Bluewater appeals Grand Bend wind project

democracy liberty freedomBy Terry Bridge, Times-Advocate Staff
VARNA – Bluewater has filed an appeal against an approved Grand Bend wind farm. The deadline to appeal the 40-turbine project was last Friday. The application went through their legal counsel, Eric K. Gillespie, who lodged the appeal on Bluewater’s behalf. The Ontario Power Authority selected the area as one of Northland Power’s projects.

The appeal is on the grounds of environmental and health concerns. Setbacks would fall under the health concerns category. The wind farm’s proposed location is north of Grand Bend and running north, east of Highway 21. According to documents on the project’s website, the closest turbine is 650 metres from Highway 21, while the majority of them are 1,000-m away from it.

“This is the first project that’s been accepted that’s going to be this close to the highway,” Councillor-at-Large Tyler Hessel explained. “Basically it’s going to be setback from the highway, which I think is like 500 metres or something. It’s not that far.” Hessel estimated the appeal process could go on for a few months, possibly into the next term of council elected this October. Read article

18 thoughts on “Bluewater appeals Grand Bend wind project

  1. “(The) last story I did clarified that Bluewater had repeatedly declared itself an unwilling host and that Northland was putting the brakes on the project until the appeals were heard” London Free Press.

    Much was heard of the “Unwilling host” resolutions from Wynne and Chiarelli before June 12; since then I have not heard either one mention it. If they were really interested in community approval, this appeal would hardly be necessary.
    Community involvement was for when Liberals were in a minority position, now they are free to have their way with residents, wind plants will be built wherever they want them.

  2. Has Eric or anyone ever looked into why only health and environmental issues are allowed in these ERTs?

    Is this legal or NOT legal? Just because this government says it’s legal doesn’t make this legal. The Green energy act should be court tested.

    There have been many so called laws that have been struck down by court reviews.

    Dictate to citizens that they can only object to what the government allows them to object to.

    • The court system is supposed to act as a check on the legislative branches of the government or least that’s how it’s supposed to work!

    • That’s a great point. Down Wind raised over $40,000 just to make an entertainment video, but nobody has offered up any money to actually fight it at the source. I guess it is recognized as a lost cause at this point?

      • This issue was discussed at OWR a couple of years ago but McGuinty left so people expected there would be a new government and this would not be necessary.

        Most efforts were devoted to electing a government that represented rural people and sadly this is not the case now.

  3. There are two holiday weekends coming up so opportunities to remind visitors in tourist areas of rural opposition to IWTs.

    • Court test of the Green Energy Act and the Charter of Rights action are two different things but there are likely elements of each contained in both cases.

      • OK it is confusing, the above case solicited funds from anti-wind supporters and was described as a first test of a Charter case against IWT development , this despite the Drennan case against K2 in ACW.

        Is the GEA not difficult to find against because property rights were deliberately left out of the 1982 Carter?

        It must also be said that Politically speaking, so important in todays court circles, anti-IWT is on the “wrong” side of environmental thinking.

      • There is the present Charter case which deals with Charter issues which were caused by the Green Energy Act and only challenges one part of the GEA.

        Testing the whole law or other parts of the GEA in court is different. Testing whether or not the GEA itself is legal or maybe parts of the GEA are legal and other parts are not legal.

        Right on with courts being in sympathy with iWT issues.

        Something to consider but more information is needed on this subject. Charter case maybe all that is needed?

    • The whole problem with court cases is they take so long to resolve issues.

      Right now the government has carte blanche to do what they please.

  4. Has anyone actually tried to ask in these appeals or council meetings if they are in legal or lawful. jurisdiction when they operate decisions for your communities?.
    As far as Barbara is concerned about is looking thru all this legal crap that does not appeal to the voice of people in this community.In fact it is criminal to do so when you expose it.
    If you care you should look at the truth,this is your key to unlock this devious corporate destruction.
    You all look for outside help to unlock your own doors,why give the keys to strangers of your town.

    • If you can’t afford “ammunition” then try to use the enemies “ammunition” against them!

  5. What gives here? censoring? or is the Wind baggers got a key to get in here to destroy comments? If this one works this would be my 5th time

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