NextEra Wins Court Battle

NextTerror lawyerBayshore Broadcasting, by Kevin Bernard
(West Grey) – NextEra has won the latest court battle for its plan to build fourteen, 80 metre tall wind turbines east of Durham. The Ontario Divisional Court has handed down a ruling in the dispute over entrance permits for the 23 megawatt development.

The Court basically tells West Grey to get on with negotiating agreements that will allow the company to proceed. It ruled although the municipality can issue oversize permits and entrance permits but they can’t be used to hold up provincially approved projects like wind turbines. Read article

8 thoughts on “NextEra Wins Court Battle

  1. I think the only thing that will protect people in the end is class action lawsuits for damage to property values and and loss of enjoyment of their homes by the fact they can’t live in them because of the noise.

    • Unfortunately can never be won as proponents have the time and the money and as we have seen time and time again, have the judicial system in their pockets

    • Keep track of all incurred expenses due to needing to protect your family from adverse effects. Document all health care details. Document all details of property value losses.
      A class action lawyer has advised that individual CAs would be targeting individual IWT companies simultaneously, but separately.
      Investigation is ongoing into whether the Liberal government or the Green Energy Act Alliance would also be the target of a class action.
      If people passively leave their homes or if they simply accept adverse health effects and loss of property value due to turbines in close proximity, then they are setting a dangerous precedent for our collective future. There should be zero tolerance for collateral damage from the ‘green’ energy agenda in this province.
      History is being made in this province with this IWT debacle. Let’s protect our human rights collectively.

      • Sommer,
        Leaving home has not been passive or acceptable for these people at all. This terrible situation has been forced upon them leaving them desperate, helpless, and very ill.
        The passive ones are those who do nothing, perhaps do not care, until of course, these harmful debilitating industrial wind turbines encroach on their own properties and they experience the devastation and illness first hand.
        So, where do the people who have left their homes get the funds and support needed to continue their battle against these companies for the harm they have inflicted, the lives they have destroyed? Where is the support?
        Completely exhausted mentally and physically, these victims have given every thing they have. Some people have died-becoming ill after the iwts have moved next to their homes; and it is suggested that these people not set a precedent for other Ontarians?!
        I suggest the passive Ontarians who are still able tto live in their homes, free from illness, get off their asses, have compassion enough to help these people who so desperately need it; so they themselves, will not experience the same devastation.
        The storms a coming; time to do something about it is NOW. Being complacent, picking up the pieces after the storm…is not acceptable. Shame, shame on them.
        Those suffering desperately need the help of their fellow Ontarians; not only to weather the storm, but to shelter and protect those who are still able to live in and enjoy their homes.
        Where are your heads, your hearts people? What about our constitutional rights? Have you forgotten those who went to war and died so that we may have the life we may currently have, but others in Ontario no longer experience?
        What the Liberal government has harmed and killed people, wildlife, and have caused destruction to beautiful Ontario. It would have been much easier for the people of Ontario to be blanketed with a cloud of gas. rather than to endure the harmful effects of exposure to infrasound.

  2. The numbers show that we really need this power…

    In summary, the figures show that these three major nations of the Western world have spent about ~$0.5trillion to create Renewable Energy electrical generation capacity nominally amounting to ~5.8% of their total generation. This capacity could be reproduced using conventional natural gas fired electrical generation for ~$31 billion or ~1/16 of the costs expended.

    …like we need a hole in the head… or our pocket.

  3. Canwest News Service, Jan. 22, 2009

    “Four ex-PMs push for green budget”

    Turner, Clark, Campbell & Martin

    “The groups say some of the money could be raised through ‘green bonds’ which they say have been popular in Europe …”

    “Environmental activist Tzeporah Berman, executive director of PowerUp Canada, who lobbied the former prime ministers to sign the statement, ”

    Berman is now a former Greenpeace activist.

    Groups pushing for the multi-million-dollar stimulus included:
    Pembina Institute
    Environmental Defence

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