Wind turbine near hydro and water lines raises concerns

2014_06010041By Nicole O’Reilly, The Hamilton Spectator
DUNNVILLE Residents opposed to a Haldimand County wind project say they’re concerned about at least one turbine being built too close to hydro and water lines. However, the Grand Renewable Energy Park developer Samsung says it’s following all laws and regulations. “The REA (Renewable Energy Approval) does not require specific setbacks from water mains,” Samsung spokesperson Tim Smitheman said. “Each turbine has received a building permit from the Haldimand municipality.”

Ministry of the Environment spokesperson Lindsay Davidson said the Green Energy Act only contains setback requirements for noise, natural heritage and water bodies. Brad Smith, who lives just outside Dunnville and has a turbine under construction just 900 metres from his property, said he believes there should be setback requirements for hydro and water lines. “The Green Energy Act just supersedes anything,” he said.

Smith, who is part of the group Wind Concerns Haldimand, said the project has decreased his property value and the trucks for the construction have destroyed roads. Read article

5 thoughts on “Wind turbine near hydro and water lines raises concerns

  1. we all know by now that Samsmug & Tim Smitheman write their own set of rules. The MoE and MNR is in their pockets and the Greed Energy Act is a farce.

  2. These “Greed” outfits also use totally unrealistic “computer modelling”.
    MOE and MNR believe in Santa Claus and Queens Park certainly ignores reality.

  3. There are a whole lot of people convinced that wind & solar can supply the world’s electricity needs by using demand side management/rationing of electricity and using these electricity sources.

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