Pictures of NextEra & Suncor destruction in Middlesex & Lambton Counties

Sometimes I have to force myself to write a single line, because I’m so spitting mad – this is one of those times. Just look through these pictures taken on a “nice country drive” along the border of Lambton and Middlesex counties, where 92, no… plus 44, oh and 45, 38, 20  turbines are going up. You do the math. And all the transmission lines need to connect them to the grid.  So you have to sacrifice a pile of beautiful oak trees, no biggie – it’s all to help the big green dream. Trust Toronto, they know what “green” looks like – not an oak tree (you silly country bumpkins!) – wind turbines and steel trans poles are the image of “natural”!

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Then there is the proximity of these poles to our roadways- what the hell – they are FEET from the road! Is anyone monitoring this? Where are the road supervisors? The OPP? The Ministry of Transportation (I know, tack a LOL on that). Except there is nothing funny about this at all.

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38 thoughts on “Pictures of NextEra & Suncor destruction in Middlesex & Lambton Counties

  1. Rural Ontario is ripe for the taking just like any other so-called “natural resource.” Humans are now deemed expendable, fodder for so-called “collateral damage.” As long as urbanites, i.e Torontonians, are not sacrificed, all else can be justified in the name of saving Earth.

    Let’s see now: if Earth had a choice between keeping human-dense big cities or low density rural areas, which would she choose?

    • Migratory birds, who have been using the same airways since time gave them to the earth, are collateral damage too; and bats, whose lungs are exploded – like having the bends…. I feel powerless in the face of obstinate grim blinded purpose.

  2. This is truly shocking and Wynne and her cohorts of the NO MORAL COMPASS PARTY (formerly the Liberals) – have proven time and time again they don’t care!!!! – but these pictures hit you right to the core of your being!!!



    Lyn G.Jukes
    (905) 662-9339

  3. I see this mass destruction everyday in and around Shelburne and soon Southgate, first it makes me so very sad, I weep for the loss of life of flora and fauna and then, the anger sets in

  4. Off hand can see at least a dozen trees gone in the photos.

    TD Bank did an environmental estimate on the value of Toronto trees at ~ $900/tree. So well over $10,000 worth of trees in these photos.

    Maybe a tree count could be done when you drive by this kind of destruction? Also removing places for birds to nest.

    And the USW should be happy with all the steel poles that are being installed.

    • CLEANTECHNICA, June 29, 2010

      “In a partnership that illustrates the powerful currents at work in today’s environmental movement, the United Steel Workers labor union has joined with the American Wind Energy Association and BlueGreen Alliance, an organization that includes other labor unions, the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council, to produce a blueprint for new green jobs in the wind power industry.”

      This article helps to put things in perspective for rural Ontarians.

  5. As I look at the faces of the rural people who are in the photographs which are constantly changing at the heading of this site, and I see the images you’ve provided in this article, I’m realizing how important it is to let all holiday visitors to our rural regions know that we are not passively accepting this outrageous imposition on our beautiful countryside and on our precious lives and homes.
    Tell everyone about our combined ongoing efforts to resist this unbelievably poorly planned and orchestrated energy expenditure in this province. Convey this story in such a way that you inspire compassion from urban relatives and friends for our plight. We’ll reach a turning point in this education process this summer, if we all work together.
    The ‘Down Wind’ documentary will help to mend strained relationships and encourage people to support fundraising for the Charter Challenge and other legal actions that will be necessary to protect all victims. Get a copy and encourage as many as possible to watch it NOW.

  6. Is this true?

    More anti-wind power appeals dismissed
    by Jennifer Kalnins Temple on July 31, 2014

    ‘[excerpt] The ERT decision noted that, “[a]ll of the participants and presenters testified to their sincere and significant concerns that the project will result in negative health impacts to them and to their community,” but as “has been consistently noted by the Tribunal, mere speculation or concern will not satisfy the legal test, and the Tribunal must have reliable evidence upon which to base its findings, on a balance of probabilities.” The Tribunal noted that it has considered allegations of human health impacts caused by wind turbines several times before and the appellants have never been able to establish any harm would be caused, much less serious harm.’

    • But, in 2010, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment’s hired expert found this:

      Ontario Ministry of the Environment RFP No. OSS-07869

      Howe Gastmeier Chapnik Limited
      (HGC Engineering)
      2000 Argentia Road, Plaza 1, Suite 203
      Mississauga, ON
      L5N 1P7

      Brian Howe, MEng, MBA, PEng
      December 10, 2010

      ‘[excerpt] The audible sound from wind turbines, at the levels experienced at typical receptor
      distances in Ontario, is nonetheless expected to result in a non-trivial percentage of persons
      being highly annoyed. As with sounds from many sources, research has shown that
      annoyance associated with sound from wind turbines can be expected to contribute to
      stress related health impacts in some persons.’

      This is not “harm”?

      • Well that depends.
        I mean – with so much mind bending going on about……..
        Anyone know why the word is – so – over used?

        Never mind – let’s pretend we are happy;
        and, call it offsetting our feelings –
        while our communities are being trashed……..
        …….by license!

        Is that diverse enough?

        Ontario municipalities – will soon be a case study!
        … diversity!

        Offsetting schemes –
        Vibrancy funds can offset ‘bio’ diversity;
        and, good causes result –
        in a call to action;
        with some blitzing –
        and, making mysterious discoveries.

        Where’s the harm in – offsetting schemes?

      • Technical distinctions are made between “direct” and “indirect” effects.
        No matter what they’re called, they all impact people negatively.
        Carmen Krogh does a good job of explaining this in her talk,

      • Regarding the Ontario Government (or the lack there of) GOOD GOD GIVE ME STRENGTH!!!!!! – lets face it they have to some how justify their means of existence !!!!!!!! it truly is sickening !!!

        STOP THE WIND TURBINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Nothing matters but getting IWTs installed in rural Ontario.

    The developers, banks, environmentalists, and USW want IWTs in Ontario. and others making money off from theses want this.

    Health issues, “noise” issues be damned!

    From now on decisions on what to do should be based on this knowledge.

    • Hi Barb!! you got that right!!! the government and everybody else who has a stake in this turbine scam could care less about you or I – including the premier of this have not province !!! and the Energy Minister doesn’t have enough guts to email me back!!! – I told him that he thinks that he is a one man show!!! truly sickening !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      STOP THE WIND TURBINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Went through a Samsung construction zone, in Haldimand County, this afternoon. One flag-man swung his “SLOW” sign toward my windshield as we were going by. I guess he thought my definition of “SLOW” didn’t match his! This attempt at intimidation is totally unacceptable. After all, how much speed is attainable from a STOP sign at one end of the construction area to the other end (a distance of less than 1/4 km.) with a 1.4 litre engine and going well below the posted limit?? No one was placed “in danger” other than ourselves by this “hot-head”!! Next time I’ll be prepared with a “new” definition of “SLOW”. See if he still wants to swing his sign at us! 5kph sounds about right!!

    • In our neighbourhood, where K2 Wind is going full steam ahead, there are men working on every road I need to take to get anywhere. I am doing my utmost to not be unkind to them. I truly believe that they haven’t a clue what they’re doing regarding our homes and our family’s future. I’m certain that for them, the relief of having a job and income is all that is important to them.
      It was through desperate financial circumstances that neighbouring lease holders signed on as well. All they wanted was a guaranteed annual income.They felt financially vulnerable after the 2008 global economic collapse.
      The real blame lies elsewhere.

      • What the liberals know:
        Well calculated – with liberal mayors!

        All Politics – Are Local Politics

      • This is the kind of economic fear that was instilled in people at that time. by media hype. Canada was in no danger of economic collapse and I did explain this to people that I know who were worried that the Canadian dollar would collapse and banks would go belly-up.

        From the information that you know about, then this tactic could have been used to get people to sign options and leases?

  9. Not sure that local councils know who the parties are that are pushing IWTs on to rural Ontarians.

    A concern for local elections this coming fall?

    • There are some involved in “green” energy who want to eliminate all present conventional sources of electricity and instead only rely on renewable sources for electricity.

      This so happens to be the source of the “new” wealth/money for themselves. Not much money to be made from conventional power sources.

      Developers and others claim they can mitigate/fix health and environmental damage caused by IWTs.

      You can’t prove that damages will be caused by IWTs because you can’t prove future events and that these damages can’t be be mitigated/fixed.

      You can predict and speculate about future events but you can’t PROVE future events and this is how developers get away with this mitigation/fixing problems with IWTs. Then they can claim no future damages will occur.

      Large land areas are needed for wind and solar due to energy density factors. But rural people are getting in their way with their resistance to these plans and money making schemes.

      Rural people are just regarded as collateral damage in this fiasco.

  10. PERC/Property And Environmental Research Center, May 14, 2014

    “Eminent Domain & Energy Infrastructure”

    “Now, the development of both renewable and unconventional fossil fuel energy sources are raising eminent domain issues again, as utilities have state grants of eminent domain power to take land for transmission lines and pipelines.”

    Today’s infrastructure projects are more intrusive, larger and higher voltage.

    Eminent Domain easements can interfere with hunting rights.

    This article deals with property easements.

    • These photos for this OWR article show just how intrusive, large and high voltage these IWT power project lines are in rural Ontario!!!

      Also show the tree destruction that is taking place to install these IWT power lines!!!

      Keep the photos coming!!!

    • FindLaw
      Right Of Way

      1. An easement or servitude over another’s land conferring a right of passage.
      2. The area over which a right of way exists.
      b. The land used for a public road.
      d. The land used by a public utility for transmission lines.

      Ground Lease
      A lease of land usually for a long term consideration of the payment of rent with the agreement that the leasee build or improve a structure on the land. Also called a building lease.

      Use search for: Lease

      Legal terms should to be kept straight.

    • Cash Lease Agreement – Agricultural Lease

      Government of Saskatchewan website

      A land lease agreement is a legal document that sets out the terms of an agreement between a landlord and tenant.

      Website explains what an agricultural land lease agreement is.

      There is a difference between agricultural land leases and the “commercial” IWT leases.
      Both are real estate law issues.

      Land lease options are also real estate law issues and best to consult a lawyer before signing these options.

      • Investopedia

        Land lease Option

        “For corporations, lease options allow them to reevaluate operations based on leased land in the future, before locking themselves into very long-term contracts.”

        Options are done for the benefit of the company and not the landowner.

        Visitors to OWR like to have information all on the same page.

  11. Would Frederika Rotter live in a toxic, electricity-generation industrial wind turbine zone?

    Ripley Wind Project company buys out four homes
    ‘[excerpt] However, last February [2011], before an environmental review tribunal in Chatham, Environment Ministry lawyer Frederika Rotter said:

    “We will see in the course of this hearing that lots of people are worried about windmills. They may not like the noise, they may think the noise makes them sick, but really what makes them sick is just the windmills being on the land because it does impact their property values. That’s what makes them sick is that, you know, they’ll get less money for their properties, and that’s what’s causing all this annoyance and frustration and all of that.”

  12. Most rural people have their life’s work tied up in their homes and farms. So a loss in value of this property causes a great deal of worry.

    Worry causes stress and stress can cause illness.

    There are some companies that are both in the IWT business and consumer goods business in both Canada and the U.S.

    So who needs to purchase their products? Money talks!

    There are Canadian banks involved in financing IWT projects. So who needs to bank with them?

    The OFA has promoted IWTs but no one takes action about this situation.

    • i actually came across a site that had google, mars bars candy, ikea just to name a tiny few investing in wind.

      you see everyone see’s a scam and money to be made so even these very unlikely companies need stakes in wind farms. What a joke! Maybe our fiberal government should have put stocks for retirement for the ontarian tax payerss that will be broke subsidizing them.

    • It appears that the present government has become a surrogate for those who make money off from IWTs in one way or another.

  13. Do the investors care that wind turbine sound engineers didn’t accurately predict what the sound emissions would be, and/or how wind turbine industry lawyers represented the facts?
    Credit: Noise from Hoosac Wind Project turnbines angers some | By Scott Stafford, Berkshire Eagle Staff | 08/10/2014 | ~~

    ‘[excerpt] ? CLARKSBURG – News that noise coming from the wind turbines in the Hoosac Wind project exceeded state standards has some of the project’s neighbors calling for action, and others shrugging their shoulders. […]

    Of these tests, there were three instances where the noise exceeded the 10 decibel level by as much as 7 decibels.

    “That is a violation under state standards,” Coletta said, noting the project’s owner, Iberdrola Renewables, will “have to mitigate – put in practice a policy that will bring (the noise level) below state standards.”’

    ‘Amplitude-modulated noise from wind turbines’ – how come Ontario regulations neglect to account for this?

    ‘[cont’d] The idea that one neighbor can hear more noise from the turbines than another neighbor nearby was addressed in an independent Health Impact Study commissioned by the DEP and issued in January 2012.

    “Propagation of sound is affected by refraction of sound due to temperature gradients, reflection from hillsides, and atmospheric absorption,” the study reported. “Propagation effects have been shown to lead to different experiences of noise by neighbors.”

    The study goes on to say that the “audible, amplitude-modulated noise from wind turbines (’whooshing’) is perceived to increase in intensity at night (and sometimes becomes more of a ‘thumping’) due to multiple effects.”’

    Wind turbine supporter describes IWTs “as the Model T.’ Ha!

    ‘[cont’d] For Haviland, who retired from teaching language arts and history at Conte Middle School six years ago, since he hardly ever hears the turbines, the noise violation was not a big deal.

    “The way the climate is changing, we have to do something,” Haviland said. “And I see these turbines as the Model T. Can they get better? Yes. Will they get better? Yes.”

    As for reported health risks associated by some with nearby wind turbines, the Health Impact Study determined that “none of the limited epidemiological evidence reviewed suggests an association between noise from wind turbines and pain and stiffness, diabetes, high blood-pressure, tinnitus, hearing impairment, cardiovascular disease, and headache/migraine.”’

    What about the “association” between IWT & adverse health effects discovered by:
    – University of Waterloo Renewable Energy Technologies and Health group;
    – Dr. Hazel Lynn, MOH, and Dr. Ian Arra;
    – Health Canada


  14. Now this is second hand news – but comes from a very reliable source !!! – stating that environment Canada is have difficulties assessing the weather – due to the WIND TURBIINES!!! – now how is that for a kick inn the pants!!! – and you talk about putting the cart before the horse!! – Wynne should be shutting this fiasco down!!!!!!!!!!

    STOP THE WIND TURBINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I Barb!! what is that old saying – if you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen!!!!!!!!!!!!! – and she most certainly hasn’t surrounded herself with creditable people!!!!

        STOP THE WIND TURBINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Wynne doesn’t have any IWTs near where she lives and I doubt the MPPs she surrounds herself with have any IWTs near them.

    There are newer model IWTs with longer blades can be used in urban settings. So put these damn things in the Golden Horseshoe and see what happens then!

    Move them to urban settings close to where
    they claim is where the needed power supply is!

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