Request for Support for Stay Proceeding- London on Sep 22 & 23

supremecourt_gavelThe SWEAR/HEAT Stay Court Proceeding with Julian Falconer and team has been scheduled for Monday, September 22nd and Tuesday, September 23rd in London. The proceeding starts at 10:00 a.m. on Monday morning. We are hoping that lots of people will come out and show their support by peacefully protesting outside the courthouse and respectfully attending inside the court room. Your attendance would be so greatly appreciated. The location for the Stay Hearing is as follows:

London Courthouse
80 Dundas Street
London, ON  N6A 6B3

The full Divisional Court Hearing will be held November 17-18-19. The location for this Hearing has not been set as of this date. We will let you know when the location has been confirmed. Please circulate to your fellow supporters. For more information on the court proceedings please contact Dave Hemingway at Thank you. See you on the 22nd!

Anita Frayne
Secretary/Treasurer, SWEAR

4 thoughts on “Request for Support for Stay Proceeding- London on Sep 22 & 23

  1. Yes I hope that allot of people show up!!! – come on people show them that we can’t be pushed around!!! show them that we can stick together!!!

  2. We have been advised that it will be a one day Hearing – Monday, September 22, 2014.

    The proceeding starts at 10:00 a.m. on Monday morning.

  3. I suggest to arrive early and join the protest out front of the courthouse. Join the protest. Take it to the street.
    Call the cops prowindies and waste more taxpayer money and the time of our officers. It will be a peaceful demonstration as always. If you want to request police presence in another attempt tarnish the reputation of anti wind victims, go for it. Personally, I would appreciate it.
    Perhaps the media would like to report on the event, why Julian
    Falconer has been hired to challenge our charter of rights.

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