Bow Lake makes wind farm fight tough

wolfe-islandTom Mills, Sault Star
Every time I travel to southern Ontario I stumble across more great potential wind farm sites that have yet to be exploited. With a government that continues to stack the procedural and legal deck against those who oppose the intrusion of wind farms on their neighbourhoods, you might expect to see turbines almost everywhere.

But it would take a sharp eye to spot one anywhere near the GTA. Wind-energy-watching is much easier in Algoma, Bruce and Chatham-Kent, which house about a third of Ontario’s turbines. In a past column I mentioned the Toronto waterfront, where offshore wind turbines were seriously proposed. Then a Liberal government moratorium in 2011 put an end to the foolish notion of locating green energy generation where it might be consumed.

I’ve also suggested turbines be put in shopping malls, industrial parks and other places of large-scale ugliness within the bounds of the Greater Toronto Area. One reader came up with the very feasible idea of lining Highway 400 with turbines from Barrie to Canada’s Wonderland. Read article

7 thoughts on “Bow Lake makes wind farm fight tough

  1. Article said in part “….One reader came up with the very feasible idea of lining Highway 400 with turbines from Barrie to Canada’s Wonderland…”
    Actually, lining highways with large WT’s will introduce a new issue…the impact on snow deposition, drifting, whiteouts etc.
    Have you seen the new WT’s close to Hwy 124 north of Shelburne? It is inevitable that the wakes behind these WTs, and spatial pattern of the flow around these closely-spaced WTs will affect snow deposition and swirling etc.

  2. OTPP doesn’t have a big stake in this project but it is enough to attract other investors to invest in BluEarth projects which is worth plenty to this company.

  3. DP Energy, Co. Cork, Ireland

    Canadian Project: Bow Lake,ON, for project information

    Two principal shareholders of DP Energy companies:
    Maureen De Piero
    Simon De Piero


    DP Energy Ireland Ltd., Est. July, 2001, Co. Cork

    Current Directors:
    Simon De Pietro
    Maureen De Pietro

    Has pay for financial information on this company.

  4. Calgary Herald, May 25, 2014

    “Marlo Raynolds to run for federal Liberals in new Banff-Airdrie riding”

    Raynolds who lives in Canmore and works at a green energy company was also former executive director of The Pembina Institute.

    Marlo Raynolds joined BluEarth Renewables, Inc., Sept.4, 2012 as Vice President of Market Development.

  5. ARC Financial Corp, Calgary

    Investments include:

    BluEarth Renewables Inc., Calgary

    “The management team from BluEarth previously founded and ran Canadian Hydro Developers Inc., a company in which ARC was an investor and which was sold to TransAlta Corp. in 2009.”

    Arc Financial has C$3.7 billion of capital across seven ARC Energy Funds. Equity investments range from C$25M to C$100M.

    Canadian Hydro Developers was involved in the Wolfe Island IWT project.

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