but rural Ontarians got left out.
      The “godfather” is now running Ontario from behind the scenes.
      As many people as possible should let Harper know what they think about this appointment by e-mail.and your MPs as well.

  9. shocked and disgusted: Is there a article, something in print that you could share with me, about the Weston’s of Nature Conservatory of Canada having snakes killed at their Georgian Bay island cottage?

  10. Afraid people don’t understand the significance of this appointment.
    And also, some are ashamed to admit to being raped.
    Perhaps a more comprehensive articulation of the problems is in order?

    • shocked and disgusted, you are right that many people don’t understand the significance of the Dowdeswell appointment.
      But those paying attention at OWR do know what this means.
      Took only 2 weeks after the election to make this move and this was probably in the planning stage for quite awhile.

      If you can get your people into key positions then you have it made to do as you please.

      The birthday party. A “godfather” celebration!

      This also changes the dynamics of the IWT situation in Ontario.

  11. I doubt the yardboys will swear an affidavit, considering their livelihood depends on it.
    I am not aware of any other published account of the snake extermination, but there are lots of staff around the Westons’ estates so maybe someone could be persuaded to tell the truth.
    In the meantime, you can read about Nature Conservancy of Canada exploits at
    particularly how the Backus Woods was stolen from the people by NCC and the Long Point Region Conservation Authority.
    Perhaps a petition is in order to declare the deal “invalid”?

    • Presumably the snakes they were killing were Massasauga Rattlesnakes, an Endangered Species in Ontario.

      For such a serious offense as this, IWT Are NOT Welcome and myself would like to know the specific source of your information.

    • Hello Gord,

      Thank you for contacting us with your concerns. We appreciate your support and hope you are getting a chance to enjoy the properties that the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has acquired in Norfolk County.

      The Norfolk Voice is a blog written by an anonymous individual. This individual has taken issue with NCC’s presence and work in Norfolk County. The information that is posted on the Norfolk Voice blog is often incorrect and presented with a bias, instead of a complete picture. Unfortunately, my colleagues and I can not control what others say about NCC, especially on open forums such as the internet. I appreciate you taking the time to contact NCC directly for more information.

      NCC focuses its conservation efforts on landscapes of high ecological importance across southern Canada. NCC’s conservation priorities are determined using the best available science and a collaborative approach to conservation. Norfolk is home to large tracts of intact forest, long and connected ravines and floodplain systems, globally rare coastal dunes and beaches, internationally significant wetlands and more than 50 provincially, nationally or globally rare plants and animals. Norfolk County is also part of the Carolinian Canada ecoregion. As Canada’s smallest ecoregion, Carolinian Canada is less than 1% of Canada’s total land mass, supports 25% of Canada’s total human population and provides habitat for about 25% of Canada’s species at risk. And within Carolinian Canada, some of the best remaining natural areas occur in southern Norfolk County. These remaining areas are provincially, nationally and globally recognized as key sites for conservation. These are some of the reasons why NCC has chosen to focus its conservation efforts in Norfolk County, specifically in the South Walsingham area.

      NCC’s land securement strategy has focused on building upon large blocks of existing natural habitat including Backus Woods, the St. Williams Conservation Reserve, the South Walsingham Sand Ridges, and Long Point and connecting the natural corridors along Big Creek to further protect and build upon these habitats, create more interior forest habitat for rare species, and to positively impact water quality flowing into Long Point Inner Bay. Contrary to the impression you may be getting from the blog postings, NCC owns less than 1% of Norfolk County’s 223,869 acres of agricultural lands. Most of the agricultural lands acquired would be considered marginal, including high dry sandy areas, low wet areas, and steeply sloped topography. We refer to the project area here in the South Walsingham area of Norfolk County as the Norfolk Forests and Long Point Wetlands project area.

      NCC has been removing derelict farm buildings from the landscape over the last three years. In most cases, these buildings were in very poor condition, a significant liability and no longer provided a use/function for farming as most were former tobacco infrastructure. Many of the buildings removed or being removed are run down tobacco kilns and storage sheds. Where possible, NCC has sold buildings to interested buyers who have then moved them off the property for continued use. Farm buildings in good condition are being rented out and maintained for continued use. The removal of old and derelict farm buildings is common practice, particularly on former tobacco farms where the need for the infrastructure no longer exists. NCC is committed to the ongoing maintenance of residential dwellings that are in good condition and fit for habitation. Currently, NCC rents out 13 residences to tenants, many of whom were the previous vendors or tenants at the time of purchase.

      Residential dwellings have been demolished including one that was vandalised beyond repair; in all cases the residences that were demolished posed significant health and safety risks to any potential inhabitant and were in poor condition when purchased. Where we can, houses are sold to interested buyers and moved off the site for continued use. This is not possible in every case, and so demolition is the only option.

      NCC always gets an appraisal from a certified appraiser to ensure we are not paying more than fair market value. NCC works in a non-confrontational manner and only purchases land from willing sellers. In the beginning of the Norfolk Forests and Long Point Wetlands project, in trust lawyers were used to help with the acquisition of the properties. Since the announcement of the project in 2010, NCC has worked directly with landowners when acquiring properties.

      I hope I have addressed some of the key points of the blog post you were referring to. Please feel free to contact me with any other questions you may have. I would be happy to speak with you in person if you would like to have a further discussion, and/or to arrange a tour of some of our properties to show you, first hand, the many positive conservation outcomes NCC is achieving in this area.

      Again, thank you for your support.


      Kristen Thompson
      Program Manager – Southwestern Ontario
      Nature Conservancy of Canada
      Mailing Address:
      P.O. Box 520
      Port Rowan, ON N0E 1M0

      579 Hazen Road
      Walsingham, ON N0E 1X0
      Office: 519-586-7773 ext: 206
      Toll Free: 1-800-249-9598 ext: 206
      Fax: 519-586-9777
      Since 1962, NCC and its partners have helped to conserve more than 2.6 million acres (over 1 million hectares) of ecologically significant land nationwide.
      Depuis 1962, CNC a assuré l’avenir de plus que 2.6 millions d’acres (plus de 1 million hectares) de magnifiques régions forestières et côtières, de terres humides d’importance mondiale, de prairies menacées et une foule d’autres endroits naturels des plus précieux.

  12. Maybe you could call up Hilary or Galen directly and ask them to confirm or deny?

    Indeed, it wasn’t me killing the snakes, and I wasn’t there to witness, but if it turns out [] was lying, I would like to know as well.

  13. An ‘incomplete picture’?

    ‘[excerpt] Most of the agricultural lands acquired would be considered marginal, including high dry sandy areas, low wet areas, and steeply sloped topography.’

    Exactly how many acres of formerly arable farm fields in Norfolk County has NCC “restored” to a non-food growing capacity?

    ‘[excerpt] In most cases, these buildings were in very poor condition, a significant liability and no longer provided a use/function for farming as most were former tobacco infrastructure […] The removal of old and derelict farm buildings is common practice, particularly on former tobacco farms where the need for the infrastructure no longer exists.’

    Not to mention the effects on the local demography, economy and property tax base.

    ‘[excerpt] In the beginning of the Norfolk Forests and Long Point Wetlands project, in trust lawyers were used to help with the acquisition of the properties. Since the announcement of the project in 2010, NCC has worked directly with landowners when acquiring properties.’

    Anecdotally, many were shocked and disgusted to find out NCC was hiding behind ‘in trust lawyers’ and other layers of secrecy. We didn’t even know Long Point Region Conservation Authority was giving away the Backus Woods until the deal had already closed.

    ‘[excerpt] NCC’s land securement strategy has focused on building upon large blocks of existing natural habitat including Backus Woods, the St. Williams Conservation Reserve, the South Walsingham Sand Ridges, and Long Point[…]

    In good faith – please will NCC publicly disclose ALL the details about the acquisition at Gravelly Bay at the tip of Long Point, including details about any and all ‘beneficial ownership interests’ that have been arranged?

    • A title search for the property in question might reveal some information but you need to go to the place where these property records are housed. Or a lawyer can do a title search as well.
      Reveals the chain of title/ownership of real property.

  14. EPA poop!…………
    – requires national expert
    and, it’s Friday – it’s Friday

    EPA appeals to its workers not to poop in the hallway

    Forget toxic waste dumps, the Environmental Protection Agency apparently has a more immediate cleanup problem in its own backyard: An employee defecating in the hallway., the government’s business news daily and key website for federal managers and executives, reported Wednesday that the EPA management for Region 8 in Denver sent an e-mail earlier this month to staff pleading to stop inappropriate bathroom behavior, including defecating in the hallway.

    In the e-mail, obtained by Government Executive, Deputy Regional Administrator Howard Cantor noted “several incidents” in the building, including clogging the toilets with paper towels and “an individual placing feces in the hallway” outside the restroom.

    “Management is taking this situation very seriously and will take whatever actions are necessary to identify and prosecute these individuals,” Cantor wrote.

    EPA spokesman Richard Mylott told Government Executive in a statement that the agency could not comment on “ongoing personnel matters.”

    To figure out a way to address this childish behavior, the EPA decided to consult a “national expert” in “workplace violence.” The expert, John Nicoletti, apparently warned the EPA that this behavior was likely to “escalate” into something worse.

    “Management is taking this situation very seriously and will take whatever actions are necessary to identify and prosecute these individuals,” EPA administrator Cantor warned employees.

    Naturally when the website sought further comment from the EPA, the agency wouldn’t talk. However, EPA spokesman Richard Mylott did say, “Our brief consultation with Dr. Nicoletti on this matter, a resource who regularly provides our office with training and expertise on workplace issues, reflects our commitment to securing a safe workplace.”

    The EPA’s powerplay for more control over our lives took a small hit when the Supreme Court of the United States invalidated some of the agency’s assumed power to regulate power plant emissions.

    One thing the EPA might try to solve this issue is to fire a few people. A recent study showed that nine out of every ten EPA employees are “non-essential,” anyway. expert – and, poop!

    EPA ‘powerplay’ – full of poop!

  15. Some people’s kids…
    Ugh! The audacity!
    ‘thinking freely’ – all over the place!

  16. It’s been about a year since the C-K turbines were ordered to be removed and they are still there producing money for the involved companies.

    Yet the federal MOT expects to be re-elected next year? Trying to have it both ways?

  17. That is one of the best statements I have heard yet !! – how can the provincial government continue with this madness!! – I believe – between them ALL – there is not an ounce of common sense among them!!!! and Wynne !!! – like all politicians she passes the buck! – I rec’d a letter from her regarding my question re the taking down of the eagles’ in Selkirk Ontario!! -and she is so so willing to hang everybody else out to dry to keep (what is left of it) reputation !!! it is scary!! and what is more unbelievable – is my conversation with the Niagara Escarpment Comm. – when I asked one of their officials regarding the wind turbines (as within the Niagara Escarpments’ jurisdiction !!!) – noted official sat on the fence which is very unusual for the Niagara Escarpment!! – where I live they are like god!!! – you are even questioned if you want to sell candy in your farm markets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SROP TEH WIND TURBINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Lyn, Wynne can’t answer your e-mail questions because she is not well enough educated in science to be able to answer scientific questions except in a superficial way.

    But keep bugging her anyway.

    • Hi Barbara !!!!!!!!!!!!!! well put!!!!

      STOP THE WIND TURBINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Kirsten,

    Actually the Norfolk Voice was formed by a group of citizen’s when The Nature Conservancy of Canada lobbied our local government to close off one of our roads. Our County Roads manager just happens to be married to an employee of NCC but that was never disclosed to council.

    One of the councilors voting in favour of giving our road to NCC was already deeply involved with NCC because she was a director on a board of a land trust that receives hefty donations.

    Conflict of interest? Of course. Said councilor also happens to be on the board of directors at our local Conservation Authority. Our CA sold ‘our’ Backus Woods to NCC in a private deal where the NCC locked in the funds so the CA could only spend the interest.

    Backus Mill is a Canadian Heritage property that has been badly neglected but the CA does not have the funds to repair it. All people involved in this dirty deal should be ashamed. You are letting a huge part of Canadian history fall apart.

    The Long Point Region Conservation Authority spends $800,000 for an office that housing 21 full time employees. They are selling off citizen owned properties to NCC in more back room deals. Even the Backus Woods sale agreement had additional properties thrown in just for fun. Not just paying for them openly but ending up with them via ‘donations’ to receive a tax credit.

    NCC received a nice gift on this deal while tax payers still pay the CA to maintain your property.

    Miles upon miles of fences have been erected in our community. These fences cause deer to get caught up in them or the mothers jump over while the fawns are left to die. Nice way to protect the wildlife and to provide citizen’s with an ugly view.

    These are the derelict farm buildings that you speak of?

    The Nature Conservancy of Canada has purchased over 2000 acres of what once was prime agricultural land. You are tearing down perfectly good homes and barns while reducing our tax base so that local citizen’s pick up the slack. Our businesses are failing because you are displacing families that must move to towns. You let your fields fill with weeds so they look like fields of golden rods and people that never had breathing problems now have allergies. The weed seeds blow into the remaining farmers fields so that they are forced to use more herbicides to control them. Farm land prices are soaring so that none of our children will ever be able to afford one. You have infiltrated our local governments and even our press so that the truth is never reported. Stealing our property from our corrupt Conservation Authority where we have paid the maintenance bills for all of these years and where hard working people donated them in goodwill.

    You are able to sway our politicians to even allow you to use a house as your office where you can hide. It’s easy when they are on your payroll. There’s plenty of room in our derelict down town core but clandestine sects like yours would never be seen in town. The Nature Conservancy of Canada is the most hated corporation in our area except for your few followers that enjoy the perks of association.

    Norfolk County is one of the most forested areas in Canada. We have over 25% forest cover.

    If there is something that you find that’s incorrect feel free to let us know and we will change it.

    All of our information comes from various sources that are posted online or we use freedom of information requests to pry out the data. Charity listing is a great tool that the Federal Government has produced to show the donation trail you use. Much of our data also comes from MPAC so maybe you need to inform them of the errors.

    Maybe you could clear up this one for us?

  20. Don’t think that many stop to consider that Canada does not have a great deal of land to produce food. Much of Canada is to far north.

    The Ontario area where they are installing IWTs happens to be one of the best places in Canada to produce food.

    Forests are fine but people do need to eat.

    • Hi Barb! you are right!! the farm next to me was taken out a few years ago! 96 acres of cherries – apples and pear trees!! – & the historic Billy Green farm next door to me (he was the scout that warned the British that the Americans were coming in the war of 1812!!!) and they are not only farms that have been taken out! travel further into the Niagara Peninsula and the orchards are being taken out left right and centre!!! – now what is going great guns is the wine industry!! I don’t know allot about it but the grants people must be given are great because the wineries are going up left right an centre! and believe you me you just don’t set up shop regarding a winery with a few thousand dollars the bank!! – and then to make matter worse the Ont. government let the cannery close in Niagara hence where do the farmers take their peaches and pears!! – it truly is a mess!! and then you have this ______ Wind Turbine Disaster!! – this Ontario government has its head ————– it makes me sick!!!!!

      STOP THE WIND TRUBINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Canned fruit can be exported but it is not always possible to export fresh fruit if a disease shows up in fruit and the disease can’t be exported/spread to other areas.

        Farm land that can grow food like fruits and tender vegetables is scarce in Canada.

        Maybe big money people are investing in vineyards as it a status symbol for them? Produce your own wine for your wine cellars.

        Don’t think that QP even knows how to put this whole picture together as to what they are allowing to happen in rural Ontario.

  21. Yes canned fruit canned fruit be exported!! – but and I mean but what do your think the farmers do now with the fruit that can not be sold fresh and now cannot be canned!!

    • Fruit that can’t be sold is wasted and farmers can’t afford to just give fruit away. Feed hogs with it?

      Canning factories need to be able to afford electricity to operate. Or pay a lot less for other business expenses such as wages.

      • The cannery in the Niagara Region was making money! mind you it was out dated!! but when that closed it effected allot of other farming areas!!! – yes you can feed hogs/live stock etc. that doesn’t bring much money in!! taking fruit to the cannery brought in more money!! lets face it farming is NOT a charity!! – even though some people think it is!!!! believe you me I know!! we have a cherry farm!!! the hydro has killed allot of other Manufacturing areas especially the Hamilton area ie the Steel Industry!!! this hydro is like a run away TRAIN!!

        STOP THE WIND TURBINES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Lyn, maybe you and Jutta with her pigs could make a deal?

      • Hey anything is possible!!

        STOP THE WIND TURBINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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