Letter to Auditor General for Ontario from NAPAW

Master Resource, Sherri Lange
To: Ms. Bonnie Lysyk (
Auditor General for Ontario)       (Letter of August 11, 2014)

protest-london-not-clean-not-green.jpgDear Ms Lysyk,
Please consider this letter as an urgent formal request for a complete and impartial audit for all matters pertaining to the Green Energy and Green Economy Act, 2009, and its false assertions and negative results for Ontario: these misrepresentations include vigorous job creation, suggested cleaner air space, the ability to create energy facilities, wind and solar, in particular, in a cost savings manner, or competitive manner.

The Green Energy and Green Economy Act has suggested with not a little hyperbole, that it will “spark” growth in “renewables sources in Ontario, while creating savings, and producing 50,000 jobs, direct and indirect,” and “make a positive contribution towards climate change objectives,” whereas in fact the GEA threatens to eviscerate the economy of Ontario and Canada as a whole. The factual results of the GEA are of economic chaos, massive job losses, environmental degradation of the highest order, a decay of our treasured environmental protections in law, and yet uncounted human health and productivity costs. Read article

8 thoughts on “Letter to Auditor General for Ontario from NAPAW

  1. Well done Sherri !!!


    Forbes, July 30, 2014

    “The Billionaire’s Report calls attention to Deputy Administrator for EPA Bob Perciasepe was the former Chief Operating Officer of the National Audubon Society. The EPA Region 9 Administrator used to work for the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund as well as the NRDC.”


  2. Your letter leaves us breathless Sherri! Bravo! This brilliant letter can not be ignored. Gratefully yours, Mayor Mike and Melodie Burkett.

  3. Would it be a good idea to get behind this excellent letter somehow and let the Auditor General know how many of us want an immediate response?

    • YES!!!!! That is a very good idea Sommer. If the Auditor General received hundreds of letters like Sherri’s then they may kick in and expose this scam publically. Please, someone post the Auditor Generals email address.

      • Attention Auditor General of Ontario, Bonnie Lysyk:

        By now you have had time to fact check and investigate the information sent by Sherri Lange of NAPAW on August 11th, 2014,


        regarding the request for an in-depth, impartial analysis of the misrepresentations of financial matters of the ‘Green Energy Act’ as it pertains to the wind industry in Ontario under the current Liberal government.

        The silence from your office is deeply disturbing to me. My concern is that you will betray the public trust by not responding to this plea for an urgent response.

        Please consider the ramifications of negligence in this matter for the citizens of Ontario. This issue is of grave importance.

        The publication of the letter sent to you by Sherri Lange has made the details of the Green Energy Act’s misrepresentations and your response of crucial concern to people throughout North America.

        Please do not delay.

        with respect

      • Ontario’s Auditor General, Bonnie Lysyk, promotes fraud?


        ‘[excerpt] Identifying that some people who have one or more acknowledged risk factors prior to Industrial Wind Turbines beginning to operate provides information about predictable health problems which may ensue with exposure to infrasound and low frequency noise. You don’t have to be a trained doctor or research academic to come to that conclusion, but clearly the knowledge attained from years of study and subsequent clinical practice does put a formerly registered practising medical practitioner in a position where her expertise can be utilised, as an expert witness in this field, without her currently “practising” medicine.

        The complete lack of critical thinking used by members of the Ontario Environment Review Tribunal who used such irrational logic to determine whether someone has the ability to offer a hypothesis, is mind boggling at best and disturbingly suggestive of bias at worst.’

      • Right! She is still a physician even if she is semi-retired.

        Why wasn’t someone there to challenge this in the proper way? The fact that she turned in her license to practice just means she gave up prescribing/dispensing opiates for which you need an active licence. And she no longer woks for the government health care system as she is retired?

        Someone needs to look up the Australian regulations about this situation. They may not be the same as Ontario has.

        Seems to me that these lawyers know this but got away with it?

  4. Why not sent this letter to the Wlall Street Journal since these issues also include financial issues as well?

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