More concrete used in wind project than to build CN tower

Concrete Base Platform for One Turbine

Concrete Base Platform for One Turbine

Don Robinet, Chatham this Week
Ontario’s largest wind farm is officially open for power generation. South Kent Wind is a 270 MW project consisting of 124 turbines and as project manager Liam Duffy told the gathering of company officials, politicians and residents who are hosting the turbines, more concrete was poured for the project than was used to build the CN Tower.

Duffy, of RES Canada, which managed the construction, said 36,472 cubic metres were poured. He said each of the turbines was broken down into 10 components, meaning there were 1,240 large truckloads of turbine parts delivered. About 280 km of underground cable was laid, about 70 km of gravel access roads were built, about 35 km of overhead transmission lines were installed and there is a 1 km transmission line that runs under Highway 401. Read article

21 thoughts on “More concrete used in wind project than to build CN tower

  1. And they’re proud of this? If I lived there, I’d want to know the names of every politician that lent his presence to this shameful display.

  2. The same “environmentalists”, do-gooders and trendy types who insist that wind turbines are “saving the planet” are the same ones who scream the loudest when the Niagara Escarpment is being raped for gravel or the proposed Mega Quarry is about to take thousands of acres of prime farmland out of production.

    Of course, these uninformed Elites don’t really know or care that concrete is mostly gravel and doesn’t magically appear on a boatload from China.

    Can they handle the truth? La la la la la …. (fingers inserted in ears).

  3. Not surprised anymore. Even in our he’ll hole of a project you can drive by and find large piles of broken concrete with rebar sticking out of it from bases that had to be ripped up and repoured.

    Oops another 800 metric tons do over!

    Erase the 44 trucks that brought it in, forget about all the equipment used to break it up, forget about all the truckloads to take it away and dump it. And forget all the trucks to bring MORE concrete again.
    Forget about the trucks and excavators used to reload the rubbish pile to throw into the ground fill somewhere else.

    Oh it’s all so green isn’t it!

  4. let Samsmug & Pattern do the calculations of emissions and greenhouse gases created by the truckloads of concrete and gravel. It will work out to a negative every time. In Southgate township we are about to be inundated by 200,000+ solar panels which also use copious amounts of sand, gravel & concrete. They led our council down the garden path with blandishments that even Michael Corleone wouldn’t have thought of.

    • Hope you remember who supplied the concrete for these projects. They will need business in the future.

      • just so happens the mayor’s brother-in-law owns a gravel/concrete company capable of supplying their needs and a council member, whom I have cautioned that pecuniary interest is indeed retroactive, owns a pit

  5. People in C-K better wake up… oh wait… there are so many turbines that most people won’t be sleeping anyway LOL!!!!
    With C-K still a “willing host” thanks to the useless C-K council, people living there better “bend over” more turbines are coming.

  6. Ontario’s largest? These measured by number or capacity? Prince Lake in Sault Ste. Marie has 126. Either way to many no matter where ever they are. The Liberals now have more control and more and more will pop up. SHAME!!

  7. Building Ontario Up: A Strong Team for a More Secure Future

    ‘[excerpt] Glen Murray becomes Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, an expanded portfolio that will ensure Ontario can protect the gains it has made in fighting climate change, lead Ontario’s mitigation and adaptation efforts to extreme weather and strengthen its position as a leader in clean technology.

    Premier Wynne is committed to leading an open and transparent government that is accountable, fiscally responsible and makes life better for people in every part of Ontario. Deb Matthews will take on the new role of President of the Treasury Board to champion the government’s efforts on openness, accountability and modernization. She will also continue to serve as Deputy Premier.’

    It’s a joke – right?
    Anyways – Premier Social Justice – can speak freely, and do anything
    with her majority.

    The world watches!

  8. There are certain economic sanctions that can be employed in this situation but rural Ontarians will have to get together and decide which ones they want to use.

    This is why ideas need to be posted here.

    Gathering information as to who is involved in IWTs to present to the Ombudsman can be done and if nothing more this will inform QP that there is plenty of information on this situation. Going company by company is one way of doing this and only use reliable sources to back this up. There are plenty of these.

    Health information just falls on deaf ears at QP anyway. It’s the money that counts!

    • Hey Barbara,
      I’m dumber than I thought.
      But wait…………..

      Private corporations are following government legislation – and, answer to their shareholders. By the way, the Ontario government will change rules – just for the privateers [when needed]……….ugh!
      The ombudsman – is not respected – [I could say more]

      I’m stuck on ‘certain economic sanctions’ [gave it some thought]

      Oh yeah – the mayor(s) can be easily bribed – and, can do nothing.
      Imagine that – and, there’s an election coming up!

    • Who wants to be a millionaire?

      $1 Million Bounty Proposed for Lois Lerner’s Lost Emails

      ‘[excerpt] Two Texas Republicans are proposing a $1 million reward to anyone who recover former IRS employee Lois Lerner’s lost emails.

      Reps. Bill Flores and Louie Gohmert proposed the Identify and Recover Sent Emails Act, or the IRS Act. In addition to the big $1 million bounty, the bill would offer $500,000 to anyone with information that can be used to prosecute officials involved in destroying the emails.

      All reward money would be taken from the budget of the IRS. In addition, the bill would cut all IRS salaries by 20 percent until the Lerner emails are found.’

      Hey Ontario – Sounds good to me!

      • Even if the ombudsman is not listened to the information will have been presented to him.
        Kruger Wind and the manner in which CPC have obtained their permits is a good place to start.
        The environmental damage last winter at Manitoulin from anti-freeze spills is another one.
        Bring up the Pickens situation to the ombudsman.

        Offering rewards for information can be used but funds will have to be raised.

      • ‘[excerpt] Mr. Chris Breen: As they came up, so in real time. I can go back very quickly and try to get you a date.

        When privateers have a problem; and, the energy minister [of the day]
        can solve it……who’s the bigger scumbag?

        ‘[excerpt] Mr. Chris Breen: On March 30, 2009, that was when the town of Oakville passed an official plan amendment number 296, which attempted to prohibit power generation greater than 10 megawatts anywhere in the town of Oakville. That obviously would have been problematic to our project. On the same date, they passed an interim control bylaw number 2009-65. This interim control bylaw had effectively the same goal, albeit on an interim basis. So that was the time at which we sort of said, “Okay, these things are for real,” and on or around that time, I would have spoken to Ben.

        There’s basically a two-track way of dealing with this when it happens to you. The first track is sort of the legal route, if you will, a combination of the Ontario Municipal Board and various courts in Ontario, where you go to try to appeal, if you will. I can go through more detail on that in a minute. The other route, which I suggest would be wise to go, is to also go the government route. This is what York Energy Centre did in King township when they experienced similar difficulty with the municipality there. What they successfully did was they went to the government and had the government pass a regulation under a piece of existing legislation that effectively allowed the province to exempt them from the Planning Act. This is what I had discussed with Ben.

        The Ontario Power Authority obviously had no power to do that. So we quickly came to the conclusion that we’d better go talk to the Minister of Energy about this, or at least his staff, and see what their feeling is.


        Mr. Peter Tabuns: Okay. So you met with Mr. Chin from the OPA over those obstacles prior to talking to Sean Mullin and Jamison Steeve. Did you talk to people in the energy minister’s office?

        Mr. Chris Breen: Yes, we did.

        Get it?
        There’s a name for this – isn’t there?

  9. OLA just prior to the passage of the 2009 Green Energy Act. Seeing is believing!

    Rewards offered just might get needed information from different sources and about different issues.
    Summer is a good time to get donations from visitors. Are others interested in a project such as this?

  10. Just a minute… or three…
    Think we need some expansion:
    “Kruger Wind and the manner in which CPC have obtained their permits is a good place to start.”
    ??? What went on here???

    • Kruger had some very close connections to OPA when their approvals were given. Plus a noted political figure who was on the boards of both Kruger and a company whose CEO was also head of OPA.

      CPC used Stantec for environmental work while at the same time a CPC official was on the Stantec board.

  11. And, as far as rewards for information —

    how much would it cost to get Jan Carr to tell us why
    Mr. Mike Crawley was granted 3 separate 9.9MW contracts
    for the 29.7MW of wind turbines
    that were originally described as
    Phase 2 of the Erie Shores Wind Farm?

    Or should we wait for the police to ask?

    • The kind of information you get with rewards is for example was the construction done right. Workers on projects know if work is done right or not.

      Then you can get information from lower level government employees who have access to information. insider information.

      You might get real information on IWT bird deaths.

      This is an idea suggested for use in this situation. If people think this is workable then proceed. This is a crime- stoppers type of undertaking.

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