Ontario families battle wind projects

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5 thoughts on “Ontario families battle wind projects

  1. Still waiting on the answer of why fish are more important then my kids?

    (moratorium off shore but not on land)

  2. The documentary “Down Wind” was Sun News excellence, but this interview was a crock: “Goderich an hour from Toronto” (try almost three hours), “wind turbine setback 500 feet (try 550 metres). Rebecca???
    Fighting wind turbines is tough enough without being burdened by sloppy reporting.

    • It’s easy to make a mistake and SUN News is the biggest large scale media help we have. Rebecca has worked tirelessly on this for a few years now being at every QP protest and others.
      We all make mistakes and this issue is so HUGE that I can understand why it is difficult to recall the technical matters. Not a crock at all,

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