New study points to health concerns again about wind turbines

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Photo-Dr_%20Lynn%20&%20Larry%20Miller%20Presentation%202A report from the United Kingdom is shedding new light on low frequency sound dispersion and the overall impact on nearby residents and the environment. Infrasound is lower than 20-Hertz in frequency, the “normal” limit of human hearing.  Grey-Bruce Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Hazel Lynn, tells Bayshore Broadcasting News the document suggests Health Canada and similar organizations should consider the effects of infrasound in regards to wind farms.

At 550-metres the sound pressure wave coming off of an industrial wind turbine is reduced to 30-decibels, which is no louder than the noise in your bedroom at night. However, infrasound is dependant on atmospheric conditions such as air pressure, wind direction and cloud cover — and the lower the frequency, the further it travels. According to Dr. Lynn, if you move people two-kilometres from wind turbine developments, the distress level decreases significantly. Read article

48 thoughts on “New study points to health concerns again about wind turbines

  1. It will take decades to prove the effects of wind turbines on human health because they would rather turn a blind eye!

    • Health studies, even in the absence of corruption, require decades of data to provide any meaningful findings.

      For what it is worth, the Australian government has a strong anti-wind stance, and as a result has commissioned several studies to study the health effects of wind turbines. Their research might be worth taking a look for a, hopefully, unbiased perspective.

    • Proof is the real living people living amongst these IWT
      It is the fictions that run the propaganda that allow this and we played along by involving and joining there fraud also as fictions.
      Get rid of the joiner and there fraud,then we have the best chance of destroying the fraud they offer.
      Otherwise you play there fraud court game!

      • One aspect of human health that has been well studied is the ability for people to make themselves sick purely on the belief of harm. This is why our community here seeks real scientific research on the effects of wind turbines, not only random reports of illness, which, I might add, only end up perpetuating the number of reports if mis-attributed to wind turbines.

    • Enough world wide proof! DTan
      Thus and therefor stands the remedy for now is the PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPAL!
      This must happen as we are the ones living in these communities
      Now ad up all the other negatives regarding IWT you now have communities that are suppose to organize what is best for them,for there peace of heaven
      Now you know the story of we are the ones that are suppose to be in control
      No argument there as stand in truth and stand our ground.
      THEY MUST GO!!!!!!!

  2. The horse has long left the barn, at least in Ontario. There’s plenty of evidence to suggest at least a moratorium on any more approvals would be prudent. Yet, the Liberals continue on their path of destruction. Another 40 have just been approved as the “Grand Bend Wind Farm”.

    • Health studies probably won’t be completed in time to stop the 6,700 IWTs being installed in Ontario. This will happen in the long run but not in the short run. And it remains to be seen what the Health Canada study report will be. But don’t bet on this helping much.

      Rural Ontarians have been asked to wait for this or that to happen and all of these proposals have failed to stop anything. Like the “not will hosts thing” but at least this did get communities to say no in a public way.

      So those affected by IWTs need to come up with different solutions than have been used in the past.

      Also can’t wait for cases to reach the supreme court level either. These cases do need continued support but also use up time.

      • The more wind turbines that are installed the more illness there will be which is the long run.

        Right now proof is being required that this or that IWT project will cause illness. Proof can only be determined/supplied after the fact and not before the fact. So this is situation is already fixed.

        Illness already being caused by installed IWTs is simply just being ignored or denied.

    • The precautionary principle is based on probability and NOT ON PROOF.

      The ERTs are set up on a project by project basis where PROOF IS REQUIRED and probability NOT allowed. This is how this whole situation was fixed to begin with.

      No one can prove future events.

  3. ” if you move people two kilometres from wind turbine developments the distress level decreases significantly”…

    What is she saying? Force people to move from the sitings of turbines that are being constructed right now despite this information regarding adverse health effects?

    This is insanity!

    • Sommer…… My family has owned the house and land where we live, in an unbroken line of succession, since it was given to my ggrandmother by her father. The house, we live in, was built by my ggrandfather and name-sake John Foreman. Why, may I ask, should my wife and I be encouraged to move while a company from South Korea (Samsung), or a company from Florida (NextTerror) be allowed to displace us?? Can anyone give me even ONE good reason or ONE justification for this recommendation?

      • Because in 1666 the crown state of LONDON with Vatican State have you and all lost at sea on the merchant ship,DEAD!
        You and others are lunch to big corporations,dead eat the dead.
        The sunny side is there is a remedy!
        But,gee I am just an air head full of crap. This is not in our his story books so this cannot be true.
        But as far as I am have proof it is true with proof of my experience with the legal dead fiction system. Only I lifted the vail and open my eyes have seen and experience this more than number of times.
        Your legal fraud system is there game and you play and stay on there ship with captains of crown courts playing your strings.

        If a 7 year old can stand above the fraud,I am sure a well educated man like john e foreman can get this and put away any ego the JOHN E FOREMAN fiction has and any others out there
        We be in a much higher vibration become as one and not divided and dissolve all this fraud once and for all.
        Unless we love the fight. As it stands if there is a COURT in the country, it is CROWN owned and ruled and fighting this is a lost battle,waste of currency with no peace
        As they own your asses with you and your legal fiction “NAME” you claim as owner FRAUD and copyright to your government.
        Give it back to them and we take back when we correct the fraud.

      • I have full sympathy for your situation, John. This is a ridiculous situation we find ourselves in. Check out what K2 Wind has done to the Drennans…another fourth generation landowner. It’s absolutely wrong! This is why Julian Falconer was retained and plans to take a Charter Challenge to the Supreme Court.
        I wish you the fortitude to fight this somehow.

  4. Not only do rural Ontarians have to fight the Liberals but now also the federal conservatives.

    Maybe time to consider finding independents to run for MPs for next year’s election.

    Also time to consider what economic actions can be used in this situation. Any ideas?

    • All fictional with no true remedy. Still caught in legal world of fraud.
      Ideas? gave you many simple remedies but when your are stuck in there pirate boats you cannot command. As you are a slave and them a captain,no remedy on there boat until you jump off.
      I would mean jump of on land and wear your own crown that the universe gave you. But you let them steal it.
      How do you expect to find remedy?

      • Find independent?
        Wow that’s great!
        That means you are getting it.
        Wear your own crown!

  5. I think, in general – people have been convinced that the wind turbine industry is infested with fraud.

    Unfortunately, many of these same people can’t understand, lack courage, are too busy, blah-blah-blah, to care about how this affects them.

    What is needed is an easy-to-follow presentation of where this dirty money lies.

    For example, I know that people will be shocked and disgusted to learn that the big banks have been selling them toxic wind turbine companies within their portfolios. Imagine how angry (and motivated) some people will be to learn that they are financing the destruction of Amherst Island, for example.

    I know that Barbara has posted a lot of this type of ‘follow-the-money’ information in bits and bytes already, but can we bring it all together somehow? Perhaps a work of compiling from the OWR archives?

    And, since we love grassroots & transparency, perhaps it can be re-presented as a public ‘work-in-progress’? I volunteer to format, edit, post and other tasks as necessary.

    • It does seem that compiling all of the research that Barbara has done, organizing it in terms of facets and history of the manoeuvres of the consortium, and then presenting it to an ombudsman for analysis, would be a wise thing to do.

  6. Just a brief aside about Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin and his staff–

    we have been insisting that the Ontario Ombudsman DO SOMETHING about the wind turbine problems here in Ontario FOR YEARS!

    For example, I recall having a conversation with Benissa Yau at the Ontario Ombudsman, where she said that they only take action regarding “administrative” problems within the Ontario government, and do not insert themselves into “policy” debates. I pointed out to Benissa that these problems could not be happening UNLESS there were administrative failings and therefore they must take action. But this train of logic didn’t compute for her.

    The point is, in my opinion, any analysis of the ‘errors’ and other problems that would be worth its weight, would have to include recognition that the Ontario Ombudsman should have taken action before now. I’m not sure Andre Marin and his team have the courage to be so honest.

  7. The most recent information is the place to begin as much of this information goes back about 4 years.

    Nanticoke should be looked at and the manner in which one company was able to get environmental approvals despite dubious work.

    Then how did one company, NextEra, get so many contracts.

    The situation at Amherst Island is another area.

    Kruger Wind situation is still ongoing.

    The C-K airport issue is also on the table along with all the IWT safety issues.

    Everything can’t be done at the same time. Select the issues where public support will be an important factor.

    Health issues just fall on deaf ears at QP except for rural Ontarians. This is unfortunate but true.

    • You’d want to go back to pre Green Energy and Economy Act legislation (2009) and include investigating how Smitherman won the World Wind Energy Award in 2009 in Korea because he managed to push the now famously destructive GEA legislation through in just one short year.
      A stunning accomplishment getting a global award for a man who had been Min of Env for 1 short year.
      And guess who got one of the first FIT contracts and built some wind turbine farms? If you guessed former president of the Ontario Liberal party Mike Crawley, you’d be correct! …..Let’s find out why Min of Env. John Gerretsen was so hell bent on IGNORING THE RAPIDLY RISING PROBLEMS and pumping up wind lies to Ontarians…..and toss it over to Arlene King, who concocted her literature review concluding the wind industry and government were good to go stay on course…..and who was caught through freedom of information to be omitting pertinent information and twisting words to make it sound OK. Has a lot to do with direct and indirect pathways to harm but really, who is going to figure out what that even means?
      If there were an investigative reporter or two they would have a heyday, blow the lid off this coverup, but unfortunately they have all been reigned in by the multi-media corporations who are contributing to the harm. (A few exceptions of course, but in general)

    • EDC, May 30,2014
      “EDC helping SMEs finance their contracts with Muskrat Falls project”

      “EDC recently concluded a review of the Muskrat Falls project that confirmed that the level of production destined for international export markets meets EDCs exporting criteria, opening up its financial services to all of the Canadian suppliers of Muskrat Falls.”

      Nanticoke could very well meet similar criteria and Canadian suppliers could then have access to Canadian taxpayer funding.

      Electricity,Nanticoke, for export to the U.S. payed for by Canadians/Ontarians. First time this issue has been found in writing and is on EDCs website but Nanticoke not mentioned. At least not yet.

      This situation needs to be watched.

  8. If a party has loaned money to or has any financial interest in a company this could mean they have direct financial interest in seeing to it that that company gets a contract that could benefit both parties.

    Seems to me that the allegations Pickens has made on the federal level should have also triggered a provincial/Ontario investigation into these same alleged activities?

    • Note to nonvoter….. Rather offended that you’ve suggested that my mental capability is akin to that of a seven year old! My grammar and syntax is far from perfect but I DO make an effort to write a comment that can be deciphered by any other seven year old…. especially one that has studied and acquired an ability to understand and translate several languages! Yours still presents a bit of a challenge to me! Sorry! Lets try to get along since, regardless of approach, I’m going to assume that we are ultimately “on the same page”!

      • Don’t take any offence to ‘non voter. He means well, but a lot of what he writes and his style of expressing himself is just different.

      • This young girl is just not as polluted with the system that created our educational propaganda
        We just have way to much clutter over the years of following the crap the system feeds us and we ot to live the way this system dealt us.

      • yes john,we are on the same page to stand in truth and rid the fraud. Although my approach is very different then most of you.’
        As this approach is rather all new to our brainwash government agenda which is constantly harming all of us in so many ways that this needs to be told
        It really is not to try to offend any of us,but put this fraud and misery away,
        It really is world wide as it affects just about everything that is suppose to be good but it is harming us the living. Which is all of us trying to share this beautiful planet EARTH. there is enough for all to share without greed

    • Hey Barbara,
      you say,
      ‘Seems to me that the allegations Pickens has made on the federal level should have also triggered a provincial/Ontario investigation into these same alleged activities?’

      This is a lawsuit against the Ontario Liberal Government;
      and, a NAFTA challenge;
      which again – must be fought at the federal level of government.

      The Harper government must be thrilled – again – to be put in a position
      of vigorously defending Ontario liberal ‘cronyism’.

      One to watch!

      • Yes, but has there been any investigation or will there be any investigation by OPP as well?
        This affair involves a provincial contract/contracts.

      • Are you suggesting there ought to be an investigation
        into the ‘party palace’ –
        called the Ontario Power Authority (OPA)?

        I say – Get Rid of the OPA – but,
        the pressure is off –
        the Conservatives lost in Ontario;
        and it’s, – business as usual
        @ the OPA.

      • Investigations should go where ever information leads to.

      • This is the question! Does not look at all promising for law enforcement to do this. And this is where this should come from.

        Pickens has filed his own lawsuit but he has the resources for investigators and lawyers. We don’t

        Doing things along economic lines does not require money.

      • Is this a case for the Office of the Integrity Commissioner or the Investigators with the Ontario Ombudsman?

      • Maybe both agencies should get involved.

        Once information is compiled why not use both agencies?

        just something to think about. The Ontario Green Energy Act has never been court tested.

        So who knows if all or at least some parts of this act are are illegal?

      • Oh wow! Here’s a terrific compilation of documents that might be helpful for the beginner-investigator:

        Note: Appendix D: CASE STUDY: Suncor / Acciona home “buyouts” near Ripley, Ontario, 2011

        Watch out for insider trades!

      • Also known as “straw man” deals.

        Nice page of documents you found!

      • Print it off & bind it! Use separators! It’s beautiful!

        And don’t forget to include this document:

        ‘[excerpt] he had received a letter from counsel for the proponent, which “threatened” him with legal costs incurred by the proponent if he continued with his appeal. (Exhibit 13)…other appelants…withdrew their appeals because of the threat of legal costs by the proponent (Exhibit 2.) On this matter, the Board notes there must be no threats to potential appellants that costs will be requested.’

        Oh! Dear!

      • I’ve just learned through a conversation with an Investigator for the Ontario Ombudsman that there is a Review of the Renewable Energy Process 359-09 ongoing and they need everyone who has attempted to use proper protocol and convey their concerns with industrial wind turbines in close proximity to people’s homes, to report about their experience by contacting them and describing the way their concerns were handled/mishandled.
        There is also an ongoing case before the Office of the Integrity Commissioner re: insiders making large sums of money from industrial wind turbines, at the expense of the taxpayers.

  9. The federal government are the ones who have been implemented their 20%wind mandate. that is why the province is getting away with murder and the MP’s and federal ministers are doing nothing. The wind industry/corporations are running the world their way now and if they find a way to draw in investors they care not a whim about any collateral damage, human or otherwise.

    It is the federal government that needs pounded upon to stop this menacing agenda.
    Pound your MP, pound Harper, pound Ambrose but do not let up on Wynne and her evil brood of bandits.
    You call them, write them, visit them. Ask why human rights conventions are not valid when it comes to the wind turbine issue? Why are we being tossed from our homes and allowed to be sleep deprived when every other citizen is protected against such?
    This is happening across Canada, not just Ontario.

    Here is the beginning of an article in National Geographic this month.

    …..She never saw the big tractor coming. First it plowed up her banana trees. Then her corn. Then her beans, sweet potatoes, cassava. Within a few dusty minutes the plot in Xai-Xai, Mozambique, which had fed Flora Chirime and her 5 children for years, was consumed by a Chinese corporation building a 50,000 acre farm, a green and brown checkerboard of fields covering a broad stretch of the Limpopo River Delta.
    No one even talked to me, the 45 year old Chirime says, her voice rising with anger. Just one day I found the tractor in my field plowing everything up. No one who lost their machamaba has been compensated…….

    The government is making deals with foreign owned corporations and is allowing the destruction of the citizens properties and livelihoods. When you read the article you will relate. Sadly they also put a spin on it about how many jobs they will create, same old garbage, same wording.

    Our government is completely out of control, blowing our money, destroying our land and environment and health for what?$$$$?

    The feds are still awarding government contracts to corrupt SNC Lavalin. How can that be?

    • MPs need to lose their seats to wake them up.

      The federal election is next year and it probably will take a year for independent candidates to become known in their communities and build an organization.

      The Dowdeswell appointment won’t buy Harper very many urban votes anyway. They will vote Liberal or NDP.

      Rural Ontarians worked hard to elect Harper and this is what they got in return.

      • Hey Barbara,

        Dowdeswell was involved with the Keystone XL Pipeline, and, it’s good to go……………….years and years of environmental assessment.
        I don’t recall her taking off her bra – to stop it.

        Maybe Harper and Dowdeswell – connected;
        and maybe – her appointment is a good thing.

        What is she going to do – that frightens you?
        …..and, who do you think Harper should have appointed?

  10. The only thing that’s good about Dowdeswell’s appointment is that this now out in the open.

    One thing any politician should never do is to alienate his/her support base.

    Don’t know who should have appointed but it should have been someone who is at least neutral in this situation.

    The Keystone pipeline has become an environmental dog-and-pony show in the U.S.

    If Obama allows this pipeline, he has to cut out Warren Buffett and his railroad that now carries the oil. So how is he going to cut out one the world’s richest men and an Obama supporter.

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