Residents Plan Bluewater Appeal

ertBy Paul Morden, Sarnia Observer
Patti Kellar, who lives in Bluewater, said a group of residents in the project area are planning to appeal the project’s provincial approval to Ontario’s Environmental Review Tribunal. The $380-million wind energy project received provincial environmental approval at the end of June.

Each of the two First Nations own 25% of the 40-turbine Grand Bend Wind project being developed by Toronto-based Northland Power. Kellar said that between the Grand Bend project and NextEra Energy’s proposed Goshen Wind project, nine wind turbines are planned for within two kilometres of her home.

“There’s a lot of negatives and they haven’t proven to me that they’ve done any good,” Kellar said. “I think that the propaganda that has been used to sell this idea of it being free, clean, green is just hogwash.”

Gordon Potts, director of business development with Northland Power, said the company will wait to see what happens during an appeal period before beginning construction. While construction is generally allowed to begin on wind projects that have been appealed to the tribunal, that isn’t Northland Power’s practice, Potts said. “We would typically wait for the appeals to be resolved before we would spend the big bucks,” he said.

The Northland Power wind project is planned for just north of Grand Bend, in the Huron County municipalities of Bluewater and South Huron, with all of the turbine locations east of Highway 21, Potts said. Construction, once it begins, is expected to take 15 months to complete, he said. Read article


20 thoughts on “Residents Plan Bluewater Appeal

  1. WindPower Monthly Oct.1,2013 list also includes:

    William Fehrman, CEO MidAmerican which is owned by Warren Buffett according to this article.

    A Warren Buffett company closed the Heinz plant in Leamington, ON.

    • Barbara When you see the list of names of top influential people that are in your leader [SHIP} shows me that you allowed this when you yourself gave and wave your authority away and allowed them to walk all over us. Plain and simple. Well then, this is how you assert and maintain your own authority so no one ever can tell you what to do: by knowing you are NOT a legal name and you don’t own one, by standing in that truth, by being entirely responsible for yourself, and by becoming the author of your own stories,… which is your own lore, and this is THE law for YOU. I mentioned the golden rule, and it was heartening to see that he really understood.

      I told him, when we do this we free the entire world and finally end the tyranny of insane psychopaths we’ve trusted to run things for us; we end all the wars and the starvation and the abuse; we free earth from exploitation; and say goodbye forever to the depressing jobs they’re forcing you to choose. Instead, we get to do what we love to do with a passion, and then we share it. It really is that simple.
      These influential people are all operating in fraud,it is up to us to stop this and you are IT!

      • There are plenty of people who don’t want to be responsible for themselves but I’m not one of them.

        Those who are involved in this need to be exposed. Otherwise it’s like shadow boxing if you don’t know who you are dealing with.

      • No shadow boxing,its right in front of you. You still have your 10 layers of vail s in front of your eyes.

      • There are more responsible people then dumb down un responsible corporate people that are responsible. So your saying because the dumb down ones have to ruin the planet and keep us in in slavery? Makes no sense

  2. Green Giraffe, Paris

    Northland-Gemini project in Europe.

    GGEB/Green Giraffe Energy Bank acted as advisor for both the equity raising and the debt arranging.
    Follow the links for the Gemini project.

    Export Development Canada put some $120 M EURO into this project

    Just more background information on Northland.

  3. Green Giraffe, Paris

    Green Giraffe Bankers

    This firm is/was involved in the LeedCo (Icebreaker) Cleveland, Lake Erie offshore wind project.

    Select the U.S. map and then click on any of the yellow dots for U.S. offshore wind projects.

    Handy reference for those in the States that visit OWR.

  4. Green Giraffe, Paris

    U.S. Department of Energy, 2012
    “GGEB was mandated in 2012 as part of a consortium led by Navigant to prepare studies on the economics of the offshore wind market, and provided market intelligence on the sector, financing trends.”

    Follow the links to PDFs:
    Full offshore wind market and economic analysis.
    Full US offshore wind supply chain and manufacturing development report.

    Sheri worked on the Lake Erie ,Ohio, wind project so may know much more about this.

  5. WindPower Monthly, Sept.29,2011

    “The 20 most influential people in wind power today”

    #19, Jerome Guillet, Green Giraffe, Paris

    “, Guillet is behind most of the large-scale-offshore-wind wind financing deals.”

    This trail goes from Toronto>Ottawa>Paris>Ohio & Washington for Green Giraffe.

    Green Giraffe was involved with the Northland Power European offshore wind project along with Canadian banks.

  6. Offshore Wind Development Webinar Series, Feb.16-25, 2010

    Agenda, Feb.16, 2010
    Moderator: Jerome Guillett

    Round 1: the Great Lakes Renewables Economic and Economic Acceleration, Feb.18, 2010
    Moderator: John Kourtoff
    Panelists included:
    Dr. Jose Etcheverry, York University
    Sean Logan, Ohio Dept. Nat. Resources

  7. MaRS, Toronto, c. Feb.17,2010

    Video: “GEAFF-Perspectives on the Ontario Green Energy Act- Jerome Guillet”


  8. Energize America

    “Energize America is a plan proposed by Daily Kos activists Jerome Guillet (Jerome a Paris), George Karayannis (Dolittle Sothere), Timothy Lange ( Meteor Blades), and Mark Sumner (devilstower) with the assistance of many others.”

    Guillet bolgs at Daily Kos as (Jerome a Paris).

  9. Great Lakes Wind Collaborative
    Great Lakes Wind Commission Board includes:
    William Carr, Manager International Relations Policy, Toronto

    The Lake Erie Wind project off Cleveland is still on the table if they can get the funding according to the Midwest Energy News, June 23, 2014. This is the LeedCo/Ice Breaker project.

    Federal funding that was supposed to go to the Lake Erie project instead went to east and west coast offshore wind projects.

    So if private financing can be obtained then the project could move forward.

    What if the Ontario moratorium on offshore is lifted?

    The USW pushed for offshore IWTs to be included in the Green Energy Act to furnish jobs for their members making the steel infrastructure for IWTs. More IWTs means more steel needed.

  10. The Great Lakes offshore wind developments are far too lucrative for developers to give up on that easily.

    And the USW supports these kind of IWT developments.

    Then there is the $2 billion Ontario lawsuit over offshore IWTs still pending.

    Resolve this matter by lifting the moratorium on offshore IWTs?

    Who can stop this government from taking this action?

  11. I fully expect offshore developments to be back on the agenda, as you say who is to stop them.
    The irony could be the return of the Scarborough bluffs proposal, this would not go down well with Liberal supporters in GTA. Neither would any of the offshore proposals. Logically there is nothing to seperate inland IWTs with offshore installations, except the influence and pocketbooks of the people affected.
    To be clear, I do not support wind development anywhere, we must resist the temptation to gloat over urban angst should IWTs be proposed anywhere near their homes/cottages, however satisfying that night be.
    IWTs are an abomination wherever they are proposed for.

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