Goshen Wind Energy Centre approved by Ontario Ministry of Environment

Goshen transmission mapJohn Miner, London Free Press
NextEra Energy Canada has been given the green light by the Ontario Environment Ministry for a $300-million wind farm in South Huron and Bluewater municipalities near the shoreline of Lake Huron. The Goshen Wind Energy Centre will involve the construction of about 60 wind turbines with a capacity of 102 megawatts.

Both South Huron and Bluewater councils have passed resolutions declaring themselves unwilling hosts for industrial wind farms. The Goshen project, however, predates changes to the Ontario government’s policies that now require companies show local support in order to win a government contract. A spokesperson for NextEra said construction of Goshen will start in the next few weeks with site preparation, road construction and excavation of foundation sites. Read article

9 thoughts on “Goshen Wind Energy Centre approved by Ontario Ministry of Environment

    • They made those changes right after the election. It’s a Joke…not a very funny one…but as much a joke as the Liberals are. Might as well call him a Glorified Weather Man…first comes Summer….Climate Changes to Fall….Climate Changes to Winter…Climate changes to Spring. .They changed Global Warming to Climate Change….to save face since the Global Warming part was blown out of the water. I’m sure he’s as qualified to speak on Climate change as he is good at protecting the environment….

  1. “but the Goshen project predates changes to the Ontario government’s policies that require companies show local support in order to win a government contract.”

    Best to read all the fine print in a pre-election Liberal promise. If an unwilling host resolution had any meaning whatever, it would be considered in the approval process. It means nothing after june 12, Chiarelli has not mentioned the words since. Notice the condition that the plant will be completed in 3 years, neatly within Wynne’s government mandate. She has 4 years to complete her wind plant fantasy and with the help of the MOE rubber stamp process she will proceed to do just that. I cannot bring myself to utter the Orwellian MOE&CC, or whatever it is billed these days.

  2. This project will have 63 wind turbines and 15 of them will be in the Bluewater Municipality. This municipality had 37 recently installed and are now producing electricity. The next project in Bluewater and South Huron is the 40 turbine wind farm by Northland Power and it looks like 28 of them will be in Bluewater. It’s apparent that the Bluewater Municipality in total will have 80 wind turbines. This tells me that every councillor,and their relatives as well as employees should at least have one wind turbine on their property. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that some will have more than one.

    • Add in the 150 towers at K2 in Ashfield and the development for Armow near Kincardine and Huron-Bruce does become the designated depository for wind turbines in Ont.
      Forget about sunsets and West coast tourism, this is the ugly reality about to overcome the whole region.
      In Bob Chiarelli’s own riding there is a stretch of open land about 11/4 miles without a single dwelling. It is federal land and Ottawa greenbelt but still the wind surely blows there sometimes. Even a token 10 or 15 turbines would fit in, but totally unthinkable in todays political climate.

  3. This “Green Energy” bullish#t is a takeover of southwestern Ontario, using our money to STEAL our land; HARMING and KILLING the people and wildlife, destroying the flora of Ontario.


    Ms. Premiere you are as criminal and guilty as Dalton Mcguinty, Brad Duguid, Mike Crawley and the rest of the Liberal bandits. This will come to an end and you will pay, be accountable. TRANSPARENCY is coming down the pike. Your lethal, illegal runaway train will come to a halt.


    The Liberal government is banking on getting away with this because we, including YOU Ontario are a complacent, dumb downed lazy bunch of people who don’t give a rat’s as#. SHAME ON ONTARIO. Insulted? Then get it together Ontario. Ethics,values are not to be influenced or governed by money, “incentive” programs, BRIBES from industrial wind companies. Stand up, take action, defend what is yours.

    Those who do not reside in Toronto are considered the lessor of Ontario. Perhaps we are?!? Remember the activity of the G20 Summit held in Toronto a few years back? Perhaps a grander scale of activity is what will bring justice to Ontario?

    Those who have been forced from their homes, suffer ill health, know their days are numbered, BECAUSE of the actions of the Liberal government and the industrial wind turbines really have nothing left to lose…stand up..or lay down. THE CHOICE IS YOURS ONTARIO.This harmful activity will not go away in your ignorance.

    • Both the Ontario Ombudsman and the Office of the Integrity Commissioner have ongoing investigations and need to hear from all of us.
      The Investigators at the Ontario Ombudsman are doing a ‘Review of the Renewable Energy Process 359-09.’
      The Office of the Integrity Commissioner is doing an investigation of the profiteers of the industrial wind debacle.

      They need our encouragement, so email or call both now.

  4. Yes Henny, Been pushed out and had our lives upside down.
    This may be back wash but what amazes me that the key was handed to us in this site.
    Need to have all these so called authorities to act in lawful jurisdiction when you go to these meetings,court houses etc
    As these legal authorities all are in legal jurisdiction which is crowned owned not for the people. Which is all fraud as it not lawful as in common-law is for the people as we NOT corporations,are we not?
    So why have them make decisions as such but for the people.
    I cannot help but think it is so simple yet none wants to go there and they continue on with there onslaught and we bitch and complain,but we are the problem.
    I betchaa that some of these mayors would love to see us go to these meetings and spurt it out that we want to be in lawful truth jurisdiction,so they have our backing in doing this.
    This is all truth,proof me wrong. But I am already proof of being a witness thru my experience with there legal jurisdiction. But one is not going to do it. Cheers

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