Ontario weighs Trout Creek bid

Ontario environment regulators are reviewing Sierra Nevada Power’s 9MW Trout Creek feed-in tariff project. The proponent, which bought the project in 2013, hired Ontario-headquartered Leader Resources Services Corp to develop, construct and operate the wind farm.

Sierra Nevada is a subsidiary of Colombia-based Santo Domingo Group, which holds 15% equity in SABMiller Plc, the second largest brewery in the world, and has holdings in hedge funds, private equity funds and direct investments. A renewable energy approval (REA) application for Trout Creek has been posted for a 60-day public review. Comments may be submitted through 9 September. Read article

6 thoughts on “Ontario weighs Trout Creek bid

  1. More billionaries waiting to cash in on Ontario with Washington connection too.

    This deal is covered in the OWR archives.

    Suppose the obligatory comments will have to be made but the outcome will be the same as all the others.

  2. “The turbines are sited on Crown lands that the proponent holds under Crown lease options.”

    well isnt that special, more at the trough of our once protected lands. who knew our crown lands were set aside all along for industrial turbines instead of what they were intended for.

    and gee it makes it all better knowing that a brewery has its interests being met, greed over everything.

    • Maybe the Americans who are against wind turbines will take note of who owns one of their favourite beer companies?

  3. Reporter needs a compass. Trout Creek is SOUTH of North Bay. Tilden Lake and Marten River are 40 to 50 km North of the bay. Not that it makes a difference except the geographically defficient people may think (and probably always will since its not in GTA) its desolate snow covered land. But these are the same people who voted the REDS in

    • Renews also incorrectly reports that the project is located in “Northern Ontario”, as opposed to being in Southern Ontario’s Parry Sound District / Almaguin Highlands cottage country.

      No point in upsetting / educating more urban Whateverites than necessary with too much information.

  4. Infrasound to tortur of people used by totalitarian countries like North Korea as punishment and to influence recognition during questioning

    Infrasound contains frequencies between 0-20 Hz generated by wind turbines that increase in power the closer to 0 Hz. Around 0 Hz is the raw sound about 100 dB
    A Power Point presentation with infrasound information.

    Infra sound’s impact on humans (animals?) Video

    Attenuation of infrasound in buildings: Dutch Dutch

    Continue research on infrasound and its impact op people and spread information.
    Curt Widlund

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