Politicians trade blazers for blue jeans in rural Ontario at plowing

wynne sarniaAdrian Morrow, The Globe and Mail
Kathleen Wynne is working the crowd at the International Plowing Match when rural anger and urban power abruptly collide.

“We’re gonna have no farmland left from them windmills! And my hydro bill is way up,” a man standing amid the makeshift bleachers in a farmer’s field an hour north of Toronto tells her. “You need to go to Southwest Ontario and see.”

“I have been there!” Ms. Wynne protests. “I’ve been all over.”

Liberal MPP Arthur Potts, recently elected to represent a downtown Toronto riding, jumps in. He tries to argue that the man’s higher electricity bill has nothing to do with the turbines. No dice.

“You’re a liar,” the man shouts.

“Am not.”

There is always bound to be a little awkwardness at the IPM – a rite of fall for Ontario politicians – as the province’s leaders ditch business dress for blue jeans and clumsily mount tractors to proclaim their love for the countryside. But it is even more acute for the Liberals now, in light of the unpopular Green Energy Act, essentially a subsidy for wind and solar installations, and an election in which the Liberals scored a majority mostly by appealing to city and suburban voters.

The Premier contends this only makes it more vital her caucus be here. “It’s very important the MPPs are all out among the crowd, talking to folks … because many of them don’t have rural sections in their ridings,” she says. For the most part, such practical concerns take a back seat as glad-handing legislators try to find a little pastoral romanticism to burnish their political brands. Read article

3 thoughts on “Politicians trade blazers for blue jeans in rural Ontario at plowing

  1. But did Wynne ever come to rural Ontario to see the environmental destruction just caused by installing these IWTs?

  2. She visits her family in Orangeville just a few miles from the 49 turbine Dufferin wind power abortion and the 130 turbine Transalta mess in Dufferin County, but she won’t meet with any residents who have been forced from their home. She’s a proper piece of S**T

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