Power Bill Comparison: Ontario to New Brunswick

What do all those lines on an Ontario power bill mean? How does a Hydro One power bill stack up to a New Brunswick power bill? Here’s a comparison from recent billings:

HydrooneHydro One statement:

  • 3 lines for the differing Time Of Use charges (739 kWH costing $21.98+$18.90+$30.63 = $71.51)
  • Delivery charge ($78.94)
  • Regulatory charges ($4.78)
  • Debt Retirement charge ($5.18)
  • HST ($20.85)
  • Total ($181.26)
  • Less the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit ($18.13)
  • New Total $163.12
  • Real cost per kWH with the Clean Energy Benefit ($142.28 / 739 = $.22 per kWH)
  • Without the soon to be removed Clean Energy Benefit ($160.41 / 739 = $.25 per kWH)

NB-PowerNB Power statement:

  • Monthly Service Charge ($22.02)
  • Kilowatt-hours used (739 kWH @ $.105/kWH) costing ($77.60)
  • HST ($12.95)
  • Total ($112.57)
  • Bottom line cost per kWH, including the HST ($99.62 / 739 = $.15 per kWH)

In Ontario, this consumer would pay 47% more (including the Clean Energy Benefit), and will soon pay 67% more when the Clean Energy Benefit is terminated.

Harvey Wrightman

31 thoughts on “Power Bill Comparison: Ontario to New Brunswick

  1. Just wait until N.B. gets their IWTs installed and consumers’ bills will shoot up.

    In the mean time businesses will leave Ontario.

    Cost shifting business hydro rates/costs to consumers won’t work.

    And it’s almost becoming pointless to argue this whole situation with urbanites. The MSM is all that they believe.

    Wynne working with Heaps is like Wynne working with Strong. One example of how things are done now in Ontario.

    People thought that electing women to office would bring a kinder & gentler government but sadly this is not true. Things are the same.

    • Currently there is a moratorium on wind generation projects. The existing projects have not produced to their expected level of output. They have proved unreliable and have serious operational issues due to freezing weather (ice fog). NB Power does not include the output in its inventory of power generation. Furthermore, James Irving of Irving Inc. has publicly stated that the province, heavily dependent on its resource industries which must compete on a world market, cannot afford the luxury of expensive green energy. If you mandate green energy quotas and cripple the woods, the mills and the other resource industries here (mining, Irving oil refinery in St.John) with those costs, the repercussions would be severe for all of Atlantic Canada. Much of the province is rural oriented. The three major cities are only ~ 70,000 each. Civil life and politics are different and not dominated by a bully mega-city like Toronto.
      However, the outflow of youth to the west is an aggravation that underlies all other discussion. Note that even Premier Alward’s son works in Fort McMurray – does Kathleen Wynne share that pain? No one here has ready solutions and Maritimers have seen so many dreamy projects in the past (Clairtone, Brickman, etc.) that they view such promises with a jaundiced eye.
      I do appreciate the simplicity of the electricity bill. It speaks volumes to me about the people and organizations.



    The cheapest way by far to make electricity is by water falling. It is clean. It responds instantly to changes in demand. Its price is one sixth of that of wind powered electricity. And one third of nuclear.
    For decades Quebec has been transmitting its power from James Bay across the province and New Brunswick to sell in New England at a profit of 2 billion dollars. This provides Quebec with very low electric costs. New Brunswick gets cheap power through this.

    Newfoundland is now damming the rivers in Labrador, to create electricity to transmit across the Strait of Belle Isle –across Newfoundland, across the Gulf of St Lawrence, across the Maritimes to sell at huge profits to the States. So it will lower its own charges to the Newfoundland people.

    Ontario has 2200 sites north of the Great Lakes suitable to produce power for us at 3 cents a kilowatt hour. As we fight over oil pipe lines and Alberta tar sands – As we move from fossil fuels (electric cars etc.), these river sites can produce enough electricity for all of North America’s needs.
    We can have the lowest electricity in the world – drawing more jobs to Ontario.

    We have a Liberal Government who gave us the solar and wind turbine nonsense.

    Why wind turbines? They are not hidden in the north, but stick out for all to see to show the Liberals are green. And they go up quickly before the next election. See those Conservatives are not green.

    It is time we opened up our province owned power system to competition. Have the private sector develop the northern rivers for us and sell to the USA at huge profits and give us cheap electricity .
    So it is an attraction to have companies move here and create jobs and so lower taxes.

    Ontario is potentially the richest place on earth with huge amounts of untapped minerals, (Ring of Fire) vast forests, north of the Great Lakes, agriculture and an educated and multicultural people.

    The Liberals do not want to increase Ontario’s wealth, but redistribute wealth from successful people and give especially to Toronto.- (its subways, day care etc. )

    We have a choice of telephone, TV, gas oil, gas stations and all else. in our stores. But the Liberal NDP small minds think we must have the politicians run electricty. WELL we have high elecricity, gas plant scandals etc.. Free market works. PoliticiNS Lxj th intelligence and work in their own interests, not ours.

    • Problem is that there is no free market. States have enacted renewable power mandates that private power companies must comply with.

      Some U.S. power companies have also gone into the renewable power business with IWTs and solar projects because of the money that can be with these projects.

      Under these circumstances public or private power companies doesn’t matter.

  3. Here’s another one to add to the growing list of Liberal “…. brainwaves”
    How about the “proposed” new Lake Erie Cleanpower Connector from Nanticoke, Ontario to Erie Pennsylvania??

    Lake Erie Power Corp. (LEPC) says it’s ” developing the Lake Erie CleanPower Connector, a 1,000 MW High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission line that connects Ontario to Pennsylvania. This proposed Project will enhance grid reliability and stability, and will also enable the delivery of excess clean energy generated in Ontario to meet the growing demand for electricity in Pennsylvania”. (Source: “The Sachem” July 24, 2014)

    Wonder why there’s a “growing demand for electricity in Pennsylvania”?? Could it be that they’re looking forward to Ontario businesses and jobs moving to Pennsylvania for cheaper electricity “generated in Ontario”?? I thought the Liberals just wanted to eliminate “dirty coal”! I didn’t know that rural Ontario is now expected to be turned into a rural, industrial wasteland in order to provide cheap, “clean”, electricity to the U.S. Maybe we, in turn, will be given the opportunity to buy our food, other agricultural products, and manufactured goods imported from Pennsylvania. That is if we have the jobs to create the resources to buy those goods!

    I’ve got an idea!!!! How ’bout providing cheap, “clean”, electricity to the businesses and residents of Ontario?? Nah! Wouldn’t work! Such a strategy would give Ontario an unfair advantage in the marketplace and slow the progress of the “energy poverty” that threatens Ontario residents…. especially the elderly and poor!

    • I don’t see how industrial wind plants in SW Ont could ever provide green clean energy reliably to any customers. Wouldn’t US customers want reliable energy? What would they do on windless days?

      • Martin….. Simple! Send them energy generated by “reliable” forms in Ontario. Instead of spilling water over Niagara Falls, “blowing off” steam from nuclear plants, or scaling back gas plants, simply divert the excess energy across the border to supplement or reduce the impact of fluctuations of energy generated by “renewable” sources! Problem solved! Just have to convert the AC power to DC to make it compatible with the new HVDC transmission line. After all, we’ve got a surplus which will continue to grow as new wind and solar “farms” are constructed. = we can “sell” even more of our unneeded electricity at bargain basement prices. Sarcasm intended!

      • John E:
        OK but that model is built on exporting the surplus at about 1/3 of what it costs to generate it. The AG has pointed out the foolishness of this business model. Even Liberals know that subsidizing wind at 13.5 c kwh and exporting for 3 C or so, is not viable in the long term. We have already wasted over $1B with these exports, depending on how the calculations are made.
        One of the questionnaires Liberals put out 3 years ago crowed about Export “success” asking should we continue to pursue it. I didn’t think they would take their own rhetoric seriously.
        Unless Ont commits to investing in Gas, Hydro or nuclear plants soon, we may not have sufficient electricity for our use, never mind exports.

    • Consider the role of the environmentalists in this situation.

      Forbes, July 30, 2014

      “Breaking : Senate Committee Report Details Environmentalists Inner Workings”

      This is a 90+ pages report which includes the Tides Foundation

      Forbes has an article on this report at:

      Has charts on how billionaries funnel money to ENGOs.

      Tides and Tides Canada are connected.

      There is probably a PDF of the whole 90 page report on U.S.Senate website.

  4. Power plants are going to be closed in the U.S. including coal and nuclear without replacement plants.

    So now the individual states are looking to Canada to supply the needed power.
    Muskrat Falls, Naticoke, and Manitoba are going to help fill the supply gap of closed U.S. power plants.

    But storage for renewable energy is the big holdup.

    Are there any arguments that can be made about IWTs in rural Ontario that can overcome the amount of money to be made from these projects? Not so far and not likely that there will be.

    You can’t argue against money!

  5. Put the address on avery stickers and place them on the address to return to them. They cannot take them off and will send it to the address.

    • And oh by the way, The LORD of London is in England but it is a separate country of its own a 10 square mile of fraud, Just like Washington DC and the VATICAN the house of frauds. Who knew that? The keepers of all your birth certificates to steal your soul your currency $$$. this goes way back and the reason for all our debts and loss of your rights thru legal frauds and the enslavement and loss of peaceful communities .
      The light at the end of tunnel is you getting your true rights but you got to know this fraud to end these contracts Simple

  6. Martin…. I know, as well as you, that we pay more to generate the electricity than we get for it! Do you REALLY think the Liberals have caught on to this fact?? If so, why are they continuing to destroy viable agricultural land to install massive numbers of “renewable” energy installations? If, indeed, making it here and sending it across the border doesn’t make sense, why do we continue to do it and why is the “Lake Erie Clean Power Connector” even being considered? As I said in my earlier comment… “Sarcasm Intended”!

    • This is not about making sense but is about making money!

      These are investment opportunities to get rich on.

    • I am beyond knowing what to think with Liberal policy. Certainly there are energy analysts outside the political sphere, in government positions that do know how foolish such a business model is. Just as the AG has pointed out.
      But if Ont’s economy ever rebounds completely the current surplus of electricity could soon evaporate, that is when the opportunity cost of not investing in sane, reliable energy sources will become apparent. If Ont ever approaches the share of “renewable energy” brandied about by Chiarelli, God help us all!
      I still think (hope) that financial constraints will put the brakes on some of their green fantasies.

      • A lot of damage will be done to rural Ontario before the money runs out!

    • John, Ever heard the word fools As in your public servants All this leads to why is this happening. Road map to X terminate folks from rural areas. Agenda 21 and price the hell out of resources that they control. All propaganda and map for our demise

  7. the equation – ‘doesn’t add up’

    (“It’s an iterative process.”)

    How convenient?!

    – They can’t prove it positively reduced pollution.
    (Can you believe it?)

    “Does it hurt? Oh good – that means it’s working!”

    But, “it wasn’t about pollution control!”
    The goal: was to establish an industry.


  8. I think the next step will be this….


    Carbon-neutral fuel is synthetic fuel (including methane, gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel or ammonia[1]) produced from sustainable or nuclear energy used to hydrogenate waste carbon dioxide recycled from power plant flue exhaust gas or derived from carbonic acid in seawater.[2][3][4][5] Such fuels are potentially carbon-neutral because they do not result in a net increase in atmospheric greenhouse gases.[6][7] Until captured carbon is used for plastics feedstock, carbon neutral fuel synthesis is the primary means of carbon capture and utilization or recycling.[8]

    We will put Wind Turbines and Nuclear Plants next to the coal plants and recycle the CO2 — except we closed the coal plants…

    I think that trying to analyze lunatic policy simply turns one into a lunatic from the stress of trying analyze poor engineering. Over-unity motors anyone?

    Seriously — what’s the point of discussing this anymore… we can;t stop the damage. We can;t stop the growth of the Ontario debt (about $300 Billion and growing). Better to just move on — and away!

    At some point people have to recognize the situation is hopeless.

    • Oh – I get it!

      “We can do nothing!”

      & other “self-fulfilling idiocies”

      • Yeah I guess so….

        How have we done so far discussing/arguing/debating with the Ontario Liberal Party and the Green Goo Monsters?

        Just askin’

    • Wikipedia, Rene Descartes

      “A man is incapable of comprehending any argument that interferes with his revenue”

      Scroll down to Descartes

      Rural Ontarians are facing the above situation. Can’t argue against money and there is plenty of money involved in this IWT situation.

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