Protection requested from NextEra’s ‘100-acre spaceport’ substations

5-Transformer Stationby Gord Whitehead, Middlesex Banner
NORTH MIDDLESEX  – Council has authorized its municipal planner to assist in negotiating permanent neighbourhood protection from the massive hydro transformer and switching station immediately southwest of the hamlet of Nairn. 

Calling commercial wind farm developer NextEra Energy’s Parkhill and Evergreen substations a ‘monster rising out of the ground” and a ‘100-acre spaceport’, adjacent property owner Clyde Walton is aiming for a site plan agreement to be registered on title. The beleaguered neighbour says NextEra’s Ben Greenhouse has been open to discussion but Walton is concerned that Greenhouse will be leaving to supervise other projects, those left behind will be unaware of promised safeguards and that NextEra could eventually find another owner for the operation.

North Middlesex Planner Barb Rosser, Mayor Don Shipway and Chief Building Official (CBO) Vic Stellingwerff have joined Nairn area neighbours in a series of discussions with Greenhouse about the substations’ construction explosions, powerful lighting that shines outward and the need for buffering, fencing and control of runoff drainage. Read article

14 thoughts on “Protection requested from NextEra’s ‘100-acre spaceport’ substations

  1. This is getting so out of hand the cancer in the sky turbines!!!!! – is just makes you sick!! – this Liberal government no more cares about you or I I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – but I keep emailing her!! asking her if she cares and to stop these so called Wind Turbines!! not only is it killing the wild life and farms and making peoples SICK!! our hydro rates most certainly have not gone down!!!

    STOP THE WIND TURBINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. the promises of Ben and company are worthless if they aren’t spelled out in detail on paper. Then they are only questionable. Nextera and Suncor made all kinds of promises to Sarah Hornblower about not making her autistic kids suffer, but then reneged on all of them. Only when she was about to make an ERT appeal based on the problem did they get her to sign a gag order and came to some arrangement with her. We don’t know what it was but unfortunately it left others in the neighbourhood with no protection. It seemed to some of us that they must have been very concerned about her testimony getting into the record as they fought very hard to keep her out of the Jericho appeal when the appellants tried to subpoena her to get her testimony.

    • Just think Bob —
      the whole “Industrial Wind Energy Facilities”
      (& everything after),

      Because Sarah Sarah Hornblower Hornblower
      is only one (1) person person,
      with only one (1) signature signature!

      Oh! but! wait!

      She signed [this] twice?? How could that be??

      • Some people are too busy “makin’ bacon” to see the “Big Picture”.

        How could that be??

        Gag on this concept: “I’m all right Jack, so don’t you wind whiners be bothering me with your little IWT problems, I’ve got bigger pork to procure …

      • So you bet – on humans;
        turns out: they’re stupider than you thought.
        And now it’s 2014 (AD).

      • Over-dramatic?
        Here’s another recent example from the Washington Times:

        “Maryland’s Democratic governor, Martin O’Malley, has bestowed his blessings on the project, saying the massive array of whirling wind turbines will provide a safeguard “against rising sea levels caused by climate change.” “

  3. All these people who still believe it’s the Liberals they have to worry about…. It’s the government, stupid. Doesn’t matter who gets in – same thing happens. Young people recognize this so they don’t vote. Older people who’ve been lied to over and over again, and they still believe the liar who tells them what they want to hear. Like Charlie Brown kicking the football that Lucy holds. Wake up Charlie Brown!

    Wind is getting gusty outside – I’m hoping to see some turbines get overheated and catch on fire.

  4. This is being sold as doable using stored energy and super computers. But all the transmission lines will be exposed to sever weather events and very increased security issues.

    Only a few days ago a short severe storm knocked out power to thousands in southwestern Ontario in about 5 minutes.

  5. How long until the people of Ontario literally bring down the turbines?
    Dale Goldhawk this morning, a woman was whining about the noise of airplanes flying over her house. Lmfao

  6. Nanticoke- PJM Inter-connector, update:

    PJM Capacity Performance Proposal, pages 4-5
    Executive Summary;

    Eligible sources for Generating Performance will be generators capable of sustained, predictable operation for 16 hours per day for three consecutive days.

    So power from Ontario via the 1,000 MW HVDC line to Pennsylvania will have to guarantee this much power supply to get a PJM contract.

    Electricity supplied or backed up by Ontario nuclear, hydro and/or gas generation sent to the U.S.?

    • Have those interested in this Nanticoke Lake Erie cable been able to piece information together on this project?

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