Middlesex turbines spinning

Adelaide WG MacDonald SchoolLondon Free Press, John Miner
Starting construction of the final two wind farms it has on the books for Ontario, Florida-based NextEra Energy says it has an eye out for more opportunities in the province. Ben Greenhouse of NextEra said the company is closely watching Ontario’s new procurement process for green energy projects and would consider building and operating more wind farms. “This is our business,” Greenhouse said Tuesday.

NextEra Energy announced this week that it has started supplying electricity to the grid from its two recently completed wind farms in Middlesex County — the Bornish and Adelaide wind farms. Earlier this year, NextEra announced it had commercial production from its Bluewater wind farm in Huron County. Read article

10 thoughts on “Middlesex turbines spinning

  1. Evidently, Kathleen Wynne feels Ontarians – not Torontonians, of course – ought to be willing to sacrifice their very lives to support this get-rich-quick scam perpetrated by Ontario Liberals, CANWEA and this American corporation. Not to mention the miracle of avian migration which could be relegated to history as more of these monstrosities are built in important bird areas along the Atlantic flyway.

    Wynne will be judged accordingly in the annals of history as a woman who seemed to care, but didn’t.

  2. Does Wynne even have any say or control over this situation anymore?

    She doesent know $hit from shinola about energy matters anyway!

  3. As I stated before we live in a democratic dictatorship !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    STOP THE WIND TURBINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Henry -I fully agree with you! I live in a rural in the Niagara Peninsula !! I went into Bimbrook and there are the big killing machines!! – this province is a joke!!!

  4. This makes me absolutely sick. No peanut butter products allowed in school but let’s expose our children to infrasound…lacerations in the brain, nose bleeds, vision and hearing impairment, bone damage.
    “Welcome back kids! Hope you had a great summer. You are about to experience the effects of industrial wind turbine on your health!”
    It’s “the frog in the pot of water” scenario: throw a frog in a pot of boiling water, it’ll jump out. Put a frog in a pot of water and slowly bring it to a boil; the frog will stay there and die.
    This is NOT a science experience. These are the lives of our CHILDREN. This is CRIMINAL.

    Infrasound and low frequencies can penetrate tissue and bone. The sensitivity is cumulative. It is permanent.

    I advise every parent to pull their child from this industrial wind DEATH trap.
    There is no amount of money, no community vibrancy fund worth the price to be paid for these killing machines.

    Is the Wrightman family the only family who had sense enough to take their kids away? Come on people, the risk is not worth it. Turning a blind eye does not make it disappear. The DANGER is real. The life of one child is too much; not acceptable. Literally…community…bring down the turbine. If someone was putting poisonous gas in the air, would you breath it in? Would you want your kids to breath it in?

  5. Henny,
    I totally agree with you. But you do realize these children live surrounded by them at home not just school so far 80 someodd turbines are seen without much difficulty in turning your heads and this is only the start!

    Many kids are leases thanks to the parents and uncles,and good old grand
    parents! You have to leave the township not just the school. And every other township that’s slated for them. And we all know so far that’s all of them isn’t it?

    It’s a pretty crappy place to be. So far lots of places up for sale hope they like turbines.

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