Liberals full steam ahead with wind projects in Ontario

MPP Jeff Yurek asks the Premier whether she will listen to constituents in West Elgin and Dutton who have stated they do not want industrial wind turbine development.

33 thoughts on “Liberals full steam ahead with wind projects in Ontario

  1. It’s really hard to believe that the Premier is aware of what is going on. Clearly more voices need to speak louder and those defending our communities needs to do better at defining the difference between rational protest between renewable energy and IWTs -and to site all the money community members and municipalities have poured into keeping these out of our communities. An invoice to her outlining what we have spent to date on lawyers- the number of hours and that costs with our participation-would be a very loud voice.How do we calculate those costs?

    • Please everyone contact the Office of the Ontario Ombudsman today and let your voices be heard to Investigators who need to hear from you regarding their ongoing ‘Review of the Renewable Energy Process 359-09’. They need to hear from people who have used proper protocol to express concerns- in vain.
      Also I am told that the Office of the Integrity Commissioner needs to hear from all of us who have concerns about those who are benefitting financially at the expense of citizens.
      Along with donating to Human Rights Lawyer, Julian Falconer’s Charter Challenge, these approaches seem to be our most civil recourse.

  2. I believe the Premier is fully aware of what is going on in rural Ont, after all she appointed herself Agr Minister. Given she has no personal contacts with the counties, but officials in OMAF do, that is their job. More like her Green energy initiative takes precedence over any community protest.
    We just had an election 4 weeks ago, not only did she win but tripled her representation in rural MPs, as she crows in her answer (1 to 3 is still not great but very hard to accept)

    Elections do matter. Whether wind industrialization was an issue or not, Liberals will interpret the results as a mandate to complete their program. All talk of community consultation seems meaningless; can there be a community left who supports local development?
    She has stated unequivocally there will be no veto. That means Unwilling Host resolutions
    and other forms of consultation are now redundant. She has 4 years to complete her program.
    Only a financial crisis, (NY bond rating entities), or a major legal setback to the GEA can prevent this happening.

  3. Slumlord Wynne – and, her ‘renewable industry’?

    Oh I get it – she said rural Ontarians –
    are destroying the planet [and, she has evidence]
    with their rural lifestyle;
    and now – must pay the price.

    Volunteer to save the planet – or else;
    and, that’s what she said.

    I’m such an idiot!
    What’s there not to like?

    p.s. new word: slumlord
    p.p.s. Climate Change – the new government office – it’s large!

  4. She claims that wind energy is important. Ya! important to her cronies who are making money for the Liberal party, forget the fact that the AG noted how there was never a cost benefit analysis that justified taxpayer $$ to support inefficient, unreliable, non-dispatchable, and intermittent generation.

  5. One way to put Wynne in check is to get the separation discussion issue going.

    Big IWT money interests would be afraid of separation as well as the bond markets.

    When she speaks of being more open and transparent does she mean 1% more, 10% more, 25% more or all the way?

  6. This will come down as one of the biggest and most expensive mistakes in Ontario history what a joke.

    • Yep you got that right – this province is nothing but a joke on the taxpayers !!!! – one scam after another Wind Turbines – , Smart Meters and the Oil tank scam!!! – I could go on and on!!!!!! Wynne is incompetent to run this province !!!!!!!! – I urge everyone to email and keep emailing Wynne and the Energy Minister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      STOP THE WIND TURBINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Wynne no more believes what open and transparent means!!! -she is still on her good ship lollipop and is afraid to get off!!! to speak to rural Ontario!! – I wish she would come out to the Niagara Region!!!!

    • Wynne knows she doesn’t have to come out to rural Ontario anymore.

      Signs in rural Ontario about separation would make urban visitors aware of the situation as the GTA MSM will have a total blackout about a separation to protect financial interests.

      Two holiday weekends coming to take the best advantage of this and August is vacation time for many city residents.

      • Wait!
        Focus – and, profit
        Maybe we should consider – Improving Corporate Governance;
        and get rid of – ‘planet saving’ – municipal councils.

        Municipal Election Year!……..
        ………the one thing Premier Social Justice is focusing on…………

      • Hi Barbra ! – Oh I know Wynne knows that she doesn’t have to come out to rural Ontario!!! – I just like to keep making that point! – I also mentioned to her in my many emails today to her office!! instead of a nice basket of fresh Ontario cherries!! – many be she would like a fresh basket of nuts and bolts from a dismantled Wind Turbine!!!!! Wynne doesn’t have a ounce of common sense in her body!!!

  8. The time has come for complete civil unrest; Kathleen Wynne MUST HEAR US…We must totally unite and stop being polite. We must NEVER SURRENDER…NO always still means NO. Kathleen, how DARE you continue the rape of rural Ontario. BACK the Hell off or tax paying, loving, hard working people will show up in your grill with the TRUTH and we WILL push back…

    • Yeah I think Wynne gets it all the way to the bank!!! – like I said before if it doesn’t pertain to the GTA it doesn’t matter and that goes for most of Ontario!!! and when she does respond to you she passes the buck and the people she names!! will never respond to you!! – bur I keep emailing them!!!

  9. An interesting position to hold: “Watched their pristine land rural landscapes destroyed”

    I mean, perhaps that kind of comment is fine in the context of two MPPs who travel the province and are well aware of the whole story, but it is no wonder the onlooking urban Liberal voters don’t take this issue seriously. It comes off sounding like pure NIMBY-ism, which is what they already believe is our problem.

    Food for thought.

    • I’m sorry but this comment sounds like its written by someone who is either in the wind industry or is a wind industry proponent.
      Why is it that in rural Ontario our legitimate issues dismissed as NIMBYism but when its Toronto issue, gas plants are cancelled and Ontario gets an offshore wind turbine moratorium

    • There are so many owning stock, lending money, packaging investment deals in the GTA that Wynne can’t say NO to this crowd.

      Then there are the unions who directly benefit from installing IWTs and associated infrastructure. Can’t say no to them.

      Contractors of all sorts are making money off from IWTs and Wynne can’t say no to them either.

      Then anyone who objects to all of this is called a NIMBY.

      By the way all of this at the expense of rural Ontarians.

      Fix it so this bunch can’t make money off from rural Ontarians

      • Contact the Office of the Integrity Commissioner. There is an ongoing investigation. They need our input.

  10. Ontario legislature to break until October

    The Canadian Press Jul 24, 2014 01:56:34 PM

    ‘[excerpt] Queen’s Park members have agreed to pass a motion to adjourn the Ontario legislature until Oct. 20.

    Meanwhile, Ontario’s governing Liberals have passed their budget bill, which will see the province spend an estimated $12.5 billion more than it takes in.

    The final vote on the budget bill passed in the legislature 56 to 37.

    It’s the same budget that triggered the June 12 election, but when the Liberals came back with a majority, it was almost certain to get through.’

    Liberal baggage – to go to communist china – in the fall;
    looking for prosperity…….wholesale!

  11. I really think everyone should contact the OPA and see just how WE all can get a lot more clear on just how they partake in the importance and tiers of projects. And how WE get to have a say in what happens in our communities (ya like we have any say I know….)

    funny I found out that 4 projects were coming down the pipe in my area by the “draft stage” ad in the paper and local meetings (held in a completely different township I might add) but by then its all a done deal, so not sure how communities are supposed to voice opinions?

    I guess we should also be wondering if our townships have been also sold out to other proponants in oil, gas, solar or hell even dump sites or the next major waste disposal site too for the GTA ?

    not to worry because if it is coming, its all ready a done deal and we will all find out when the shovels hit the dirt. oh the fiberal ways…..its all a betterment for clean air….I used to have clean air before the thousands of vehicles came to put up stupid turbines.
    just sayin….

  12. Call the Ontario Ombudsman and speak to an Investigator regarding your experience with the Renewable Energy Process. They are doing a Review (359-09) currently and need to hear from all of us who have used proper protocol to voice our concerns, to no avail.
    The Office of the Integrity Commissioner also is doing an investigation and needs to hear from us en masse regarding those who are financially benefitting at the taxpayer’s expense.

    • What are the rules?
      If you are going to make a complaint – they must be relevant;
      and, if you do not reduce your wealth and health – a smidge –
      then you are wasting your time – complaining.

      According to Premier Social Justice – communities
      have been consulted.

      Gird your loins – and love it!

      Welcome to Liberalization – take a closer look!

    • I say move Queens Park – to ‘communist china’;
      and, save Toronto –
      from a repeat of Miller days!

      Go Mayor Ford!
      Go Mayor Ford!
      Go Mayor Ford!

  13. WUWT, July 24, 2014, Article by Dr. Tim Ball

    “Climate Science; Winning The Science Battle, But Losing the Policy War”

    Note figures: 1,2,4,5 & 6 in the article.

    Fig.3, 2009, 15 yr old students, Canada, with high level science skills is ~ 13%

    Figure 6, UM student body undergraduate majors data for 2013:
    Business, 4%
    Engineering, 3%
    Fine Arts, 2%
    Humanities, 35%
    Language, 5%
    Math, 5%
    Science, 7%
    Social Sciences, 39%

    So a good 80% don’t know much about math or science and if this holds true across other universities in North America then it’s easy to see why it’s difficult to explain IWTs to the general public.

    Rural populations have much more knowledge of environmental issues and farmers know about machinery too.

    Information that may help to put IWT issues into better perspective as to the difference in rural and urban people.

    • As it now stands, it is almost impossible to exaggerate the lack of basic knowledge of iIWTs that is held by urban Ontarians, particularly those getting their information from CBC or MSM of Toronto. I find it impossible to discuss wind plants with most city dwellers because they lack basic facts about the subject.
      Dalton McGuinty and his cronies have succeeded in implanting that small kernel of belief that IWTs are “good for the environment” , reduce CO2 “pollution”, get rid of “coal related deaths” and “improve air quality”. If any of these things were true, is it any wonder people are prepared to pay a “little extra” for electricity supply?

      At this point we have to admit that urban liberals have won the first stages of the public relations war. Not that we should stop putting forth the truth to all these claims, but it will continue to be an uphill struggle.

  14. Business Week, July 25, 2014

    “German Utilities Bail Out Electric Grid at Wind’s Mercy”

    “Germany’s push toward renewable energy is causing so many drops and surges from wind and solar power that government is paying more utilities than ever to help stabilize the country’s electricity grid.”

    Potential disruptions are increasing.

    The more solar panels that are installed in Germany the more votes there are to continue this policy of paying people to supply electricity to the grid.

    • Having built a very large voter base in Germany they now engage in endless discussions on how to make these renewable energy schemes work and how keep these schemes going.

      And the present Ontario government thinks that rural Ontarians are too dumb to know what’s taking place in Germany.

  15. Premiere Kathleen Wynne;
    this is what she said:

    “…some rural members, there are some rural constituents who would feel quite insulted…
    we have made changes to the process…
    towards municipalities that are open to them, and are interested in having them…
    if i could have rolled back the clock..that would be a good thing…
    but the fact is, we can’t…
    have a process that takes those concerns into account…
    to ensure that we have a renewable industry in this province,
    that we have the cleanest air, and cleanest energy anywhere”

    Kathleen promised:
    “to ensure that we have the cleanest air, and cleanest energy anywhere.”

    • Ontario nothing more than a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!! – and oh it is not a joke if you are on the Liberal gravy train!!!!

      STOP THE WIND TURBINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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