Jericho Wind Project – NextEra workers collide with each other!

I received a call just as I was returning home from work late yesterday afternoon.  There had been a turbine-related collision on the corner of Northville and Cedar Point in Lambton Shores.  My fearless 15 year old son and I instinctively raced to the car at the same time, dinner ingredients abandoned on the counter.

I figured the main road of Northville would be blocked so we took the back roads to the scene.  Part way down Cedar Point there were several construction trucks parked on the side of the dirt road.  They flagged us down and a worker told us we had to turn around because the road was closed.  I asked him what the problem was and he said there had been an accident.  I told him I was driving on a bit further to take a look.  Of course he said we were not allowed.  Of course I ignored him and drove around the trucks to the site of the collision with the worker shouting after us.

We parked a safe distance away and walked to the scene where we were greeted by workers telling us we could not be there.  All the construction workers, emergency response personnel and OPP were standing around so we concluded the emergency was not life-threatening.  With ipad and cell phone in hand we proceeded with capturing footage of the collision.

It appeared the transport carrying the turbine tower component traveling north along Northville Road was turning east onto Cedar Point.  The backend of the tower sits on an independently operated trailer that was being manually manipulated to turn the wheels.  Looks like whoever was steering turned the back of the trailer into a sucker truck’s fuel tank, spilling diesel fuel onto the shoulder of the road and into the ditch.  Why the sucker truck was so close to the turning over-sized load I have no idea.

NextTerror tells us they have not had any accidents in our communities; they tell us they take safety seriously; they tell us we have no reason to fear.  Anyone living in these massive construction areas knows only too well that our beloved communities have been turned into a free-for-all for the hundreds of construction workers and their equipment with little regard paid to the well-being of residents.  We must be vigilant and continue to expose the truth of what’s going on in our communities across Ontario.

Please send in your photos and experiences to OWR so that we may all know.

Marcelle Brooks

20 thoughts on “Jericho Wind Project – NextEra workers collide with each other!

  1. And, it’s probably doubtful that anything gets into the newspapers. Of course there are no accidents 🙂 they don’t publish them. I wonder if the fuel was cleaned up…

    • well yeah, I was thinking the same. A similar thing happened earlier this year in NextEra’s Bornish project. Around 8:30 in the morning a school bus was hit at a corner of side road by a dump truck working for the wind company. When a resident drove by there were no police. When he contacted the police they didn’t seem to know where it had even happened. Strange, it being a school bus and all, normally this would be a huge concern. Except that school buses are used to transport wind turbine workers… so as long as it’s ‘just between friends’, I guess accidents don’t get accounted for, especially if they can keep residents from seeing it happened as they tried to do here with Marcelle.

  2. re: this and Muriel’s letter – sorry to have missed the excitement, but good to know there are sisters keeping the forces of evil accountable.

  3. I heard it on the Sarnis news early this am. What it did not say that it was turbine relate, but given the location and that it identified that it was an oversized vehicle in the collision, I figured that it was turbine related. Can’t believe or yes I can that our news media is also being manipulated by the big wind companies. If this had of happened at any of the oil companies in Sarnia the Media and especially the MOE would have been all over it!! Way to go to whoever who took the pictures! Keep it up!

  4. Hahahahaha

    Next ERROR no accidents oh that’s funny!

    Well we all know different in living in their projects.

    I guess they have a different view on what defines an accident.
    Well, lets see…tipping equiptment off trucks, ditching large vehicles, fires, hitting other vehicles….ya that would about do it! Nope no accidents to report, look away folks nothing to see here!

    Next error your sooooo stupid!

    Good work getting those shots!

    I bet they were all cringing including the police escort as even under his wasted taxpayers monies, overtime salary pay watch, his presence doesn’t do squat now does it!

  5. Log onto the sarnia observer and you will see a very abbreviated story of an oversized vehicle hitting a pumper truck. Absolutely NO mention of the wind turbine. Very obviously this article was meant to be swept under the table. Freedom of press? We are going down a very slippery slope. How sad and how very scary. We need to bring this to the attention of others!

  6. South Kent & Summerhaven wind projects:

    Surespan Wind Energy Services Ltd.

    South Kent: Samsing & Pattern Energy, RES Canada was the general contractor along with Surespan.
    Summerhaven , Surespan , contractor

    Surespan has an office in Oakville, ON and headquarters are in the Vancouver, BC area.

    Surespan Group is a group of companies out of B.C.

    Nigel A. Bester is founder and principal of this group of private companies.

    • Grand Bend Energy Park, Haldimand Co, ON, 2014

      Samsung C&T with contractor Surespan.

      Good aerial photo of this project on the Surespan website at:

      The project is about 37 km from end to end according to the website.

      • Summerhaven (NextTerror) is also operating in Haldimand County and also “servicing” Haldimand County! GREP generates enough power for 32,000 homes? Obviously not “servicing” just Haldimand County since the total population is only 43,000!

      • Developers are allowed to get away with using FALSE information to promote their projects.
        And so is the Ontario government.

    • Pls ask more specific questions and give some specifics of your situation. What stage is the project at. Which company is proposing the project? Have you started to protest or to inform neighbours of what’s coming? Have they signed everyone up or are they just starting?

    • Post the location of the project and the project & company name.

      Start there and then begin to collect information. And check this website for any information posted.

  7. Good morning.
    I have a bunch of different pictures of different stages of destruction on various projects of boreas 6 pack.
    I’m pretty sure you will like to have a look.
    How can I forward these for everyone to have a peak into the reality of this nightmare?

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