Golden sand, garbage turbines for Grand Bend

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London Free Press, John Miner
Dozens of wind turbines are coming to a stretch of Lake Huron shoreline boasting some of the most beautiful sunsets in the province. The Ontario Environment Ministry is giving the green light to a $380-million wind farm that will add 40 turbines in a 16-kilometre corridor along Lake Huron starting near Grand Bend and running north. Most of the turbines will be about a kilometre inland from the beaches.

The wind farm is opposed by some local residents who say turbines will be built too close to homes and cottages. “We hate it. We don’t want it,” said Ray Vlemmix, who owns a home near Grand Bend. The Grand Bend wind farm will place its turbines much closer to residences than Next Era Energy, another wind energy company that has several wind farm projects operating or planned for the area. Vlemmix said he expects the turbines will make the area less attractive for tourism.

Bill Dowson, mayor of the Municipality of Bluewater, said his council has had few direct dealings with Northland Power, the company building the Grand Bend wind farm. The municipality is already the site of about 40 wind turbines constructed by Next Era. Dowson said the municipality will gain financially from building permits and tax assessment from the Northland wind farm. Council hasn’t taken an official stand either for or against wind farms, he said. “It hasn’t been as stormy here at council as it has been in some areas.” Read article

40 thoughts on “Golden sand, garbage turbines for Grand Bend

  1. Bill Dowson,Mayor of the Municipality of Bluewater and the council were vehemently opposed to Next Era’s wind farm development. They spent ten’s and ten’s of thousands of dollars on a high priced Toronto law firm and it was all for not. They were reluctant to tell a ratepayer how much they spent when asked. What they had to show for it was a 38 wind turbine wind farm. Or as they would say around the council table,we now have. 38 new ratepayers.
    As for the 40 turbine Northland Power project it looks like the Bluewater Municipality will be getting at least 30 wind turbines and the Municipality of South Huron out of Exeter will be getting the balance. When all is said and done it looks like the Bluewater Municipality will have close to 70 wind turbines. This leaves me wondering how many of these will be erected on the property’s that are owned by councillors of the Bluewater Municipality ?

  2. Both Municipalities – Bluewater and South Huron have formally designated themselves as UNWILLING HOSTS so Mayor Dowson must not have been watching carefully from his seat where he wasn’t allowed to vote due to conflict of interest. 3 Bluewater councillors were in that boat!

    • If both declared Unwilling Host resolutions, then according to Chiarelli and Wynne, the project shouldn’t be going ahead. That is what Chiarelli promised in the legislature, his words are on a video somewhere. But, that was before the election, and no I didn’t believe him then and don’t now. The whole unwilling host petitions are now just nonsense to be ignored by the Liberals. They now have 4 years to steamroll as many turbines as rural Ont will hold, only severe financial straights, emphasized by NY bond rating firms can prevent this.

      • Hi Martin!! watch the documentary DOWNWIND!!! that is where I heard that the Liberal government has passed a bill that over rides every city/town and village to include the conservation authorities and the Niagara Escarpment Comm. regarding the Wind Turbines! now doesn’t that beat all !!!! you say you want to live in Ontario!!!! what a crock!!! it truly is a democratic dictatorship !!!!!!!

        STOP THE WIND TURBINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I still can’t wrap my head around these fools and bribe money, what good is it all going to be worth when people don’t visit, don’t want to reside there and shops close due to a drop in tourism?

    When are there going to be rules to oust the foxes in the townships henhouses taking the bribes to fluff their own pockets??

  4. The wind companies are counting on public apathy to get away with this. Your Councillors have indeed betrayed the public trust.

  5. Ask the servants this question Do you or do you not want to keep the neighbours community safe? And do you or do to not have the authority to keep the neighbours safe? As your duty is to regardless of the fictional legal acting reckless acts!
    Ask them and the Town “ship” [although we are not on sea or a boat] lawyer is there a difference between lawful jurisdiction and legal jurisdiction.
    Lawful jurisdiction trumps legal garbage jurisdiction [that they seem to be on some sort of legal fictionship] then they have no right to put them up as the precautionary principal applies and in lawful jurisdiction.
    As the living witness can come to the meeting and proclaim they do harm .There are so many others that can come to be THE WITNESS from other communities that have experienced living next to IWT.
    When we go up to them in there council meeting as the living witness not as corporate fictions citizen[ship] it will be the council members and mayors duty to uphold the duty to protect the interests of the health and peace of local communities and not the health of corporate investments or there own $ selfish interests.

    • You need at least 12 people that get this nonsense of there tricks and stand in as a living witness without the corporate strawman citizen fiction ,as then you are just a dead fiction with no standing.

  6. Make sure you let all of your urban relatives and friends know what these wind companies are doing out here. Encourage them to check out the documentary ‘Down Wind’ that has finally given voice to the victims of industrial wind turbines in close proximity to landowners/residents homes. These are real people and their human rights are being violated. You’re next.
    Also listen to what Human Rights Lawyer, Julian Falconer has to say about this mess we’re in.

    • lawyers are useless scum bags that are part of the problem. I have yet to see any positive outcome from these.
      They also rob us of our $$$ and do not tell us the true fraud that is playing out in front of your eyes.
      Keep going with there scam they are part off.

      • And waste our money. They have not even come close to other problems that can be overcome that we ourselves could do without involving ourselves in the fraud they are part off. And we could save our communities much faster.
        The BAR society members are free of the corporate name game.

  7. Maybe this a situation where a rewards program might work?
    Why haven’t the people taken what is known about Northland Power and make this information public?

    You have to put information right under peoples’ noses because they won’t look anything up for themselves.

    • Turner has a summer place at Lake-of-the-Woods and there are no IWTs there and likely won’t be.

      Seems this whole damn council dosen’t know who this company is and who the principals are that are involved in this company and where the financing is coming from as government contracts are involved here.

      What’s more is that this is convenient for them not to know?

    • EDC Finances EUR 125m of Second Largest Wind Farm Project in the World to be built by Toronto’s Northland Power

      Northland Power will have 60% ownwership thanks to the Canadian government and Canadian Banks. $125m EUR furnished by the Canadian people to enrich these people.

      Money taken out of the country to build off- shore IWTs. So now Europe can’t raise money to build IWTs so they get the money from Canada.

      Then take a look at who the principals/people are in these companies who were able to obtain this money.

      One example, Turner former PM of Canada.

      Happy Canada Day!

    • Yes barbara. “under your noses”. Your information does didley squat so far,although interesting.but for me has no gain to the pain or treatment nor remedy and no cure!
      “The further a society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those and ignore that speak it”.

      • Non-Voter, most of the information I have supplied has not been used yet.

        People decided they wanted to go with health issues alone and they had a right to do as they wanted to. People have the right to make their own choices. It’s not my place to tell people what to do in this situation.

  8. Not Canadian – Just Liberal

    Simple Jutta – on the – ‘precautionary principle;
    and, for added emphasis – ‘compromise’;
    and, I think she means your – ‘health and wealth’ –
    should be compromised
    so privateers can rake in billions.

    ‘[excerpt] ….and has firmly put the burden of proof on the proponents of wind rather than having to prove its own statements.”
    Look at the big picture of energy options that we are being offered right now, join hands, compromise and start developing a plan together!’

    The Kincardine News
    Dear Editor,
    Our family attended several council meetings in the past because we truly care about our community and the many issues that determine our future.
    My children do not really like to come because of the hostile behaviour from some citizens and propaganda language being used when it comes to wind energy.
    They know that the term “industrial” as an adjective for wind turbines is the result of a series of focus groups financed by one of the Koch brothers as part of his opposition to a proposed offshore wind project near Cape Cod.
    At times we too feel misrepresented by our council and citizen representative but that is part of the process in real life.
    To attack a fellow citizen in public is just another step to divide our community.
    Please pick up the phone or even better go to the person that you feel has done something wrong and speak directly to him or her in a civil and rational manner. I know from experience that it can resolve many misunderstandings and lead to a better society.
    There were times when I felt as though the radio might be the safest way for me to express my views about renewable energy. Many friends of wind in Ontario are thinking that the greatest health hazard related to wind energy is speaking out in support for wind energy!
    ReNew Canada published a comprehensive report on wind energy in Ontario last year. Its conclusion states ” Wind Concerns Ontario could not adequately provide evidence to support its claims.” It has used material out of context, provided facts without support, and has firmly put the burden of proof on the proponents of wind rather than having to prove its own statements.”
    Look at the big picture of energy options that we are being offered right now, join hands, compromise and start developing a plan together!
    Jutta Splettstoesser

    Jutta garbage – on the ‘precautionary principle’
    as she knows it.

    Not Canadian – Just Liberal

    • Climate Change in your backyard!

      Mark your calendar:
      The municipal election is scheduled for Oct. 27, 2014.

      (Kincardine ) –

      With the announcement from Kincardine Mayor Larry Kraemer that he won’t be seeking reelection in the upcoming municipal election, the mayor’s chair is now wide open.
      There have been rumours about two possible candidates, but no one had filed … until today.

      Deputy Mayor Anne Eadie has decided to take a shot at Council’s top spot.

      She’s unopposed.

      Meanwhile, in Ward 3, incumbent Councillor Randy Roppel is going after a 4th consecutive term of office.

      His papers were filed in mid-June.

      In Ward 2, one candidate has come forward — that’s Jutta Splettstoesser.

      No other candidates have come forward

      The civic election is scheduled for October 27th, 2014.

      Do you really love her?

      Stuck on stupid!

  9. Jutta is working very hard to get herself priced right out of the sale of the food products she produces. Farmers won’t be able to keep up with the rising costs of production.

    Maybe she thinks she can make a living with solar panels and IWTs on her farm.

    • On the other hand, the largest hurdle to farming in Ontario right now is the soaring land prices. Knowing that turbines devalue property in the surrounding area, it could be a calculated, albeit shortsighted, move on her part to make farming more sustainable for her and her family.

    • The old saying is that high land prices bring cheap farm products prices.

      Farming is a business and when the costs of production are more than what farm products can be sold for then you go out of the farming business.

      Some kinds of farming operations have higher energy costs than other types have.

      Consumers are going to end up paying higher food prices. Consumers will cut luxury food items first. Ordinary city people have gotten used to having luxury food items that they didn’t have some years ago like fresh fruit even in season and fresh vegetables out of season.

      This buy local is a lot of crap if consumers can’t afford the food items to begin with.

      • Does anyone own the word – organic?
        If the answer is yes – farmers and others using – that word –
        may soon have to pay a residual.

        But, of course – that would never happen.
        Or, on second thought – maybe it could.

      • Energy poverty involves food as well as heating for homes.

        About 2/3 of the food for sale in the large supermarkets could be eliminated when people are priced out of food.

        Plenty of people won’t like returning to the days when when only local food in season was available to eat or what could be winter stored was available.

        But then people at QP can’t connect the dots in this Ontario energy fiasco.

      • Like I said before!! Ontario I hope not!! but it looks like the way prices are going!! we will be standing line for hours for a roll of toilet paper and bread!! (just like Russia!!) now doesn’t that give you a warm and fuzzy feeling !! – hey don’t kid yourself regarding this!! – lets make no mistake they want to do away with the middle income people!!!! and the wind turbine mess is a way for all of the Liberals and their friends to line their pockets with our hard earned money!!!

        STOP THE WIND TURBINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. North American WINDPOWER, July 1,2014

    “Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners Completes Acquisition Of Wind Energy Business”

    Brookfield has acquired the wind energy assets of Bord Gais Eieann in Ireland and Northern Ireland.
    Has 17 wind farms in Ireland and NI.

    Another Canadian wind developer that has gone to Europe.

    These wind projects have long term government contracts which makes them attractive investments for investors. This is the same situation as in Ontario for investments.

  11. Jutta writes about misrepresentations!

    Wind friendlies are advised by criminal lawyers!

    ‘[excerpt] Mr. Chris Breen: The person who was my key contact with the Ontario Power Authority was a gentleman named Ben Chin. Ben was the vice- president of communications for the Ontario Power Authority. He was an incredibly helpful and responsive individual. He knew very well the political offices that we met with because Ben used to be a staffer in the Premier’s office and, I believe, at one time, was also a candidate for the Liberal Party.’
    I just really found him to be an extremely intuitive character. He and I saw this storm cloud, if you will, coming a little earlier maybe than some others did.’

    • She might be electable, in Toronto but certainly not in Kincardine. I had to read her letter several times to assure it was not a spoof.

  12. A ‘much more eloquent explanation’–

    What clowns!

    ‘[excerpt] Ontario Hansard | April 25, 2013

    Mr. Chris Breen (TransCanada): We left that meeting and immediately went down the hall to meet with the minister, Brad Duguid, his deputy, David Lindsay, and Craig MacLennan, his chief of staff. What happened in that meeting was that the minister, for whatever reason, did not speak to the definitive cancellation and the timing of the announcement. He’s a very polite gentleman and it was a very polite conversation, but it really wasn’t getting to the same point where the last conversation happened. My recollection is, at one point—
    Mr. Chris Breen: Yes, what you just described to me would be reflective of my recollection of the minister’s response to us

    at the meeting on October 5.
    Mr. Victor Fedeli: He didn’t know anything, did he?
    That’s right.

  13. Clowns

    ’[excerpt] Mr. Bob Delaney: Okay. I’d like to talk a little bit about a story in the Toronto Sun on October 18, 2012. The article stated that Deb Hutton, the wife of PC leader Tim Hudak, had been paid $40,900 from October 2009 to October 2010 by TCE. According to the OPA, that payment to her contributed to the sunk costs of relocating the project. What was Ms. Hutton’s role during those 12 months?
    Mr. Chris Breen: Ms. Hutton’s role continues. For several years, she has been a supplier to TransCanada. She does research for us and some analysis from her home. She does not come to our office. She is a supplier, if you will, and she sends information and analysis in.
    It should be added that Ms. Hutton reviewed this with the provincial Integrity Commissioner before she accepted this relatively small contract with TransCanada. We’re pleased to have Ms. Hutton as part of our team.’

    • What was paid to Hutton was included in the project costs and money already spent on the project which is a sunk cost.
      All costs are included in what the company had already spent on building the project and was then owed to them by the government.

      • ‘[excerpt] According to the OPA……’
        – contribution of a sunk ship.

        Get Rid of the OPA!

  14. Parcs éoliens : des élus locaux soupçonnés de corruption
    filed: July 4, 2014 • France
    Par Francetv info avec AFP | publié le 04/07/2014 |

    ‘[excerpte] Le Service central de prévention de la corruption pointe la multiplication des “prises illégales d’intérêts” d’élus locaux impliqués dans le développement de la filière éolienne, relève “Le Figaro”.

    Le SCPC, qui dépend du ministère de la Justice, évoque un “phénomène d’ampleur” dans son rapport d’activité 2013. “Le développement de l’activité éolienne semble s’accompagner de nombreux cas de prise illégale d’intérêts impliquant des élus locaux”, est-il écrit dans ce document. Selon le rapport, les élus en question sont attirés par “les revenus substantiels tirés de l’implantation d’éoliennes sur des terrains leur appartenant et par un régime fiscal favorable”.

    Jusqu’à 100 000 euros annuels

    Pas-de-Calais, Normandie, Hérault, Bretagne … Le rapport cite de nombreux exemples. “L’ingérence des élus” se retrouve à différentes étapes de la procédure d’implantation des éoliennes : pour définir la zone, autoriser le permis de construire … Avec des baux allant de 20 à 30 ans, l’élu ou sa famille peut empocher “jusqu’à 100 000 euros annuels dans ses caisses personnelles”, rapporte Le Figaro.’

  15. Not only do we have to have to put up with the high cost and health hazards of these turbines, but the European based companies that are building them are importing parts from Europe at dumping prices, not conforming to CSA standards and are currently using large numbers of foreign labour under the temporary workers program. Check it out yourself! For the people of Ontario this is a loss all round. With a horrific safety record of one company operating in Ontario in a non-unionized environment, one would have to wonder how our government is not looking after our interests. The fact that our tax dollars are subsidizing these organizations that do not benefit us as citizens is nothing other than daylight robbery. One company in Niagara that promised 50 jobs is now in the process of closing the place. Of course, just as long as they pocket our tax money with no strings attached.

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