Council to vote on annual wind farm funding deal in South Dundas – Other projects pending

2014_06010083By Greg Peerenboom, Cornwall Standard Freeholder
One of the more controversial issues that faced South Dundas council over the past term is back on the agenda Tuesday. This time, however, wind farm representative Ken Little hopes the questions won’t be as grilling as past experiences.

Little is asking for South Dundas council’s acceptance of a $30,000 annual fund provided by EDP Renewables to South Dundas for hosting the 30 megawatt South Branch Wind Farm. The money would likely target the immediate Brinston area where the 10 wind turbines are located.

The draft agreement was not available to the media on Monday. Previously, Mayor Steven Byvelds had indicated that EDP would like to have some say in how the funds are allocated. The $30,000 fund was agreed upon in principle when South Dundas was notified of the South Branch project before construction took place last year. The wind farm began operations last March. Read article

3 thoughts on “Council to vote on annual wind farm funding deal in South Dundas – Other projects pending

  1. $30,000 ? A mere pittance compared to what other municipalities have been “promised”. With a municipal election less than 6 weeks away I don’ t believe this council should be making decisions that perhaps their new council would not have approved. Unfortunately, councils are allowed at this point to make decisions up to $50,000 before, during and after an election right up to inauguration day December 1.

  2. The first priority should be to those folk whose health has been compromised, whether it means buying out their property at real market value plus 20% plus moving/relocation costs or turbine proofing their home, outbuildings & total property. Probable cost =several mil..
    Next expense must be to compensate all property owners for the lost value of their properties which is 25% – 100%.
    Next up is to somehow mitigate all the damage done to wildlife habitat and the surrounding environment.
    They will need to learn their ‘times table because 30k is a f-ing joke and wanting a say in how to spend it is a huge joke as they’ll basically dictate something that makes them look like good corporate citizens which of course is probably the biggest joke of all.
    It should be closer to between $3 & $30 million / year. Those are the cold, hard facts, period.
    Boot the bastards out of Ontario now or face generations of depressions until they’re long gone and Ontario is rebuilt by a good honest Conservative government, as has always been the case in Gutless Ontario, now the joke province of Canada.
    Liberals f -ck everything up big time, then they’ve no choice but to elect Conservatives to fix all the damage. If they had half a brain they’d leave Cons. in charge for at least a few more 4yr mandates to build a truly great province like Alberta the top Canadian province by far, with Canada’s most intelligent people , best tradesmen/trades women teachers and all other professions.
    Ontarios best and brightest go west to prosper in fields where merit is king.

    • Alberta has its own problems with organizations like Pembina which have spread into Ontario.

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