Bluewater to use turbine tax $ for appeals against wind projects

IMG_0899Pat Bolen, Times-Advocate
A motion put forward by Hay West Coun. John Gillespie that the Bluewater administration look at the idea of creating a reserve fund in the amount of taxes received from wind turbines was passed following a discussion.

Gillespie said the tax received is $600 per turbine per year and acting Bluewater chief administrative officer Bruce Grant said the Municipal Act says reserve funds can be set up at any time. Gillespie said the fund could be used to pay for appeals against wind turbine projects and the motion was passed to have the report looked at by staff and bring it back to council. Read article

4 thoughts on “Bluewater to use turbine tax $ for appeals against wind projects

  1. This reminds of the days in Ottawa where the separatist MP’s (BQ party members) were on the payroll of the Federal Government but their objective was to break up Canada. Is there another name for hypocrisy?

  2. I’m getting Canada Pension and Old age pension – and I spend much of my time fighting the gov’ts – all of them on every level. It amuses me that gov’t money enables me to do this. I sympathize with the BQ as far as that goes – I don’t see any hypocrisy in it. They were straight up about what they were doing – more than you can say for most of the rest of them.

  3. Exxon Mobil’s CEO opposes fracking regulations and claims environmental concerns are overblown, but when another fracking company proposed to start drilling near his $5 million horse ranch, he filed a lawsuit to stop them.

    Now THAT’s hypocrisy

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