Goshen Wind Project a Go in Bluewater and South Huron

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NextEra Energy will begin construction on the 60 turbine Goshen Wind farm in South Huron and Bluewater thanks to approval from the Ministry of Environment. Spokesperson Josee Hernandez says site preparation for the 300-million dollar project will begin within a few weeks . Hernandez says the fact that both communities have declared themselves unwilling hosts will not stop the project from moving ahead.

She says, “I mean, getting the approval from the Ministry of Environment basically states that this project has you know met all the requirements and that it is going to be a project that will fit in with all of the environmental sectors, all of the social, and all of the you know the studies that we’ve done to make sure that this project is a good fit”. Hernandez says they have addressed concerns expressed about the impact of the giant turbines on migrating birds like tundra swans. Read article

7 thoughts on “Goshen Wind Project a Go in Bluewater and South Huron

  1. Hernandez says the fact that both communities have declared themselves unwilling hosts will not stop the project from moving ahead.
    Well maybe if the community along with the mayor announce that we no longer wish to be in a legal fraud jurisdiction and begin with standing in truth and pronouncing that we now are standing in truth and in lawful jurisdiction of the people and declare all wind turbines a hazard to the people and as a precautionary principle WILL NOT ALLOW ANY TO BE BUILT IN OUR COMMUNITY
    As simply to be a unwilling host is to weak and lacking power which we do have but lost our way.
    Really who are you people? Fictions or real people with the right to decide for your families,neighbours and the health of your community.
    To allow this Hernandez pimp. parasite to invade your rights to peace is ridiculous and as for the MOE/rs they are nothing but corrupted public servants and need to be shown the doors.

  2. “Josie Hernandez”? But whatever happened to “Josie Bird”?

    ‘[excerpt] But it came as a shock to investors, who pushed shares in the $5 billion company down more than 10 per cent in pre-market trading Wednesday.

    The review stretches back over the last four fiscal years […]

    The company has hired independent auditors to look at its books and so far they have uncovered:

    – $70 million worth of operating expenses that were reclassified as capital expenditures on things like property, plant and equipment in fiscal 2013;
    – $110 million of similar expenses incorrectly classified in fiscal 2012;
    – $100 million in operating expenses that were incorrectly reclassified as royalty expense in each of the past two years.

    The company says the review is still preliminary, so those numbers and findings could change, adding that “The senior finance and accounting personnel believed responsible for the adoption and use of these practices have ceased to be employed by the company.”‘

  3. Lard ass josie-bird like” you know” basically says
    No one can touch the big wind experts.
    “You know” the ones that deem wildlife, children,residents,schools,farmland,
    livestock,radar stations,airports just to name a few things that aren’t significant….to such a big friendly company like hers….was
    Big bird booked or is she the new cartoon spokesman? If she is their really getting “you know” real bang of smarts for thier buck!

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