Offshore Turbines Concern Lake Huron Coastal Conservationist

offshore 1By Bob Montgomery , Blackburn News
The Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation is concerned with the province’s renewed interest in off-shore wind farms. There’s been a moratorium on off-shore wind turbines for several years, but the province recently re-opened the discussion.

Coastal Resources Manager Geoff Peach points out there are serious engineering challenges in putting turbines in deep water and fastening them to the lake bottom. They would have to withstand extreme wind and wave conditions, and shifting ice in the winter. Peach adds there are serious environmental issues if any of the turbines break down because of the petroleum products inside the turbines that could leak into the water. Peach also points out when the transmission lines are brought on-shore, that will create more disruption to what in many cases is a sensitive shoreline eco-system.

3 thoughts on “Offshore Turbines Concern Lake Huron Coastal Conservationist

  1. Wind Developers do not care. Our MOE/MNR do not care. The Liberals do not care. Money is all they care about. When do we count? Lost all confidence last election and for all that voted to keep the GEA, I say ,start building and putting thousands of these towers in Lake Ontario for all the people that live around there could see, admire, take pictures and show their grandkids “Look kids, nice yea? I was part of that”!!!!

  2. Take note of the old 2007 OPA map. This map tells the old story on how drastic off-shore could become, especially with the next four years of Ontario Liberals in power. Say goodbye to tourists, say goodbye to waterfront property values. Maybe this will wake up the city people, not only will this affect their cottages, it could affect the waterfront view from their city condo/home. Oh, but of course, Kathleen will protect them, this could only happen along Lake Huron where the rural people live.

  3. When you look at the extent of the offshore IWTs that proponents want, then you know how much money they expect to make off from these projects. And use Crown land to reap profits from!

    Ontario does not need this amount of electricity production unless it is to be produced for export.

    Every new electric transmission line that would connect to the U.S. would require a Presidential Permit. Transmission lines with connections to the U.S. that are already in place have these permits and if capacity of those already in place is increased then new permission is needed.

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