Questions raised by Municipality of Kincardine council over Armow Wind deal

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Municipality of Kincardine council is looking deeper into questions posed about the Samsung Pattern Armow Wind Project development agreement. Councillor Jacqueline Faubert explained that the wording of the motion was largely provided by a letter to council from Karen Breitbach, whose concerns she shares.

Staff will prepare a report to answer questions including why the agreement was discussed in closed session as opposed to an open session, and why it was approved while the project is still under appeal at Divisional Court. Faubert gave notice of motion asking staff to provide clarification on contents of agreement during the June 18 council meeting. “I thought staff had been asked to reply to the letter,” Deputy Mayor Anne Eadie said. “Has that happened?” Read article

9 thoughts on “Questions raised by Municipality of Kincardine council over Armow Wind deal

  1. Kincardine Council –
    We have more ‘mumbo jumbo’
    and, we will get more ‘mumbo jumbo’ –
    to add to the already ‘mumbo jumbo’;
    and, if you need more – ‘mumbo jumbo’ –
    we can provide that too!

    In the meantime:
    ‘[excerpt] Wind Turbine Working Group

    Council agreed to request changes to the Multi-Municipal Wind Turbine Working Group (MMWTWG) Terms of Reference.

    Clerk Donna MacDougall advised that the document could undergo a lengthy period of revisions.

    Council also agreed to pay the amount of $700 as the annual MMWTWG membership fee.’

    p.s. it’s ‘mumbo jumbo’ @ $700.00 – annually, and forever!

    p.p.s. And, $2. buy’s you a medium regular coffee, with a caramel shot;
    @ McDonalds – and, I know that – for sure.
    Well okay – it’s $1.95

    p.p.p.s. – you have to try the caramel shot!

  2. Silly me –

    I can’t recall the thread where Barbara exposed some concern about the fact that Capital Power and Stantec share a common director; and other ‘due diligence’ issues..

    OWR search function – needs improvement.

  3. Stantec Inc, Edmonton
    Board includes:
    Anthony Franceschini, Esterline Techonlogies Corp + Aecon Group Inc.
    Donals lowrey , EPCOR Utilities Inc. + Capital Power Corp.

    Capital Power Corp., Edmonton
    Board includes:
    Donald Lowrey & on Board of Stantec
    Margaret Mulligan & on Board of Ontario Power Generation/OPG

  4. In the meantime – municipal election day – Oct. 27th;
    and, ‘green mayors’ are working on their campaigns!

    Premier Social Justice – needs all her – ‘green mayors’ –
    @ attention
    @ the local level of government –
    to continue – battle for ‘Climate Change’ –
    – because the Harper government will not declare –
    a war on ‘Climate Change’.

    Gee – I wonder what will happen?

    It’s about time?
    It must be a misprint.

    We’re rooting for Glen Murray, the new Ontario Minister of Environment and Climate Change.

    On June 24, 2014, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne renamed the Ministry of Environment as the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. It’s about time. According to the Office of the Premier, the purpose of this expanded title is to “work with other ministers and ministries to coordinate the province’s response to climate change,” on top of the MOE’s traditional focus on the pollution of air, land and water. It is the first time that climate change “has been an explicit part of a ministry title”. Hopefully, the new title will signal both commitment and resources to tackle this supreme issue of our generation, as well as fair and competent management of the MOE’s many other responsibilities.

    Note: Stephen Harper called the
    Kyoto Protocol aka
    Smart Growth aka
    Sustainable Development
    a communist plan.

    ‘[excerpt] For years, conservatives have said that radical environmentalism is little more than a front for a move to Communist tyranny. That assertion seems to have been proven with comments made by Christiana Figueres, climate chief for the United Nations, who said Communism is the best model for fighting global warming, the Daily Caller reported Wednesday.

    According to Figueres, China, the world’s top emitter of carbon dioxide, is “doing it right,” even though it has major pollution problems of its own.

    The reason, she explained, is that democracy is no good at handling something like global warming, with different parties arguing over policy. In fact, she said, political differences like those in the U.S. Congress, are “very detrimental” to solving the issue.

    The Chinese Communist Party, on the other hand, can simply dictate policy with no debate. Those who disagree can simply be tossed into prison or suffer a worse fate.

    “They actually want to breathe air that they don’t have to look at,” she said. “They’re not doing this because they want to save the planet. They’re doing it because it’s in their national interest.”’

    ‘[excerpt] The Chinese Communist Party, on the other hand, can simply dictate policy with no debate. Those who disagree can simply be tossed into prison or suffer a worse fate.

    With a Liberal majority – anything can happen;
    and, glaring everyone in the face – that could change everything
    – municipal elections!

    Go Rob Ford!…….and, it’s true – he is not a communist!
    Pick your local mayor – wisely – Go Ontario!

    • Yes – and, she was with him on the Keystone Pipeline – too.
      [you know the rest]

      Go Stephen Harper!

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