Where eagles fly

dead golden eagleWellington Times, Rick Conroy
The south shore of Prince Edward County (PEC), where two industrial wind turbine projects, wpd White Pines and Ostrander/Gilead are slated, is a main migration path for the endangered Golden Eagle. This has been made clear in the wpd Species at Risk report, obtained by us through a Freedom of Information request, and is confirmed on the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) website.

The wpd surveys reported an average of four golden eagles per day on each of the three survey days in November—and, according to the surveys, most were flying at blade height. This indicates there could be at least as many as 120 golden eagles migrating through the area in the month of November alone—at blade level. Presumably the birds would also return via the same pathway.

According to the MNR website, only six pairs of golden eagles nest in Ontario, but over 200 have been observed in southern Ontario, presumably migrating to nest in northern Ontario and Quebec. From the information in the Species at Risk report and on the MNR website, it appears that most, if not all, of the eastern North American population of golden eagles will pass through a killing zone of wind turbines, if these are permitted to be constructed on the south shore of PEC. Read article

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  1. Michael Enright is the project manager, Dillon Engineering, for the solar panel projects that Southgate township unfortunately agreed to be a willing host. Mr. Enright has done “studies” on several wind turbine projects (eg; Manitoulin Island) and has found that less than .5 birds are killed annually. His other conclusions were that bats must be committing suicide as there is no way a turbine blade could be held responsible. I am looking forward to his future “report” on solar panels and singed birds’ wings. http://mcleansmountain.northlandpower.ca/site/northland_power___mclean_s_mountain/assets/pdf/mcleans_post_construction_monitoring_plan_160911_compiled.pdf

  2. This is where a rewards program would come in handy. Find out how many birds are really killed by IWTs.
    Like it or not money can provide information/tips.
    This is not breaking the law as IWTs are supposed to be in compliance on bird issues.

  3. There are always people who know something about something and will talk if they get something for talking. Get real!

    Problem is that people want to sit by and let someone else do things for them.

    Waiting for the October local elections won’t help much right now.

  4. This truly is sickening !!! – I just sent ,my daily emails to Wynne’s office and the MNR’s Office!! – and stated that she cannot hide her head in the sand too much longer!! I also stated to Joe that the MNR that I know that they are only doing what they are told!! but sometimes one has to take the moral high road!!!

    STOP THE WIND TURBINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I remember reading something about bats actually being attracted to the colour of turbines as well. But I guess they’ll just deny deny deny that as well.

  6. Yes that is what this Liberal government is really good at denying and passing the buck!! – each and every time the premier has sent me a letter – she has passed the buck!! – I’m thinking does she have a head on her shoulders ??!! – oh silly me I forgot who I was talking about!!!!

    STOP THE WIND TURBINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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