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  1. x attorney spills beans on the corruption. Like I have been saying all along you,me,us have been duped by these lying legal fraud and until you people in this IWT resistance gets this,there is no point in spending anymore $$ into a fixed legal corrupted fraud. Get this and see your wings fly to power you have. Quit giving your power and$ away to pigs.
    07/08/2014 – Episode 869
    Debra Atty – Ex Attorney – Rod Class Interview

  2. Some good information here, but:

    “Some leaseholders found that they had leased their farm and had lost control of where roads and turbines were built on their farm.”

    I have a pretty good idea of what case this refers to. It should probably be noted that landowners in question opted to not participate in the development meetings, which gave landowners full input into the process. These landowners only found they lost control after deciding to change the plans after they were already in motion, and even then it was due to government stipulations that prevented the last-minute desires from being fulfilled.

    Anyone who has dug into these projects will be fully aware of this case, and many similar ones, already, but I get the impression this newsletter is targeted at those who are green (no pun intended) to the subject and haven’t done their own homework. It greatly concerns me how often I see fear used to spread our message. Why not tell the whole story?

  3. If you lease your land without having all the particulars worked out then it doesn’t matter if you attend meetings or not. It’s the terms of the lease/contract that matters. Too bad if you sign something you don’t understand and didn’t bother to consult a lawyer before signing.

    Too many landowners think this is just like leasing/renting their land to grow crops on and it is NOT.

    These developers know that the vast majority of landowners don’t know anything about contracts.

    Fear is not being spread here. Just trying to inform people about what it means to sign one of these leases/contracts with a developer.

    A lease is a rental contract.

    • Options are also contracts and need to be explained to you by your own lawyer.

      Developers make sure these leases will favour them if at all possible. They are not going to install anything on your land that they haven’t got “sewed-up” by a lease contract that you can’t get out of.

    • In my research on this development, it was revealed that:

      1. The landowners did solicit the advise of a lawyer as a group.
      2. The landowners who did participate in the planning were able to direct the project on their land as they saw fit.
      3. The landowners who chose to not participate in planning did find that their land was used exactly as they agreed to.

      If a friendly reminder for landowners to read the fine print is necessary, that is one thing, but it somehow this newsletter makes the leap that landowners should never sign the contract because they might not read the fine print. That is simply not true. We don’t want to scare people into not signing contracts, we want them to have a full understanding of the issue so their can make informed choices.

      You seem to be well educated on the topic, but remember the average audience here. They will buy into any idea and run with it without even thinking about what they are reading. Again, we don’t want to play on that. It does nothing to help our cause. We, as champions for this problem need to be very careful about what we say.

      • You can find ‘average audience’ @ the theatre;
        where one – can –
        sit back – relax – and, enjoy the show!

      • What this website seeks to do is inform those thinking about signing IWTcontracts is that they should get legal advice. Otherwise they don’t know what they are getting into.

        If you sign an option to lease or a lease then anything that flows form signing is your responsibility.

        Some don’t seem to understand the responsibility part of a contract.

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