Our vision here today is to expose the corruption, to expose the injustice

6883422-corruption-in-the-government-in-a-corrupt-systemBy Megan Stacey, The London Free Press
Emotions are running high at the opening day of an Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal hearing to determine the fate of a wind turbine project by NextEra Energy in Lambton and Middlesex Counties. Community members and the County of Lambton are facing off against the Ontario Environment Ministry and NextEra Energy over the Jericho Wind Energy Project, which would bring 92 turbines to the region.

An opening statement by resident Muriel Allingham, who is appealing the provincial ministry’s approval of the Jericho project alongside several other community members, attacked NextEra as greedy. In order to overturn the province’s approval of the Jericho Wind Project, Allingham and the County of Lambton must prove it will cause severe harm to humans or the environment.

The first presenter of the day, Elizabeth Bellavance, a local community and social justice advocate, urged the tribunal to consider the injustice of the requirement. In any project other than renewable energy where products like wind and vibration are released into the environment, showing “adverse effects” is enough to halt their use.

The community’s case against NextEra is virtually non-existent without the testimony of Sarah Hornblower, a local woman and mother who would have been a key witness in the hearing. The tribunal denied a summons for Hornblower late Wednesday afternoon. read article

Incase you want to hear what Sarah Hornblower said last year before she signed her gag agreement, see the video below. (Now why wouldn’t the ERT want to hear about this? And why would both NextEra and Suncor fight so hard to have her silenced too?)

6 thoughts on “Our vision here today is to expose the corruption, to expose the injustice

  1. Ms. Hornblower’s children are not protected
    because their mother signed a contract.

    There will be many regrets……

  2. This is a total lack of respect for communities, whereby the democratic process has been usurped by government and greed is the main objective of the wind turbine company!

  3. Next events to watch for on the federal level are the C-K airport decision and the Health Studies Canada findings.

    Ontario got sold out with the Dowdeswell appointment.

    Then a few days ago the feds agreed to loan money to banks to install offshore IWTs in the U.K.

  4. I really hope when people watch and listen to the video, you hear the real facts between the lines.

    Those of us whom have had to deal with these vile companies got to read them loud and clear.

    There it is learned that a draft stage is actually a false term, being that a resident like Sarah could actually have “talks” with big wind, but it’s just to stroke her ego all the while the “draft stage” is a done deal all along and never had plans to change a thing!

    Just put yourself in residents like Sarah shoes and go seek out a property fit for your unique family and put the work into your home and business to eek out a living only to learn one day at a meeting in the community ( rather outside the area its set for ) to learn of a 92 industrial
    Turbine project will surround your family & what you spent your life building up.

    And your expected if you don’t like it to give up everything and move!

    Your driven out by these such wonderful companies nextera and suncor that claim thier so great to come into your communities. Yes we should be ever so greatful to be driven from our homes and lifeplans and friends and realatives and work so they may plaster our communities with crop statues.

    The fact that these companies over run everything and never get so much as a slap on the wrist is indeed sickening to the core!

    The fact that they can come in and put their turbines in and around normally avoided areas such as school, parks, is further proof they are just in it for the money.

    Bribing sarah is damning, throwing a few bucks at her to zip it is all the proof I need to see they know their corrupt and they can sweep her under the rug.

    The fact that they knew less on the topic of sarahs kids and she was indeed a real threat sent them stampeeding to silence her.

    Anything to get those crop statues up!

  5. Every time a federal decision like the C-K airport decision is delayed it can give developers more time to get the IWTs installed in case the decision turns out to have a negative effect on installing these iWTs.

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