Jericho wind project construction ahead of schedule

july aug 2014 149By Paul Morden, Sarnia Observer
There’s something new on the horizon east of Forest. Wind turbines, 92 of them, are rising over the corn and soybean fields, and over the woodlots and farmhouses, as NextEra speeds through construction of its Jericho Wind Energy project. Construction began in the spring and 52 of the 92 turbines were up, as of this week, putting the project ahead of schedule. The project is to be wrapped up later this year.

“It’s nice to say that,” said project manager Jeff Damen. “We’re striving to get construction done before the fall hits.” Conditions can get windy then, and that’s not good for a project that relies heavily on the work being done by four large cranes, and approximately 20 smaller ones.

The more than $400-million project is creating some 200 construction jobs, and is currently at the peak of activity at the turbine sites, as well as a large temporary construction yard along Thomson Line in Lambton Shores. Crews have been working steadily, building roads, digging foundations, pouring concrete, erecting towers, raising blades and other components into place, and erecting 117 transmission poles to carry the electricity 17 km to where it will connect to the grid. Each base has 350 cubic metres of concrete, reinforced by 40 tonnes of steel, to anchor a tower that comes in three sections to be topped with the cell holding the generator, a nose cone and three blades. Read article

4 thoughts on “Jericho wind project construction ahead of schedule

  1. Was this the project where a legal challenge based on a Charter appeal against the GEA was launched? Anyone know how that turned out?

  2. Alberta supplies oil to international markets

    Ontario is trying to position itself as a supplier of electricity FOR SALE to other markets.

    These Ontario renewable energy projects are INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES to provide this electricity that will be sold.

    Those involved in these schemes don’t care what happens to rural Ontarians as long as they can make money off from their various schemes.

    In other words they don’t give a damn what happens to you out in rural Ontario.

    Some local governments are all too willing to participate in this affair in one way or another.

    • The big banks are helping to finance Ontario IWT installations. Does anyone not think they also have connections in Ottawa?

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