Brakes put on Grand Bend Wind Farm

2014_06010089John Miner, London Free Press
Faced with appeals against its $380-million project hugging the Lake Huron shoreline, the developer of the Grand Bend Wind Farm is applying the brakes.​ Some preliminary work for the wind farm will likely start later this year, but major construction now won’t begin until the appeals are settled, said Gord Potts, director of business development for Northland Power.

“Our company policy is not to do much during an appeal process,” Potts said Wednesday. Work likely will be limited to clearing sites, building some access roads and preparing to install transmission lines, he said. “I wouldn’t expect we will see any foundation work for turbines or anything like that,” Potts said.

The appeal process is expected to take about six months. If it wins against the appeals, Northland anticipates the Grand Bend Wind Farm will start commercial operation in the first quarter of 2016. The Grand Bend Wind Farm is a joint project of Toronto-based Northland Power and the Aamjiwnaang First Nation at Sarnia and Bkejwanong First Nation at Walpole and involves installation of 40 turbines on 2,400 hectares of land. Read article

11 thoughts on “Brakes put on Grand Bend Wind Farm

  1. There no lose or win in this game. We the people just say NO! So beat it!
    Lets not play there game

  2. The developer is just taking it easy for now as the municipal elections are on this fall. There just be some new councillors up there in Bluewater and they could just qualify to have a wind turbine on their farm. Northland were going to put up 48 2.3MW turbines but are now going to put up 40 3MW so they have room to revise the placement. Anything can happen up here in Buewater.

    • . Anything can happen up here in Buewater.
      Sure if you let your babysitters go They should have the balls to simple stop this madness Again all legal fraud none of it is lawful when it comes to protecting us from harm
      Just an observer is not informed of the real truth yet

  3. The New York Times, July 4, 2014

    “Aims of Donor are Shadowed by Past in Coal”
    Tom Steyer

    “Over the past 15 years, Mr.Steyer’s fund, Farallon Capital Mangement, has pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into companies that operate coal mines and coal-fired power plants from Indonesia to China, records and interviews show.”

    It’s ok if billionaries make money out of coal as long as they provide money for environmental causes.

    Also for our Michigan friends who have to deal with donations that support installing IWTs there.

  4. Wikipedia, Tom Steyer

    Steyer is responsible for funding the TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy at Stanford which is part of the Precourt Institute of Energy at Stanford Univ.

    Precourt Institute is the “brain-washing” institute on energy issues at Stanford Univ. Information on this Precourt institute was posted a short time ago at OWR


    All of this fits together in the “green” energy scam.

    Also for Michigan friends who are looking into who is funding the IWT scam in Michigan.

  5. HMI, May17, 2014

    “Open Gate: TomKat Ranch Day”
    2997 Pescadero Rd., Pescadero, CA

    Has photos of the Tom Steyer 1,800-2,000 acre ranch Pescadero, Ca, San Maeto Co., CA
    No IWTs visible in the photos.

    Can also Google “images for TomKat Ranch, CA”

    IWTs are for thee and not for me.

  6. Corporate Knights, June 5, 2014

    “Man on fire”
    Tom Steyer interviewed bu Tzeporah Berman for Corporate Knights.

    Page 2, Steyer: “It would be absolutely fantastic if Canada were to take advantage of its many hydro and wind energy opportunities and send us clean energy.”

    Read the rest here:

    Tezporah has surfaced again.

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