Huron County groups asking for injunction to stop construction of two wind farms

london courtBy Jane Sims, The London Free Press
The round of applause in the packed London courtroom was just one small sign of how jangled nerves are in rural Ontario when it comes to wind farms. During arguments when three farmers were asking a judge to stay renewable energy approvals — and effectively shut down construction for the time being — for projects near St. Columban and Goderich in Huron County, the lawyer for one of the corporate interests suggested the court’s decision could have wide-reaching effects.

“If you follow the logic, you should shut down the wind farms across the province,” said Christopher Bredt, lawyer for the K2 Wind project near Goderich, There’s nothing the crowd who came to London from as far away as Windsor and Ottawa wants more.

The drive for renewable energy has set up a David-and-Golaith storyline, pitting farmers against corporate giants. On Monday, the struggle was back in court with the request to stop the renewable energy projects until constitutional arguments can be made before the divisional court Nov. 17. Read article

4 thoughts on “Huron County groups asking for injunction to stop construction of two wind farms

  1. Thanks Lyn. It is deeply disturbing from within Huron County as well. When you see properties zoned residential and recreational surrounded by turbines in close proximity, it seems like the decisions of placement were made with the intention to do harm to these residents.

    • Hi Sommer! if there is anything that I have learned being around people involved in politics !! is that there is always hidden agendas !! and they don’t care about you or I until voting time!!! – this is why it is so so important to keep this issue regarding the wind turbines front and center!!

      STOP THE WIND TURBINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I live in Huron County and it certainly seems the placement decisions were made to intentionally harm residents. They surround us – several within 1 km. It is devastating.
      The landscape is trashed – like some kind of alien invasion from “War of the Worlds”.
      It is very intimidating having them loom over us. There is a sense of impending doom.
      We are very worried about noise and negative health effects (if /when they go on line).
      So much stress!!!

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