Turbines changing the landscape in Lambton County

2013 MLWAG mapSarnia Observer, Paul Morden
Fresh gravel roads cut through corn and soybean fields, and cranes swing on the horizon as the 92-turbine Jericho Wind Energy project rises this summer in Lambton Shores and Warwick Township. It’s the first large wind energy project in Lambton County that, until now, has only been home to three small sites with a total of 14 turbines. And, as wind projects often do, Jericho has brought controversy and hard feelings to the farm community.

“I often get painted by the brush of being too supportive of them, but I’m not,” said Lambton Shores Mayor Bill Weber, a retired dairy farmer and 14-year veteran of council.

Weber said he believes the municipality must follow the law, and Ontario’s laws allow wind projects to be built. “We have to do the best we can to minimize the impacts, without spending a lot of money to fight something that’s actually the law.” Read article


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    • It has long been conjectured that man, as a species, was altered genetically and why no missing link, in terms of foolhardy evolution nonsense, cannot be, and never will be found in the physical sense as far as fossils are concerned. In effect, we were given things that we simply just weren’t ready for; period. Knowledge and intellect is one thing while wisdom is quite another matter altogether. I have long put forth the notion that man has the ability to destroy itself a thousand times over yet no-one took the time to ask why? Pure madness and what makes it worse is that it has been our own creativity that has been used against us by those lacking the divine feminine creative soul, for lack of making it any simpler than that. In a universe of free willed consent, all that needs to be captured is our consent where all manner of trickery has been used, all the while, these corrupting entities are skirting the very edges of this most divine of laws to secure our abilities to be used against us. All these entities need is our consent to accept their
      reality: nothing more and nothing less.

  1. The Green Energy Act has never been court tested. So possible that it is not a valid law or parts of it are not valid.

    So where does this Mayor get off making a statement like this?

    • It is extremely easy to separate the wheat from the chaff however and it’s as easy as seeing all those that purport to be leaders, royalty, clergy, court, city and “law” officials as the most immature of all where it is safe to say they lack the wisdom to contain any soul whatsoever or have earned a long fall down in full awareness of what they have done with misused knowledge without wisdom. Regardless of any argument to the contrary, I paint them all with the same paint roller because they are known by their actions, the result of intent, the harms they create and do so wilfully with many lusting to harm. Ignorance is the biggest soul killer and those that are involved in any system control job or role with any soul are feeding the very beast that is draining them of this pure creation source. If one doesn’t care about oneself, perhaps start thinking of those around you to see if they may be worth your efforts to stand in truth.

  2. this Mayor and so many others are not leaders, they like to hear themselves speak but don’t realize that they are just creating a lot of acoustic pollution

  3. Those that have created the systems that control humanity by their consent, to be in and of the system, have no fear of reprisal in that they already have the consent to be the master where slaves can cry all they want, to no avail. Could it really be this simple? Absolutely it is because anything that anyone agrees with they are in spiritual contract with. Most are disillusioned regarding this because their own creative ability to think for themselves has been mind-conditioned out of them long ago. The schools and churches get their claws in us when we are very young and toss out gibberish and fairytales enmeshed with fear to make sure we may never doubt “their” teachings. Fear is the only knob on their control panel and once you know it’s powerless, you get to rip their knobs off.

  4. There is no point in rationalizing with people that are so lost in their own programming that isn’t even their own to begin with because they cannot see this. For those that have made it to this point of empathic, being ruled by the heart versus a corrupted by design mind, well done, but this is only the beginning of the real steps back into a magical reality. We have been well indoctrinated with fear so don’t be too put off every time you get that tinge of doubt as you continue forward into a long lost wisdom. Those tinges are merely indicators of still running programs that need to be destroyed. The only reason one feels they cannot do something is because we’ve been told from the get go that things like levitation and flying were impossible and we bought it. Try telling someone that they can change the world with but a thought and they will cringe in fear and self- doubt like good little robots. I use these tinges to show me what I still need to push through, as painful as it seems to be at times. No pain, no gain, know pain, know gain.

  5. There is only one thing that connects us to this system and one thing only. There is only one thing that grants any and all consent the system needs and desperately tried to keep hidden behind veils of legal chaos, designed to keep the intellect in full control, distracting us, keeping us fighting and going circular. It is the one thing that without control of, the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. It is so incredibly simple, very few can believe it, let alone accept it as true and even fewer that implement this truth into their reality. Everything in physical creation is claimed with this one simple contract and it’s one that you take from cradle to grave, everyone, save folks like me,
    have one and will literally fight to the death to protect it.
    Everything is registered through it rendering everything given away as a result which is why those thinking something is theirs and they’re fighting for it, renders them in full dishonour.

  6. The trick is complete and all-encompassing until you catch on and only then is the fraud, on a universal scale, fully revealed where you, for the first time in your lives, have a spiritual and causal leg to stand on. This one little “loop-whole” has been controlling humanity, sucking its spirit dry and it all goes back to the very first Hyksos Pharaoh called King Mene a.k.a. AHA and the Narmer Palette. If one has a NAME, one is separate from the unnamable source, disconnected from the true power of all creation.

  7. When one fully gets this, every mindless legal question becomes mute and powerless. You begin to step into the realms of pure creation you were taken from. This information is the true demon killer and these entities KNOW it and why they are ramping up every manner of distraction they can muster within ever tightening constraints. This is why the supposed freemen and the like are being kept in jails because for them to continue teaching the illusion is harmful where they and their followers are being kept safe from further delusions. All one need do is look at everything in the mirror to see the good in the bad and the bad in the good and how good is it for someone to be teaching legal remedies anymore? It is time for these idiots to grow up, put down their flamethrowers and start exposing the real trap of humanity instead of reinforcing it with their mindless greed and ego vengeance.

    • Denny….. My sentiments exactly!! Of course, I only have two undergraduate degrees and a graduate degree from three different universities so I couldn’t possibly contribute anything logical in response to non voter! I’ve simply “given up”!

      • He was forced out of his home by IWTs and could do nothing about it. So turned to other ways to try to remedy his situation.

  8. Thanks Barbara for the background info on non voter!!

    It helps to better understand where he’s coming from! I’ve sensed a lot of anger coming from him and it helps to better appreciate the circumstances that led up to his being “mad at the world”! I surmise that there’s a lot of pent-up anger, just seething under the surface, in many of us that, unlike non voter, have yet to experience the most debilitating and hurtful effects of the so-called “Green” Energy Act!

    My wife has been more severely impacted by health issues, I believe to be related to being in the middle of a wind farm, than have I. However, I will “act out” in anger more to protect my family than to defend myself! That’s part of the nature of “who I am”! It just hasn’t “boiled over” yet! My sympathies go out to non voter, and those like him! My apologies as well!

  9. Well said, John!

    Just for background information as Ontario sends power to New York:

    New York State Energy And Development Authority
    Board includes:
    Richard Kauffman, Goldman Sachs Group
    kenneth Daly, National Grid plc and Pres. of their New York operations
    Jigar Shah, Inerjys Ventures and on the Board of Greenpeace USA


    National Grid plc , US subsidiary has partnership with Emera Inc.

    Shah founded Sun Edison which had the First Light Solar project at Stone Mills, ON. Sun Edison was sold for ~$200M in Nov.,2009.

    And for Michigan people, Shah is now on the Board of Empower Energies, Troy, MI

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