Nova Scotia seeks info on wind farm’s effect on lynx

lynxBruce Erskine, the Chronicle Herald
Provincial Environment Minister Randy Delorey wants more information on what impact a $110-million Cape Breton wind energy project might have on endangered Canada lynx. The minister said Friday he needs more information on the environmental assessment of the proposed 50-megawatt, 30-turbine East Bay Hills Wind Project near East Bay.

“During the environmental assessment review, it was determined that additional information is required to evaluate the high potential for adverse effects within the limited remaining habitat of endangered Canada lynx,” the minister said in a July 25 letter to Tom Bird of project developer BluEarth Renewables Inc. of Guelph, Ont. “Study methodology and project scope must be developed in consultation with, and to the satisfaction of, Nova Scotia Environment and Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources.”

BluEarth is developing the project, located on Crown land 50 kilometres southwest of Sydney, through subsidiary Cape Breton Hydro Inc. Read article

*Note: The company’s major investors are the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board and ARC Financial of Calgary.

21 thoughts on “Nova Scotia seeks info on wind farm’s effect on lynx

  1. Don’t do it!!! you do NOT want to be another Ontario!!!!!! – where the turbines have ruined peoples health!! – ruined farmland and ruined the wildlife!!!!!!!

    STOP THE WIND TURBINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Wikipedia, Canadian Hydro Developers, founded 1989

        Founded when Canadian Hydro secured a $1.3M in equity contract with TransAlta to build three run-of-the river facilities. Revenue from these plants was used in part to finance future plants.

        Jan. 2005, bought CREC
        Dec. 2006, bought Vector Wind Energy
        Bought GW Power Corp.
        Dec.2009, Sold out to TransAlta for $C5.25/shr

        Ontario wind projects owned:
        Melanchton 1, 45 turbines
        Melanchton 2, 88 turbines
        Wolfe Island, 86 turbines

        Developers and others have been allowed investment opportunities at the expense of rural Ontarians. Just collateral damage so some can make fortunes from renewable energy projects.

        This is not about preventing CO2 pollution.

  2. Notice they are just questioning the Lynx.
    Must mean people are just useless eaters and the priorities are to keep the natural animal species for the rich to admire after they kill off the majority of useless eaters for there gain.

      • I have no comment!!!!!!!!!!!!

        STOP THE WIND TURBINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Leaves one speechless! But at least this now out in the open.

        Rural Ontario has become an investment opportunity!

      • This situation is like a run away train !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – still no response from the premiers’ office or the energy ministers’ office regarding a number of issues re Wind Turbines!!! – like I said before I think she is running out of people to pass the buck off to!!! – went to Niagara on the Lake yesterday!! – talked with a number of people so called in the know re Wind Turbines – they have heard nothing!! – in my opinion I don’t think the government would touch Niagara on the Lake with a ten foot pole!!

        STOP THE WIND TURBINES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Canada by and large does not have a whole lot of land that is frost free long enough to grow food crops on.
        Many environmentalists and urbanites don’t seem to understand this situation about how long it takes for food crops to mature.

  3. “BluEarth” blue as in no pulse, how fitting..disgusting.

    This is quite a dilemma. The development, sensitivity to ltns and infrasound resulting from exposure to industrial wind turbines is a permanent, debilitating lifelong impairment. Where will be a safe place for these people to be?

    • 6′ under or FEMA camps provided from your Gov.,,unless we WTFU.
      And I don’t see that happening on this site.

  4. They don’t care about people not likey
    going to give a crap about any critters.

    The university of western is there right now doing a study on how to fix the process of doing a better job to sway unwilling host communities to accept
    them better ( bulldoze) Ont and nova scotia are in this study.

    Get ready nova scotia your going to be plastered by big wind. Sad days ahead.

    • Ya your probably right about not caring about critters they’ll just take DNA from the ones they want to populate in there garden of eden when all of us useless eaters are gone. Just enough salves to keep there [the rich&powerful] earth garden thriving.

  5. We Are Energy, Nova Scotia

    Emera Inc.

    By 2030 Nova Scotia is mandated to have 40% renewable energy.

    This is all about money and the need to get investments into renewable energy projects and NOT about pollution/green house gases. There is little or no money to be made by “green” investors in conventional sources of electricity.

    Follow the money!

  6. U.S. Energy & Commerce Committee, Washington, July 23, 2014

    EPA Can’t Get Carbon Message Straight”, press release

    Gina McCarthy, EPA: “The great thing about this [111(d)] proposal is that it really is an investment opportunity. This is not about pollution control.”
    This is about investments in renewables and clean energy.

    Read the press release at:
    Follow the link to the article.

    This is also all over the internet in news articles.

    Some have become so involved in IWT health and “noise” issues that they don’t know what else is taking place in this situation. Like the environmental and money issues.

    If developers had no places to install IWTs there would be no health and “noise” issues.

    • Hey Babara,

      You are spot on.
      The biggest obstacle for privateers – was obtaining land;
      and, they must have been shocked
      @ how easy it was to sign up farmers –
      and, gag them
      @ their own kitchen tables.

      It’s a massive land grab!

      • Hi Free Thinker!! – well put!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        STOP THE WIND TURBINES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. It’s so nice to know that the teachers have the children in the communities affected by this project in mind… Oh wait…..

  8. Hey Ontario!
    Premier Social Justice –
    can always rely on – a strong reliable bond –
    with Ontario farmers –
    …they don’t read;
    and, it’s controversial!

    What does the ‘house’ say?

    Energy & Commerce Committee
    United States House of Representatives
    Chairman Fred Upton

    Pollution vs. Energy: Lacking Proper Authority, EPA Can’t Get Carbon Message Straight
    July 23, 2014

    SAY WHAT???

    EPA Chief: “This is not about pollution control… It’s about… energy.”

    EPA Deputy: “This is not an energy plan… The rule is a pollution control rule.”

    EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy testified today before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on EPA’s proposed carbon standards for existing power plants. Describing the goal of the proposed rule under Section 111 (d) of the Clean Air Act, McCarthy exclaimed:

    “The great thing about this [111(d)] proposal is that it really is an investment opportunity. This is not about pollution control. It’s about increased efficiency at our plants, no matter where you want to invest. It’s about investments in renewables and clean energy.”

    But in previous testimony last month before the House Energy and Power Subcommittee, one of McCarthy’s top deputies at EPA, Acting Assistant Administrator for Air and Radiation Janet McCabe had a much different description of the rule. She testified:

    “Chairman Upton, this is not an energy plan. This is a rule done within the four corners of 111(d) that looks to the best system of emission reduction to reduce emission… The rule is a pollution control rule, as EPA has traditionally done under section 111(d).”

    It seems the EPA still cannot get its story straight. One point is for certain, the EPA is asserting new regulatory and enforcement authority over the nation’s electricity sector. And the proposed rule will negatively impact jobs and affordable energy at a time when our economy can least afford it.
    – See more at:

    What’s the compromise?
    when the Ontario government
    just opened ‘and funded’ – a Climate Change ministry.

    ‘climate change – and, a war on coal’

    So it’s a war!

    God – I hate politics –
    because – you have to focus on the ‘big picture’.

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