When green energy kills

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3 thoughts on “When green energy kills

  1. sorry – I can’t stand to watch more than about 5 seconds of Ezra Levant – friend of Tar Sands, supporter of Conservatives. I have a pretty strong stomach, but there are limits. He isn’t 100% wrong all the time, but he is a piece of sh*t and I wouldn’t ever want anyone to think he was on the same side as me on anything. A stopped clock is right twice a day – but it is still a useless item.

  2. The Liberals and NDP are also supporting IWTs and solar parks in Ontatio. People who call themselves Conservatives, Liberals, NDPs, Green Party are in the renewable energy game in Ontario or support this.

    Money doesn’t care about which party you belong to.

  3. There isn’t much difference between the parties, except when they ask you to bend over, the Cons think it’s funny to put sand in the Vaseline. Sun Media thinks that’s a good idea. They don’t actually care about birds or anything else – they just want to knock the Liberals to support the ‘sand’ man.

    And none of the parties care where the money comes from. In a free society, we get to choose the colour of the shaft – and with or without sand.

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